Installing a Projekt D Radiator Guard

G'day All,

Thought I would do a quick write-up of my Projekt D Radiator Guard install.   Those who have done it, or similar, know how easiy the install is, but I wanted to write it up all the same and pay a little back to this great forum.

I bought the black powder coated version as I have a midnight blue ride and I wanted to blend the radiator into the rest of the bike.  I also got the one stamped with 1400GTR - cause I think it looks cool. The Projekt D guard comes rubber backed along the frame which I thought was a handy touch.

    * Beginner

Tools required:
    * 10mm ring spanner/box end wrench


   1. Start by undoing the bolt at the bottom of the radiator - this is the only bolt you need to undo.  Don't worry about the radiator coming away, it is held up the top as well.

   2. Very gently ease the radiator guard up into position being careful not to catch an edge in the radiator itself as the metal is very soft. You might be tempted, like I was, to bend in the bottom of the guard inwards so it clears the bottom edge of the fairing - don't do this as it results in the guard not sitting flush on the radiator.  Instead slide the guard up above the radiator just far enough so its bottom clears the fairing, it's tight up there but you can do it

   3. The top of the guard has two lips left and right, these will snug over the top of the radiator. Make sure both are in place and then gently push back the bottom of the guard where you will see it ready to be bolted up to where the original bolt was removed. Twist in the bolt, but only enough to hold the guard in place.

   4. At this point sit back on your haunches and take your time to ensure the guard is both: square on the radiator, and that the bottom edges of the guard are not standing proud of the radiator.  If the bottom edges are proud, remove the guard and very very gently flex the bottom of the guard back outwards a little and reinstall

   5. Right at the point the bolt is about to snug up tight give the guard a push at the bottom mounting point so everything is as flush as possible, then tighten.  I don't have torque specs but you don't want to go commando on this bolt, give it a good snug and then half a snug to call it good.

   6. You’re done, admire your handiwork, regale your other half with your epic tale of how you conquered the bike, then go for a ride.

I hope this helps someone considering making the guard purchase.  The attached photos don't show how dramatic the difference is, but I'm really glad I bought the black guard as the radiator is really stealthed now. Best of luck.

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