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Switchback Lighting Deal!
« on: April 12, 2017, 01:00:25 am »
Hello Members, I have recently become an Industry member.

So here is my first post, with an offer to all of you,, From today till May 11, 2017 I will be offering a Discounted price on my Switchback Lights.

The sale price is $220, thats $30 off the normal price.
Plus shipping.

And for who does not know what the Switchback are here is a description, as well as the video.

My kit turns your front  turn signals into running lights, and the rears into brake lights as well as turn signals.

It includes the following,
2 replacement front turn signal sockets
2 replacement rear turn signal sockets
replacement flasher
Front plug in adapter harness
Rear plug in adapter harness
Detailed installation instructions emailed upon receipt of payment with tracking info
As far as the installation, everyone is saying that it takes longer to remove the body work, than to install the parts.
Im attaching the installation instructions so you can see for your self!
I made this so almost any one could install them!
Any other questions please ask.
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