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TechSpec February Forum Deal!
« on: February 02, 2011, 09:21:09 pm »

   Here's the scoop on our February Forum Deal, IT WILL EXPIRE MARCH 1, 2011   .  Phone orders from Forum Members inside the continental US will recieve FREE SHIPPING!!  All you have to do is call us at 775-783-5110 to place your order and say you would like "The February Forum Deal". 
   Orders can be called in between the hours of 9AM and 4PM Pacific Time Mon-Thurs. 

   Here is the kit info you'll need when you place your order:

Concours 14    (2007-2009, 6 piece kit) 

High Fusion part # 62-0037-HF, $71.95 per kit

Snake Skin part # 62-0037-SS, $77.95 per kit

NEW for 2011 C3 part # 62-0037-C3, $74.95 per kit

Concours 14  (2010-2011, 6 piece kit)

High Fusion part # 62-2500-HF, $71.95 per kit

Snake Skin part # 62-2500-SS, $77.95 per kit

NEW for 2011 C3 part # 62-2500-C3, $74.95 per kit

1st Gen. C-10 CUSTOM CUT Kit (3 piece kit)

High Fusion part # 62-CUST-HF, $54.95 per kit

Snake Skin part # 62-CUST-SS, $59.95 per kit

NEW for 2011 C3 part # 62-CUST-C3, $57.95

General Sheet Kit  (3 piece kit, 2 sheets 7.25"X13" and 1 center tank protector)

High Fusion part # 62-0002-HF, $43.95 per kit

Snake Skin part # 62-0002-SS, $46.95 per kit

NEW for 2011 C3 part # 62-0002-C3, $44.95 per kit

   You fellows and gals who need International shipping can place an order via Email at and recieve 50% OFF shipping.  Simply title your Email "February Forum Deal" and let us know the part # of the kit you would like to purchase, we will then process your order and send a PayPal invoice to you.  Once we have recieved payment your order will ship.

  If your not sure what the materials look like please go to this thread
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