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5 month report
« on: April 18, 2009, 09:15:00 pm »
Thought I'd shoot out a quick update on my purchase of a '94 Connie in November. Since purchase, I've repainted parts, sourced and installed missing parts (including engine and swing arm bolts -- which, it turns out, the bike can ride without  :8o:) Plus a good share of de-farkling some questionable farkles.   I still have less than $2k into the bike and am now logging about 1,500 miles a month commuting from Santa Cruz (CA) through the mountains to Silicon Valley. The commute combines twisty 2-lane mountain roads, 80+ mph commuter lanes and even a bit of "conservative" lane splitting.   All this has convinced me of two things:     1. The Connie is wicked versatile;     2. What I've been telling my wife is true -- I'm an individual of discerning taste and profound intelligence.  So, I'm committed and loving the bike. Went ahead and signed up for COG (I've seldom been called "impulsive").  Thanks to all for your advice/encouragement/cheap-free parts. I look forward to getting my suitable-for-tatooing COG #.  Cheers,  Dan  
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