Author Topic: Blue Ridge Riders, MD. COG Members, and owners. Anybody know any of them?  (Read 321 times)

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I am not new to Connie, as I have owned her for six years now, and put 63k on her so far.  I am fairly new to the forums, but was curious if anybody knew any or all of the members of the Blue Ridge Riders, from Maryland.  These 6 dedicated COG members, and proud Connie owners are the reason I own one now.  Haven't heard from, or seen them since about 7 years ago, when they held their last meeting in my restaurant.  Would definitely like to find these guys to say thank you!!! Also to pick their brain, and also let them know, when I parked my bike outside of work, had A WHOLE heap of folks stopping by looking for them.  If anybody knows who they are and could have them contact me, if they are still around, and alright, I would be greatly appreciative!!!!!!  Thank you in advance.