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I did a thing
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:57:55 pm »
Hello!  I'm Talon and I did a thing.  This forum helped a lot throughout the project, so you guys deserve to see the results!

Basically I slapped GPZ900 fairings onto my ZG1000.   Check out the album for the full story!




Next thing on the list:  I seem to have found a zl900 bevel drive, maybe something can be done with that next time I'm up for an oil change...

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Re: I did a thing
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2018, 09:24:08 pm »
Hey that looks good.  I fit a 95 GPZ1100 fairing to a ZG1000 but it took mods of a ZG1000 fairing stay and some other work.  Never completed it to a 'done' project, and there would have been a lot of additional work needed to fit lower fairing pieces.

I viewed and read through your album.

Just to confirm, you used all GPZ stuff and it fit without any mods?

Gauges (plugs matched?), radiator, headlight, fairing stay, etc?

Makes me wonder it the GPZ frame is the same as the ZG's?

Loved the 'F14' in the pics by the way!  Nice touch!

I seem to have found a zl900 bevel drive

What are your plans for this and what do you intend for it to accomplish?
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Re: I did a thing
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2018, 11:23:58 pm »

Gpz brackets fit right onto the engine/frame, some of the holes are different to the concours bracket but they exist already.  After that anything that would normally stick to the GPZ brackets will obviously stick on.  So you need the GPZ radiator, headlight, and the zg1000 rad hose on the right side would interfere with the fairing so I just cut mine down to fit.  The coolant reservoir has to be relocated, but can fit under the seat.

Electrically, the gauges were plug and play except for one light that stayed illuminated, IIRC it's for the clock on the stock gauges.  So that had to be snipped, I forget which color it was though.  Basically you're trading a clock for a built in voltmeter, which is cool.

GPZ frame/engine is externally pretty much the exact same as the ZG, the subframe and forks. tank, seat etc, are different.  Anything GPZ that sticks to the engine and frame should fit onto the ZG without much modification as far as I can tell.

The ZL900 bevel drive seems to drop the gearing 8%, akin to putting a smaller front sprocket on one of them new-fangled chain-drive motorcycles all the kids these days are riding around on.

Oh also, I've got ninja pegs off an '07 ex250 and the grips/controls also off the same ex250,  I got a shorter shift lever off like an 82' kz750 I think.  The stock one was OK for putting around but too far out for spirited riding, kept kicking it into neutral trying to keep up with my girlfriend's cbr600.
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