Author Topic: New to "Connies", Not to Riding  (Read 547 times)

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New to "Connies", Not to Riding
« on: July 16, 2017, 08:50:56 am »
Here to say "Hello" :great: Last time I owned a Kawi was back in '84 when I rode a '79 KZ1000. Great bike, but decided to go cruiser instead. Been on Honda Shadows since. Currently have a '95 VT1100C named The "Banded Gecko" I am the CEO/Founder of Shadow Rider Magazine. Over 1,000 subscribers since May 1, 2017. I will always love my Shadows but, I missed the inline 4 and needed something more comfortable for the longer trips we take. The '01 ZG1000 that I just purchased, fit the bill to a "T". Needed a couple things like new fork seals, water pump seal (Had the weep hole leak) a good tune up, oil change, etc. Also added a Soupy's Lowering Kit (As I am only 5'4" w/ a 29" inseam). Bike is a little tall stock  :( All fixed and lowered now, running great and about to embark on our first adventure. Bike is Sonic Blue and has been named "Mr. Blue Sky" from an older ELO tune that has always been stuck in my head  ;) While I have been riding since I was 5 (47 years ago) I am new the the Concours, so I will probably have many questions. You have already helped me w/ a few issues...Many Thanks for that  :beerchug: That's about all there is about me. Can't wait to meet up w/ fellow members on some rides. I am in Mesa, AZ and ride daily, even when it hits 122 outside  :-[ Have a Great Day Everyone and..."Ride Safe"  :)