Author Topic: Newbie fjr1300 Tulsa, I ride if above freezing, c14 reader, and sailing.........  (Read 692 times)

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Well,  I wanted to join because I enjoy so many of these posts.
I have afjr1300 that I bought off a little girl that rode it to Alaska and all the national parks.
Great bike
Smooth, fast, reliable.
I rode it to Utah, 3,000 miles in seven days.
What a trip
I am considering a new c14 but it looks like something out of the Jetson's, maybe someday
I want to rent one soon for a full day trial.
Maybe a new fj with cruise after the price comes down a little
And of course sailing!!!!!!!!
Previous bikes were
650 vstrom,
450 Honda
Kdx200, 250
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Ya got the phone number of that little girl you bought her from? maybe a pic?  :))
"I don't always ride street bikes, but when I do, It's a Concours. A C14 '11 silver to be precise." OTP 2017 Traveler. It was a Blast Baby. Still in it to Win it.