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No More Lurking!
« on: December 28, 2008, 04:06:00 am »
I've wanted a Concours since they first came out and finally got an 05 with 943 miles off of Craigslist. I'm in Columbia Ill so I used an "All of Craigslist" search engine to check every city in the US for an 05 in decent condition and found this one in KY. The PO bought it for his wife who then discovered that she preferred to ride on the back of his GoldWing. I have scoured both of these COG sites and have read probably 75% of the posts, it's a body of information that would be hard to find on other bikes and what really clinched it for me. I do maintenance on machinery and computers at my job so I know how important documentation and access to drawings, specs, and replacement parts is. Without it you are at the mercy of a dealer or figuring it out on your own.  I couldn't take all this information without joining the club, could I? If anyone is on the fence, your measly $37 will be offset instantly by access to old copies of Concourier and all of the maintenance PDFs.      So HELLO to all of you generous contributors and commenters. I'll try to help when I have something useful to add. Am going to try to take pictures of everything I do to the bike and will post links when appropriate. I know what you're thinking, "You just bought the bike and it's an 05, what could you possibly do to it?". Well, it missed its 600 mile valve job, and while I'm in there I might as well replace the fuel line with some clear and put on the 3006 filter.   AND an AUX 12v outlet on fairing, mount a GPS, a top case, the handlebar risers, spin-on oil filter mod, tail-light mod, new battery, .......... :)  
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No More Lurking!
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2008, 09:38:00 am »
Welcome, thanx for joining the loony bin. Looks like ya found a good un; have funs with it!  01 Conc, Mijami Floriduh  Over the Pond 06: route map:  

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No More Lurking!
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2008, 10:24:00 am »
Welcome Robert and hello to you. You are a wise person to realize the value of COG membership. I hope you are able to make it to some events to be able to experience what I feel is the best thing about the club.    --  Steve Smith, COG #3184  COG Northeast Area Director, AMA, MSF RC  (somewhere in south central CT)     If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space.
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No More Lurking!
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2008, 11:46:00 am »
Welcome aboard, Robert. Now that you've come out of the shadows, join in the fun. There's lots going on in your COG region. Rides, wrench sesssions, "meet and greets," And, of course, some good riding to be found almost anywhere. (Except downstate!)        Bob "Flylooper" Burns  COG #5887  E Clampus Vitus, YB#1  '04 FJR 1300  
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No More Lurking!
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2008, 01:24:00 pm »
Welcome Robert.  Sounds like you felt like I did.  I lurked and acquired all the information I needed for a couple years before I decided that what I had saved more then paid for the membership fee.  I had no other wants from my membership then to payback in some small way for the help I got.  It has turned into much more and now I have a greater care and interest in the club in all respects.  I could have gotten the help for free, I offer help when I can all the time to members and non members alike.  I know you will enjoy the bike and we hope that you find much more in the club then just how to remove the valve cover.  Let us know if there is anything we can do.   ----------------------------------  I will answer any question.  It is up to you to figure out if I should have.    <p align="left">My Photos<br
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No More Lurking!
« Reply #5 on: December 29, 2008, 08:05:00 pm »
I joined COG because of the fellas I'd met here, because of the excellent information and advice from the wise and because it'll make for damned fine excuses to take off on rides. There are really very few reasons not to join (specifically 37, which is probably less than I spend annually on Peppermint Altoids) and an infinite number of benefits that offset them. I can adventure alone on my bike, but I much prefer to adventure alone... with other people. :)  
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No More Lurking!
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2008, 01:30:00 am »
Welcome,    As you have already found out that the price of joining is a SMALL amount when you see what you get in return.   :)    And some real NICE people around here too   ;)    Ride safe.  Yuma,  Summer in Yuma is not hell, but hell is a local call :-)  2006 Connie
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