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returning member
« on: February 18, 2015, 12:38:26 am »
Hello all...

I haven't been on this forum for a few years now.  In fact its been so long that I had to reregister.  I still have the 86 Connie I had back then, but its been sitting in my garage and workshop, while I have been riding other bikes.  I took the battery out, and have kept it warm and dry.  Rode it 1X last year.  Since it was bought in order for my wife to have a comfortable seat to ride on, and she doesn't want to ride anymore, I'm going to sell it.  Thought I should post it up here first and give someone on the forum first shot.  So if anyone is interested...check out the ad in the classified on my 1986 Connie.  Selling it as a parts bike, because it will need a new battery and carb cleaned before it will run again.


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Re: returning member
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