Author Topic: Dyno 152 hp - Slip-on and Ivans ECU flash  (Read 1509 times)

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Re: Dyno 152 hp - Slip-on and Ivans ECU flash
« Reply #25 on: January 31, 2018, 03:44:33 pm »
Thanks Turtle. Finally got back to this.
Your correct, his 2 dyno's show the same plots.. As I said, I'm not questioning his numbers.
I'm just not in agreement that another dyno, would repeat his numbers within 1 HP. {if the same procedure was followed}.
  That other dyno is; {in a different location, with a different bike, different operator, different conditions, and variables}

This part of the discussion started because I questioned why his dyno is showing a approx. 7-9 HP change and on other tests the change is approx. 3-5 HP. 
I'm just throwing out the possibility that the different dyno's/test procedures/bikes and conditions/etc may be what caused that difference.

Ride safe, Ted

(I realized my PS wasn't relevant to our discussion and removed it.)
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Re: Dyno 152 hp - Slip-on and Ivans ECU flash
« Reply #26 on: February 01, 2018, 12:12:06 am »
I waited a long time before I let anyone reflash my Ninja 1000. I did not want to take a change on voiding my warranty...silly, probably, as its a Kawasaki and nothing every goes wrong...but still, I would be THE guy.  Seriously, the first few reflashes for that bike were not much.

Another company offered the reflash first.   This company removed a few restrictions, flipped the butterflies open, and I believe the power increase was 2-3 hp. That was it, end of story.  That was all you were going to get reflashing a Ninja/z1000.  Honestly, the flash helped quite a bit.

It might have taken another year before Ivan developed his flash.  His results looked like science fiction. His work added 11hp, and if you followed that up with a full exhaust, 26.   And the high number was just not on his dyno. People that took his flash to their own tuner saw numbers within 1-2% of Ivans results. 

The high numbers are because he has his own software, his OCD, and the reason why you wont find a Ninja 1000 owner, Z1000 owner, FZ1, as well as cruiser owner who uses anyone else.   

He does not flash that many different bikes, but when he does, he wont stop until its perfect.  He buys the bike hes working with and lives with it for months...or years. 

Also, from what ive seen, its a "cost and time be damned approach" if he needs a new dyno to see an inch deeper into whats going on, he buys the new dyno.
Ivans Ecu reflash, Brembo front rotors

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Re: Dyno 152 hp - Slip-on and Ivans ECU flash
« Reply #27 on: February 05, 2018, 12:36:26 am »
I second that. I went through a similar experience with my Vulcan 1700. Ivan's flash put that bike in another universe from anything else out there, and I tried everything I could in the years before Ivan had a flash available. The fueling and other factory parameters were a freaking mess on that bike. The thing ran hot, would not run well at low RPM, and just never had much grunt. Other fuelers and tunes kind of helped, but none of them created a meaningful improvement to the whole of the motorcycle. After the Ivan flash it was a different machine entirely. It ran so much cooler, made easy power over a much wider range, had better mileage, was smoother, had less mechanical noise, etc. It was a real 'aha' moment the first time I rode it. I threw a bunch of money at that bike trying to get it to run right, and nothing even came remotely close to that ECU flash. As I understand it, Ivan has access to parameters in the ECUs that other tuners don't.
The C14 flash resulted in much the same characteristics as my previous experience. After the flash, the differences in the low end, mechanical smoothness, and reduced temperature make a vastly better engine than stock.
The dyno traces only hint at the rest of the story, btw.