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Ivan tune
« on: May 13, 2018, 02:16:29 pm »
Just want to say whoever is on the fence to get a tune you cannot go wrong with Ivan's I had gotten another flash before Ivan didn't have one for the C14 back then. I really got on it today and the bike is so much better more power (feels like 165 hp)and it sounds alot better I have the full area p I had that pop when letting off gas I even re torqued my header when I was doing some maintenance on the bike thinking it was loose. Now when I let off no pop it actually sounds so good now on and off gas. And it actually feels definitely smoother and even stronger than guhs I have not been able to check mileage it gets because I love hitting it and letting go not popping anymore  Now I love my area p I had the CS one before it sounded good and looked really good but I like the power of the Area p now is the best on and off the gas. And the plus you don't have to pay for upgrade if you with slip-on first the want more power and go with full exhaust latter Ivan thank you Sir it's worth it even if I spent the 350 before for the other flash. I did have another vendors flash my ZX14R now I need to save up for full exhaust and have Ivan  tune the ZX14R also
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