Author Topic: Now it's my turn for a review of Ivan's C-14 ECU Flash  (Read 181 times)

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Now it's my turn for a review of Ivan's C-14 ECU Flash
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:51:21 pm »
Okay guys, where should I start? I guess by sending Ivan a big thank you for developing such a great and refined flash. Thanks again Ivan. We even spoke on the phone this morning, and he took plenty of time to chat with me about the different changed behaviors to observe. Thanks again.

Now on to the review: The name of the game is SMOOTH. Everything feels smoother. Shifting, throttle response, vibrations are reduced, speed climbing happens FRIGGIN QUICK!  Be careful with this, or you will be seeing red and blue flashing lights on your rear view mirrors very quick  ;)

The first night i put on the ECU when I got it back from Ivan's shop (mind you I'm in Canada, and shipping took literally 2 days, Ivan had the ECU ready the day it arrived into his shop), I went for a 'quick ride' around my neighborhood; boy was it a quick one! I was having so much fun with the newfound responsiveness and linear power, I had trouble keeping my bike under 180 km/hr! (115mph).

Shifting gears is super smooth, which before was notchy and annoying; Now I actually look fwd to riding 2 up with my GF and not be banging heads every time I switch gears. On that note, I like that I don't have to be conscientious constantly about my riding to be smooth, which is a huge nuisance on the stock bike! Now I just ride the thing, and it is smooth straight out. I feel like an a$$, I should've done this as my first upgrade!

Mileage was pretty great, getting consistently 47 mpg at 130 km/hr (80 mph) over roughly 200 miles.

Vibrations were reduced; the way I noticed this was that before my hand would go numb from the buzz after 15 km or so, and now I can hold the throttle for much much longer before that happens!

The engine decel reduction is one of my favorite aspects of this flash; now when I let go of the throttle I don't feel like I'm gonna go fliying over the handlebars! Also, it is easier to be smooth in the twisties. I love how on-off throttle feels so much better!!!! When stock and going at supersonic speed and releasing the throttle, the bike would "shake its tail" quite a bit before quieting down. Now it does much much less of that, which is a huge improvement to me!
Downshifting is also so much smoother now, close to perfection I would say.

The engine, and the way it feels, a whole new chapter. Definitely running cooler (it was a warm weekend here in Ontario and I didn't feel baked at no point, at all, even on traffic). The engine literally feels 'happier' and freed, if that makes any sense. It finally feels like the 1400 cc inline 4 that it is. It delivers power linearly (and a lot of it). Torque is always there. I did a roll on on overdrive, from 65 km/hr and was doing 120 km/hr in no time. I really love how it pulls with so much authority now. Honestly my friends could not keep up with me on the twisty roads or on the highway!

If you are hesitating about doing this flash, stop hesitating and just do it. You will be glad you did, as I am!

To be honest, it feels like I was given a new and improved bike! Smoother, stronger, faster, and cooler.

Thanks Ivan, you outdid yourself!  :) :great: :beerchug: ;)


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Re: Now it's my turn for a review of Ivan's C-14 ECU Flash
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 01:30:11 am »
Way cool. Someday I may get my ECU flashed, but when I find I have the $$$s, typically can think of something else to use it on ... Enjoy!
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