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Title: Anyone getting "Motorcycles Only" safety articles?
Post by: Jaxrider on October 15, 2012, 08:10:33 pm
Here is a sample email, with a link
October 13, 2012

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Hello David,

BIKERS MAY BE ACCUSED OF MANY THINGS, some true and some not, but
for a number of riders, there is no escaping the accusation of
being addicted to motorbikes. Can that get out of control? Although
it's hard to imagine "riding too much" becoming problematic, how
about a malady that can be as visible as a completely chromed
motorcycle, including the seat and tires?

Or how about an abundance of so many extra gadgets that the
handlebar area looks like a free-form mechanical sculpture
resplendent with enough wires and thingamajigs to make it seem
impossible for a mere mortal to find the throttle?

There's a name for this...

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