Author Topic: I watched Twist of the Wrist II today. Great instruction video (link attached)  (Read 795 times)

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Now that you've watched that, watch the 6 episodes of the CSS in England series. It follows the specific training of a couple of riders and goes into details of the classroom portions and more specific bike dynamics.

Episode 1:
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I also watched that Twist video.  The thing I remember most was the fixed fake handlebars and trying to steer the motorcycle by leaning. It's not happening. All in all a very good video lecture to watch.
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      Thanks for the links! I have the twist of the wrist vids and books and it was an eye opener for me. I have ridden bikes since a young teen but only used "instinct" no real training or theory except try to get back to the house in as close as possible to the condition I left it in!

  I will watch the UK vids! Looks good!
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