Author Topic: Cager takes out rider, and almost kills Norman Greenbaum (Spirit in the Sky)  (Read 1082 times)

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Spirit in the Sky singer Norman Greenbaum in critical condition after California crash that left motorcyclist dead at the scene

Greenbaum, 72, was the passenger of a Subaru Outback on Saturday. Police said sedan's driver didn't yield at intersection and motorcycle hit it.  Ihab Usama Halaweh, 20, died at the scene after crashing his 2004 Suzuki. His passenger, Nhmia Mekonnen Kahsay, 20, was seriously injured. Outback driver Bonita Perea, 63, was shaken up but was not badly hurt.

More at link....
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Hope the pillion and Greenbaum make it out ok.


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Not to reduce the culpability of the driver, BUT, looking at the impact damage to the car, the motorcycle was still moving at a good clip on impact...and that impact was pretty close to 90* (so car was straight across his path).

I could easily see the driver mis-judging the bike's distance and closing speed (if she saw him at all). Combination of errors is likely a HUGE contributor - he was hauling a**, she didn't look carefully.

Sad - 20 years old with a passenger...I thought we didn't let new car drivers have passengers...why don't we have a similar requirement on the MC endorsement then?

Hope the passenger recovers.