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Re: Turn Signals
« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2012, 09:08:43 pm »
Regarding turn signals, how many of you have seen anyone using turn signals when exiting a round-a-bout?  Me personally...never.

Then you've never followed me.  ;)

In Viera FL, they've conjured up a 2 lane round-about that rivals the Arc de Triomphe.  I've been cut-off more
in that traffic circle than I care to count.  As the area grows, it becomes more of a hazard, yet they
won't replace it with an intersection because there's an old tree in the middle of the circle... dumb asses.

If circles were more common place people would be better at dealing with them.  Unfortunately, they're not, and
so I don't go near that death trap on the Connie.  I go the long way!
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Re: Turn Signals
« Reply #26 on: September 23, 2012, 03:42:37 am »
Be thankful it's an Oak Tree.  In Clearwater, FL they have a roundabout with five outlets right on the main drag of the beach.  In the middle there used to be a huge fountain.  It was absolutely beautiful except when the wind blew (which is ALWAYS) because that dumps the spray right onto the roadway making a wonderful combination of wet/dry as you go around  causing hundreds of accidents over its lifetime.

The roundabout's still there, but the fountain has been gone almost ten years now - yet it's still what everyone thinks of when they think of traffic at Clearwater Beach.