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Hoosier Hills and Hollers 2018
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:02:45 pm »
Hoosier Hills and Hollers 2018

   I am proud to announce Hoosier Hills and Hollers 2018. It will be September 22nd -23rd 2018 at McCormick’s Creek State Park. This is a more of a do-it-yourself rally. There will not be any rooms or campsites held, so you will need to make your reservations ASAP even if you are only thinking about attending. Last minute planning may leave you without a place to sleep. Campers may want to try and get close to the Beech Grove shelter so they might be close together. Rally headquarters will be the Canyon Inn in the park. Route sheets will be available for those that want them. The park provides lots of options for your stay. The Canyon Inn has several different room options; there are also cabins; and several different camping options. ( There is also a motel in Spencer- the Patriot Inn (

Saturday 22nd:
8-9am Breakfast and sign in at Birdhouse Restaurant (Canyon Inn)
      451 McCormick Creek Park Road Spencer, IN. 47460
9am-5pm Riding free time.
6-8pm Group Picture, Dinner and Door prizes at the Birdhouse Restaurant (Canyon Inn)
Sunday 24th:
8-9am Good bye breakfast at the Birdhouse Restaurant (Canyon Inn)

All meals, room and camping reservations will be your responsibility and again should be made ASAP. There will be no event fee for members ($5.00 fee for non-members). You can do it all or just part of the event. It is up to you. Please register at on the calendar page so we have a count for the event. Hope to see you there.
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