ABS/Faring repair

I recently used a product to repair my RV holding tank which would be useful to anyone trying to repair their fairing parts. I know there are other products and methods now in use, and I'm not knocking anyone's method or technique regards plastic repair. I was impressed with the use of this product, it's complete kit packaging, and the total effectiveness to complete a repair. The product is only used on ABS, and I like specific use products.
Plasti-Mend Black Repair Kit came with; 1 Pint Plasti-Mend Black Resin, 4 oz can of Cleaner/Primer, Fiber Mesh, 2 pieces of 3x5' ABS material, a 3M Scrub Pad & 2 application brushes, and comprehensive instructions on use. Bought the kit at a local RV dealer for the sum of $ 29.80. Information available at www.plasti-mend.com
For my application....it provided an unbelivably strong repair to something that would have cost me a lot of money to replace. There's enough of the product and parts to repair a serious crash.
For the same purpose you can use left over Lego bricks that are made of ABS. Melt them to a paste using a little of acetone and apply with a spatula before evaporation. Apply on surfaces gently soaked with acetone. Works great provided your kids are grownups and had been educated about recycling ... M-E-K works well too. By melting different colored bricks you can almost match the original color.
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