Spot Walla

For several years now, Spot Walla has offered a service that can be used to show the positions of various group members during a function such as a rally. I have set up such a page for us to use during the Fall Rally in the Northeast and it is located here: 

To participate, each individual will have to have some type of locating device such as a SPOT or a smart phone with GPS on board. There are actually quite a few devices that will function with Spot Walla. Most particular function pages are set up so that a password is required to join and participate with that specific function (for example, the Fall Northeast Rally in Lake George 2013).

So, what does all this do? It displays a map with icons of each participant and that participant's location within the last 10 minutes or so. Very cool to watch during a or any type of motorcycle event.

E-mail me and I will help anyone set up his / her own event page on Spot Walla- it is quite easy and a bit of fun. I think it would be fantastic to have one running for a National rally and plan on setting one up for COG assuming the Rally organizers approve.

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