Trash Bag Tire Mounting

Ok. I've been talking with a few folks about the trash bag method of tire mounting and did it at the Silverdammit National once, but haven't widely shared this concept. I learned it from some Model T guys a few years back and found it works great on bikes too.

The method is simple, but is only for the tire install. As another COGger mentioned to me, the first bead is free. I think most of us who've mounted a tire know that we can put that first tire bead on with just a little lube and our bare hands. Well, with this method you use no lube and our on both bead at the same time much like the video on YouTube showing the wire tire method which sure looks like a lot of work to me. Here's how to do it. I'll get a video of it soon maybe. I need to(some rubber on a bike before the Wildflower ride anyway.

First... You need a trash bag,a big one. The ones that work best are not the heavy  mil contractor's bags that are rubbery, they are black bags that are kind of dry feeling and crunchy or crinkly feeling like the cheap plastic grocery sacks. I have old chunks of carpet on the for of my shop for standing our kneeling on and I just lay my wheel on one of them.

Then, take your bag and open it as if to put in some trash.  IF the bag you have is the sticky, rubbery, sticky type of bag, you can throw some dust in it and shake around our turn it inside it and drag across the garage floor our driveway to get some dirt on it. The point is that the inner and outer layers will then not cling to one another since the dust acts as ball bearings between the layers. You don't HAVE to do this, but it makes the job easier than a sticky type bag would normally permit.

I then lay the bag over the rim. Lift it a tad in the center to make a little slack in it. Place the tire on top of the bag and proceed as you normally would to press the first bead on the rim only do both bead at once. Get the tire started and seeing to it that it gets pushed down to the center (deepest)  part of the rim. Use your knee and both hands, whatever works for you to push the tire onto the rim. You'll find the entire tire slipping onto the rim almost as easily as you normally would push on a single side. When the tire is getting close to going the last bit on to the rim, you need to make sure there is a little slack in the bag. It gets stretched right as you go and the looser the bag the easier the tire slips on. The bag acts as your lubrication.

Once the tire is on (which happens way faster than reading this tome) you simply pull the bag from between the rim and tire. Every tire and wheel will act a little differently (just as they do when using a machine our spoons), but this is by far the simplest, frugal-est, fastest way to get a tire on a rim I've tried yet.

Hopefully I'll get a tire our two soon and can do a video. Haven't done that in a few years. LOL
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