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« on: August 27, 2018, 01:50:01 pm »
And no, not your behind. Know a lot of folks here like to tinker on older bikes. My wife has a 1978 KZ200 she loves playing around on. But since she bought it, I could not get it to run right. Parts for the Keihin carb are hard to get or not available. I was ready to switch over to a Mikuni. All the rebuild kits fo the Keihin were cheap (as opposed to inexpensive, but they were that too). Found a company call Keyster that sells carb kits. Photos of the kits looked good, brass needles instead of aluminum, made in Japan. What the heck, I tried it. Kit is quality, and for the first time the bike will idle at 1100 RPM no problem, take off is smooth, and so is idle.  Just an amazing difference in all the past rebuilds and kits I tried. And I even went back to stock jetting. Haven't even fine tuned it yet. Just though it may help anyone working on an old bike with a carb made of unobtaineum!
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