Author Topic: Where do I get the Kool Aid?  (Read 1022 times)

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Where do I get the Kool Aid?
« on: July 13, 2010, 04:14:00 pm »
  41568.1     I got to ride my new-to-me 97 F650 "Classic: yesterday about 80 miles with a mix of mean streets and freeways and these are my 1st impressions. This is my first "thumper" as I have been riding UJM four cylinders since the early 80's. I did have a Honda SL100 in the 70's but that hardly counts. I'll also qualify by saying I have degenerative disc's and pretty bad arthritis in my throttle wrist as a result of breaks in both radius and ulna back in 87 and a grade 2 AC separation of my right shoulder that never healed right. I put about 80 miles on yesterday with a mix of mean streets and freeways between Henry County and Smyrna/Marietta. Most noticeable was the vibrations through the bars. Both hands got tingly pretty quickly. This bike does have a throttle rocker so on the road that will help a lot. I think it needs to be adjusted though as the throttle effort with it "off" is still stiff. I took the "Throttle Rocker II" off my road bike when I got home and I'm pretty sure that will make it all bearable. The bike came with an Anakee on the rear and a TKC on the frond. The knobby is very noticable on the street and I have been researching recommended tire pressures since I got back. I got a new Mefo front with the bikes as well as a new Anakee and another new TKC. I think I'll install the Mefo as the tread looks to be a good compromise for street/offroad. A friend who rides a GS also recommended the Tourance. The suspension feels very soft to me but the PO is probably 50-60 lbs lighter than me so I know I need to play with that some too. Otherwise the bike is about what I expected and I look forward to taking it up to the Mountains and playing soon. I will say that with mesh gear it is quite a bit cooler to ride than my Concours on HOT days like yesterday. We bought Two F650's and we're going to get the tags for the "FRed" this morning whenever my wife recovers from her late night at the City Commission Meeting. By the way, we bought these two bikes from Paul and Voni Glaves and a friend brought them here from KS Sunday. I have a lowering kit for FRed and will be installing it this week for the wife as she is a bit shorter legged than me.    TCARS  Jack Ferguson  Ellenwood, GA  1986 Concours  1997 F650 X 2  AMA, COG, MTF, IBA
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Where do I get the Kool Aid?
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2010, 09:30:00 pm »
Jack:    The best thing about these types of bikes is that they can go almost anywhere.  And yes, they are a lot cooler during these HOT and HUMID days.  Congrats on the new scoots.    tcars  John  
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