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2018 AIME show report
« on: October 14, 2018, 11:08:17 pm »
OK boys and girls. The 2019 Concours C14 release. Direct from the AIME show. Introduced myself and he said he know's of COG. I asked what was new for 2019. The rep told me it has cruise control. I looked at him, he looked at me, and we laughed and laughed. Only change is the BNG's. First look it looked like a Keith E Williams mashup. The silver and black hit me as odd. The silver matte finish looks kinda cool though. The green highlight stripe is nice. I tried to pry the rep with alcohol about Mom Kaw's intention for the future of the C14 and his lips were sealed. Mom Kaw ain't talking. I asked if Kaw was going to focus sport touring on the H2 platform. It was non committal. He said the H2 does have cruise. I replied yep, it also has a chain. No H2SX on the floor to check out though? He told me the 19 wasn't ready for the show. More to come from the AIME show.
Some other tidbits I picked up from the AIME show I thought may be useful to members. I cannot endorse or recommend any of these vendors as I have not sampled their wares, but the show displays were 1st rate,
Plastex, I have not seen them mentioned before on the forum or here. May give them a shot on those damned broken well nut rings on the glove box panels.
An interesting take on MC tours that include track days. I did talk to them about ride in tours to include track time for the SW area. May be of interest to our Euro friends for Nor Cal and the US members for future euro tours (or East Coast members wanting to ride Nor Cal), Owner wears a kilt. Gotta get to know this guy. Discussion continues.
A chinese factory that offers C14 body panels and mirror assemblies as well as many other MC body parts. I think they mold for OEM's. Display was first rate quality .
Here is an interesting concept and I will be ordering soon as I had my samsung USB destroyed twice now. . A start up that does not have a rating yet but the display model had been sitting in a fish bowl for 2 days. Hope you find this useful.
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