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4th Headless Horseman Run (Hudson Valley, NY)
« on: October 21, 2008, 10:55:00 pm »
4th Annual Headless Horseman Run    All are invited to attend our annual run here in the Hudson Valley, NY.    This is a two day run on Saturday Oct 25 and Sunday October 26. (RAIN OR  SHINE) We have nice routes for each day that each cover about 160 +/- miles  in the lower Hudson valley. This is all mostly local twisty and leaf peeping  stuff. Route Sheets will be available on the days of the run. If anyone  wants the Garmin GPS files email me offline and I'll provide them ahead of  time.     This will be a "go at your own pace" run. Attendees can ride in groups or  solo. We are discouraging riding in parade fashion, but not forbidding it.  We will have some local guides as well if you don't want to concern yourself  with route sheets and prefer to follow tail lights.    We start out in Bear Mountain State Park atop Perkins Memorial Drive at 8:30  each day. Each day's run will end at a local restaurant.    Saturdays Ending Point will be:  Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant  3123 Route 44 55  Gardiner, NY 12525  (845) 255-9766    Sundays Ending point will be:  The Stadium Bar and Restaurant  1308 Route 9  Garrison, NY 10524-9801  Tel: (845) 734-4000    This started life as a Buell event, so there will be mostly Buells, but we  are not discriminatory. Concours riders always warmly welcomed. The run is  always evolving, and we expect this year to be different from last year's  run. We have recruited more locals as guides, and have publicized less.    There are no fees. We collect no money from this or for this. In fact this  run doesn't really exist. Reasonably priced T-shirts may be available  through the website at Some legacy shirts might be available  on the day of the run. When shirts are available we will honor all orders.    Dinner at the end of each day;s ride will be a pay your own way affair.    This is really informal, and we have made this a yearly institution. In the  past 3 runs we've had people come from as far as Arkansas, North Carolina,  all over New England, and New Jersey. Rest assured there will always be  colorful characters at this run, and a good time will be had.    Hope you can make it.    Steve    COG# 6763    
COG# 6763
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