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Camping & reservations at National
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:30:00 pm »
I recenly got word that the campground was booked.  Wrong!   Very FEW sites have been reserved.       This is the lowdown on the camping situation.      Here is what I assume is happening, Henry X calls and asks to reserve a campsite for June 7-12.  Fontana Village Resort says there are no campsites available, all booked up.  End of phone call.    Next call, Larry X calls and asks to reserve a campsite for the "Concours Owners Group National" or "Shiftin n Grinnin", and they are given a reservation for June 7 - 12.    The bottom line, if you do not mention the club or the event, you will NOT get a reservation.  They are holding almost all of the entire resort for our event, but you have to mention that it is for COG or Shiftin n Grinnin.      The same goes with the rooms and cabins, you HAVE TO MENTION that it is for Concours Owners Group or Shiftin n Grinnin.    Hth, tcars, and have a Great Thanksgiving.      tcars,     John, Rallymaster 2009
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