Author Topic: Georgia COG National photos, awards, banquet, also HorseShoe Mtn & Spider rides  (Read 1156 times)

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I never know if I'm posting this stuff in the right place though I can take direction with a bit of prodding, bribery or threats. I know that there is a photobucket location to upload photos, but does everyone know to access it to view them? And are there are photo bucket sites for other rallies and events?

Hope you enjoy the photos. I really enjoy the COG community.

Helen Georgia COG national photos 

Horseshoe Mountain Rendezvous 2016 website, 2 links, same photos

 link to the 2015 Spider Ride
This is the link to the 2014 Spider Ride
 link to the 2013 Spider Ride
 link to the 2012 Spider Ride

 link to the 2011 Spider Ride
 link to the 2009 Spider Ride

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