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Vote Kurt For 2019 OTP Traveler
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:30:58 pm »
COG Nation,

Greetings!! For those of you that do not know me, my name is Kurt Brown and I’ve been a COG member since 2005 (#7115). I live in Georgia, south of Atlanta, with my wife Kay & and our Dorkie puppy, Kona. For those of you that I have met, it was probably at a SE COG event hanging around the evening fire while enjoying a beverage or at another COG event.

It is a real honor to be nominated to be a OTP traveler. All the nominees are worthy and regardless of who is chosen, the US side of OTP will be well represented. Interestingly, I have met all the candidates, Dan when he showed up at the Barber Vintage Festival, it was after the gates closed and I had to run his credentials up to him and vouch for him. Rich in 2008 at the Dog Days Rally at Boyer Station WV and in at the 2014 National I purchased his women’s breakfast ticket as his wife could not make it. Cliff, at several rallys and I’ve attended all 5 of his HMR rallys and plan to be at #6. Ed at several rally’s and we rode together at the 2017 National along with Cliff to get BBQ and pie.

Why should you vote for me? Good question, I’ve been an SE COG AAD for approximately 5 years, which I feel I’ve have been instrumental in providing leadership for the SE. I’ve hosted several regional rallies/socials/RTE. I guess my claim to fame would be as Rally Master for the 2016 National “Back Yard” rally. Being a National rally Master is about a 2 year endeavor from site selection to the actual rally itself. I believe we had a successful rally because I was able to assemble an excellent rally team by putting good people in place, giving them a vision and letting them do their job with out micro managing them. I also spoke with Gary (2017 National RM) on several occasions, providing him with information on the 2106 rally and giving him any insight I could and letting him bend my ear when he needed someone to listen.

Why do I want to be the OTP Traveler? I’ve always wanted to ride in Europe. My father is Austrian, grew up in Salzburg & Bichlbach Austria. He use to tell me about his adventures bicycling thru the Alps, while I’m not a bicyclist, I am a motorcyclist, and it is a dream of mine to ride some of the same roads he may have. Also, I enjoy meeting people, my wife is always amazed that I can talk to complete  strangers and have conversations with them. A good riding friend of mine was always amazed at how I always knew someone where ever we went. I guess it comes from being a Air Force Brat (dependent) the first 15 years of my life, you tend to make friends quickly and for life. This is what I love about COG, making friends across the country, I hope I can continue making new moto friends in Europe.

In closing, I hope you vote for me, if not, no worries, all the nominees are worthy of your vote. Whether you vote for me or not, should you see me hanging around the evening fire, feel free to join me while we enjoy a cold beverage (or 3)!


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