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Tires/Suspension C10 / Re: Wow! A personal best
« Last post by bajasam on Today at 02:23:33 pm »
if your not racing in the rain or cornering at triple digit speeds it dont matter if you have a 120 or a 110 on that front wheel.the difference is less then the width of your pinkie finger nail.
if you do a good job sync'ing up your throttle plates before you install your rack of carbs, there is no need to worry about vacuum sync'ing so try not to lose sleep over what's the best 100 dollar tool to buy. if your bike starts instantly,gets great fuel milage,purrs like a kitten what more can you ask for ??
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So the cheapy on Ebay for 64 bucks is not the right stuff?    Hmm,, was hoping to put more money into the proper size front tire. 124 bucks  :-\, and my Crysis runs great really,, I'm just being picky.  Well, if someone is near Grants Pass, or C resent City, I'd love an exuse to ride a much longer way to rent a carb sync, or pay someone to do it.
  Tell me please, how often do the carbs benefit from a sync with daily use, lots of riding?
I bought the Emgo synch gauges, (dial type gauges) from Amazon. I think I paid  $65. I synched my carbs after getting them back from SISF and they were dead on.  But it seems most prefer the motion pro or carb tune. I was just trying to be frugal.   :D :))
Tires/Suspension C10 / Re: Wow! A personal best
« Last post by ron203 on Today at 12:40:18 pm »
Got my new Avon Spirit STs on the bike yesterday, so I
was curious how far the Azaro rear that was replaced took me....

11,632 MILES!  Not too shabby eh? 

No signs of defects, just a huge flat wear line down the middle... Florida style.   ::)

Just wanted to get ONE happy Avon story on the boards.   :beerchug:

You're obviously not pushing it on the Floriday curves (off ramps)... Amazing mileage.
I rode my c-10 like a rental quite a bit. I just never did it in a situation where it was not completely warmed up.

Hard accells in the 5-9k rpm range is music to the soul. The last compression check at about 165k miles was 185-190 lbs. I sold the bike with 234k on it and is has successfully passed the quarter million mile mark. Unfortunately, that bike has met it's demise from an accident.

The bike was meticulously maintained. I didn't want it to break down. It never left me stranded on the side of the road in all those miles as it and I toured almost all of English and French speaking N. America.

So go ahead and make that motor sing. It is most excellent mental health therapy.  :motonoises: :beerchug:

I now ride my '15 itty bitty six fiddy Versys in the same way. So far at 51k miles it's doing just fine.
I used Mothers brand Back-to-Black trim and Plastic restorer. Recommended to me and it works great.

Same here
I used Mothers brand Back-to-Black trim and Plastic restorer. Recommended to me and it works great.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: kick stand or clutch
« Last post by connieklr on Today at 11:41:58 am »
Ditto that on the SS switch. Mine has had a tendency in the past to act up once the weather turned colder (collected moisture freezes). A common temporary "fix" is to stand on your head and inject a shot or two of WD40 up in under the plunger bellows.

If you're thinking of replacing it, get yourself one of those offset Phillips screwdrivers. You'll need one - unless - you wanna pull the pipes.

I didn't think you did.  :-)

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