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I plan on retiring NEXT year in June.

I think pushing it forward back to 2021 would be okay (with me) so I could make it a three week trip instead of a fly/rent/fly.
There is one vote, I need three more.
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Can anyone change a tire?
« Last post by Kzz1king on Today at 10:21:50 pm »
Cool! I use a mojo bar and have no troubles except for getting that last bead on. I think its my technique that needs work. Hope it works good. I will be waiting! Thanks

    Duckhead use starts at 2:20

Tires don't arrive until Monday so maybe Tuesday to try it out.
Speed Bleeders and new DOT 4 all the way around... 
Accessories C14 / Re: stock touring seat
« Last post by DUMB A$$ on Today at 08:41:25 pm »
revzilla has them but notes it will not fit 2008.

friend has one we are going to see if it fits or not when weather clears. Ill post results.

Shoodaben Engineering / Re: C-14 VVT youtube video
« Last post by Steve in Sunny Fla on Today at 08:12:40 pm »
I saw your video you and your daughter produced on the C-14 VVT Module that attaches to the cam.
A couple of questions:
If that comes loose via the pin failing, will the bike still run?
Do they come loose very often?

   That bike wouldn't run. it belonged to a member here. I don't know of another failure like that, but if one fails another could fail. I also suspect the bolt loosing tension could also cause the same failure.  There is another pin that could also fail, but I think the higher likelihood of causing a problem is in overloading the timing chain by multiplying high rpm and the mass of the actuator (module) to many times..Steve
I am/was planning (hoping) to attend this year, but I plan on retiring NEXT year in June, so pushing it back to July 2021 for this one would fit my plans PERFECTLY.

I think pushing it back to 2021 would be okay (with me) so I might could make it a three week trip instead of a fly/rent/fly.
I have to be very very careful.  I also try not to agree with George, Dan, or Walter.  I am going to let one of those three teach me to skydive though. 
We rode through Kansas once, never again will that happen. :truce: Thanks for the idea to find some more videos to watch while I stay at home. :'(

Show Me MO Twisties
Reeds left in place can cause an interference issue:

Allen head set screws in place:


Machined plug for air box:

Plug in place:

Initial screws. Still had to remove a couple to remove valve cover:

Changed to countersunk. No screws need removed now:

And that's all I have to say about that.
I have a few hemostats.  I'll find out if at least one is long enough.   And I bought an adjustable inspection mirror yesterday off Ebay.  If my hemostat isn't long enough, I'll stop at the sporting goods store in town - thanks for that heads-up, Bear.

I tried to get at that #2 nipple after I re-installed the cam cover.  I might have been able to reach it before I installed the cam cover, but wasn't thinking about doing that at that time !

I need to pull the tank to replace the sock filter, so I'll get at the nipple then as Fred shows in his video.

Bear:   How far off was the balance and how many miles at that time was on your bike ?

Bear:  Thanks for your response.

Mounted the new Shinko Raven front tire Wednesday and brought the wheel up to the independent MC shop to have it spin balanced.
No weights needed !! 

Installed the wheel and fender ( now with a Fenda Extender ) and installed the rebuilt calipers and new brake pads and of course bled the brakes.
Need to receive the new thermostat gasket before I can do the throttle body balance.  I'm hoping I won't need to adjust the screw that balances cylinders 1&2  and cylinders 3&4 - that would be nice.   Getting at that screw looks kinda tricky.  Adjusting the individual air bleed screws on each TB doesn't look too difficult, tho.

EDIT :  Installed a new thermostat today and flushed & refilled the cooling system.

Need to install a vacuum hose on TB #2, but checked the balance on #3  & #4 and they are matched very closely.   So I'm hoping #1  & #2 will be close to #3  & #4.  If so, I'll just adjust #1  & #2 air bleed screws to match  #3  & #4.

Next up is to remove the gas tank, install a hose to TB #2 vacuum port and inspect the replace the fuel filter if necessary.
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