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Southwest Events / Re: Who's is up to ride in SoCal?
« Last post by Ping Jockey on Today at 04:12:26 am »
I may actually be able to do that
Accessories C10 / Re: Vent flaps for engine heat
« Last post by DaveSz on Today at 01:51:59 am »
Been out riding a dozen times in the last couple weeks without the vent flaps, and checking the oil temp at the sight glass with the hand held infra-red temp sensor, right after parking on the side stand.  The sensor works pretty well when shooting the oil sight glass, but not when shooting into the fill port.  So I've been comparing the sight glass temp with bottom pan of the engine, in front of the filter.   

At 40 degF ambient, the sight glass oil temp is about 160 degF after 40 miles at speed, and the engine bottom pan, up between the fins, about 170 degF.   Not nearly as hot as I expected.   

The standard COG advice for winter engine warmups is to run her for a distance, or not at all, to avoid moisture buildup in the oil.  Seems good advice with the oil staying that cool on days like this.   I was expecting the oil to be at 200+ degF after 40 miles, even on a 40 degF day.   

If we ever get some hot days, will check the oil temps with/without the vent flaps. 

Right now I'm thinking Sunday night through Wednesday night.  Prolly go to Austin after banquet.  Can adjust schedule as opportunity and situation changes. 
Looks like we will have 2 travelers  :great: so will prolly have a slot. What is your ETA, ETD?
Southeast Events / Re: Yoders RTE try this once again April 7th
« Last post by funsize on Today at 12:03:36 am »
Irene, I hope this doesn't conflict with your calendar   : ;D

Jerry, it's perfect!  I plan on being there!   :whoo:

 :) I am glad I picked the right weekend this time, Jean says she will be coming too on her bike.   :great:

That's great!

Mine is a 2011 and I never wasted my money on a extended ... :nananana:

About 15 - 18 years ago I was on a airplane flight with two executives of one of those insurance company's

They must have been in the bar before the flight because they were quite talkative , they expressed to me that

most of the money goes  to the person SELLING you the contract  , not the Insurance company , because soo

few file a claim , I NEVER buy such  insurance .

PS I don't use a big aftermarket windshield  , if anything I use Copperdawg in the summer for air flow wind

noise does not bother me , I only drive local , till I retire . 

On the other hand I do buy insurance on such things as my Polaris RZR , because it has broad coverage like the

 first  $5,000 medical coverage , liability , accident ... cheap also.

I also have a million umbrella policy with my home owners ins. also cheap compared to the amount of

coverage. ;)
It is a pleasure.  They are good people if you can survive a slight communication disconnect.  Hope you love them when you try them. Good job Ted.  Woo Hoo
Accessories C14 / Re: T-Rex Turnbuckle System for Trailering; Now; Group Buy..
« Last post by Don on Yesterday at 11:40:11 pm »
Thanks for working with T-Rex to get the C14 spools available.  Ordered my front turnbuckle set today with the discount.
Should work well for the trailer when needed....

thx again, don
Well maybe I'm shortsighted, but I let my warranty expire this year also. It had more to do with the fact that after having the tech strip the rotor threads out of the front wheel when the rotors were replaced under warranty, I figure I'd rather do any fixin' and at least know the work was done right. Steve
Northeast Events / Re: Spring Fling 2018 Wellsboro, PA
« Last post by Terrynyc on Yesterday at 10:55:30 pm »
Maryann and I tried out the Wellsboro House Brewery last summer.  Not bad at all!  As I recall, they had a Milk Chocolate Stout that was very good.

Are you up for a stroll over there to see what they've been brewing?


Now that's a SILLY question!! :great: :beerchug:
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