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Tires/Suspension C10 / Re: Factory shock rebuild.
« Last post by worncog on Today at 05:51:48 pm »
Sooo, this would be a shock question IRT a 93 ZG1000?  For clarification.
Just because a noise is normal doesn't mean we should not try to track it down and eliminate what noises we can.

Some other things not mentioned that might cause a ticking noise... Sparking from a bad plug wire, exhaust leak at the head or head gasket, tensioner hitting the clutch basket, or maybe even a piece of the star spring broken off?

I noticed today I have an exhaust leak directly under the front where the header pipe joins the motor. Actually noticed more smell coming from the front at idle and looked under it quick. This will be another rainy day project.
I appreciate you guys posting up your experiences! It’s helping me kind of get a feel for the bike without even having one yet.
With that being said, I really want a green one (‘15), but I’m not stuck on one if a different year pops up. The main thing I’m kind of concerned about is the linked brakes on the older ones. Is it enough of a difference to not buy one? I’ve rode well over a couple hundred thousand miles on no abs/tc bikes, so whichever I end up getting will be a different experience for me altogether....

Other Motorcycles / Re: Help, viewpoints wanted please
« Last post by Roger B on Today at 04:06:08 pm »
And how much and from where.
Accessories C14 / Re: Mo-Door opener
« Last post by Daboo on Today at 03:25:46 pm »
Great job!

Here's another idea that might work for you.

Accessories C10 / Re: recommend LED aux lights?
« Last post by Daboo on Today at 03:21:23 pm »
My current bike has them installed on the forks and the lights are working fine.

I highly recommend ADVMonster for LED auxiliary lights.  The quality is excellent and the prices are really inexpensive.  They have a thread over on ADVRider and there's a lot of satisfied customers there.

Rode to work this morning, 60F ambient air temperature. 25 miles 20% backroads and 80% slab, no traffic congestion. Temp gage barely got off the Cold area of gage so fan hasn't come on yet.
Accessories C10 / Re: recommend LED aux lights?
« Last post by Pierre1960 on Today at 03:07:26 pm »

I was wondering about the vibration if the Aux lights are installed on the bottom section of the shock-absorber.
Oil cooler now in my grubby little hands, its perfect. Bought from ebay seller "themotoguys"
Cost me £30 all in, and it arrived pretty quickly...then the UK robbing bastards aka Customs and Exise striped me for another £14  :38:
Still was a great deal because of the low sale price, I'm very happy! They are impossible to find here, as years of riding on 'gritted' roads has dissolved the alloy cooling fins, and the hose connectors.
Just giving it a bit of cosmetic work and it will be fitted ASAP... ;D
Yeah, sorry about the caps, didn't notice till after. Thanks for the update on a new post, never wrote in this forum before.
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