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The control pad is not waterproof.  If water does get in it will malfunction and may or may not be ruined in my experience even after it dries out.  I use a thin plastic bad zip-tied to it if rain threatens.
Southeast Events / Re: National and shipping bike to / from SE
« Last post by danodemotoman on Today at 06:45:35 am »
 I used HAULBIKES and was very pleased with the service.
 They were easily the cheapest.
  But if you want a particular delivery date that could be a problem as they seem to move the container in more than one move in my case (KY to WA State) and when it is full or economical for them.
Hope I'm invited because that sounds splendid!
I would call it water resistant. It is normally mounted under the hood of a car or truck. There can be moisture from road splash or washing the engine compartment. On the Connie it is inside the fairing and pretty safe from water.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: dyno
« Last post by motospec on Today at 01:23:25 am »
No, Don Guhl with Guhl Motors has been around a long time and is still around. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here but I wanted correct information out there.
Southeast Events / Re: National and shipping bike to / from SE
« Last post by 12SLAG on Today at 01:22:50 am »
If "delivery time" reliability is a possible issue, you should plan to ride TO the National.  If the shipper delivers late to your home, you will still be there, not 3,000 miles away.
Motorcycle Safety / Re: ABS article
« Last post by Road Runner on Today at 01:13:41 am »
Thanks for sharing!
Southeast Events / Re: Decks and Docks RTE 2-22-2020
« Last post by Road Runner on Today at 01:08:36 am »
Hopefully Marina (my bride) and I can make this one.

Thank you!
Motorcycle Safety / Re: 1970's motorcyclist safety tips
« Last post by Road Runner on Today at 01:05:38 am »
Watched this video on Youtube. Was struck how the tips and advice from nearly 50 years ago mirrors the advice of today. Don't think Steve Smith runs his instruction courses like the ones filmed though.

Cool ! Thanks for sharing ...
Introductions / Re: Another COG Newbie Great Forum Posts!!
« Last post by Road Runner on Today at 01:02:44 am »
Welcome KC. Great to have you join us. I'm sure you're already lov'in the Concours!!!  :great:
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