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Yeah that may be. But then, you know, you don't get a free tire changing machine.

And check the brakes, and lube the splines, and clean under the tail, and clean the wheels, and just admire the bike.
  This can help if you need it. Murphs' ships FAST!!

Other Motorcycles / 650 Mule
« Last post by Tundra Tom on Today at 02:09:09 am »
This thumper is hoot.....that is all.
First time, take your time. I laid  out the pieces (labeled of course) left to right on my work bench.

The hardest part is getting the stinkin' cover off the engine and out from under the frame, but it WILL come out. I think it was sort of "lift, move it to the rear an inch or so, rotate it to the left, stick out your tongue, wiggle it a little while rotating it a little more to the LEFT and suddenly like one of those "nail puzzles," and you're  holding it free in your hands. Stop and think at that point because the exact opposite set of motions puts it back. Then join the chorus of "Why didn't they give me 1/4" more space to the frame?"

This literally made me  :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

But it is a perfect description how it worked for me  :great:
Yeah that may be. But then, you know, you don't get a free tire changing machine.
Accessories C14 / Heli Handlebar Risers C-14 Non ABS-For Sale
« Last post by broos on Today at 01:02:56 am »
Bought these a few years ago and used them for 1+ season before I replaced them with the Heli Handlebar System.
Have been sitting in the box for a couple of seasons. Excellent condition. Packaging, all the parts, and instructions.
Color is Silver. I used these on a 2008 C-14 and believe they will work on new models as well. The instruction manual lists the years as 2008-2015.
Model # HR 04044-NABS
$50 includes shipping. Paypal acceptable.
Thanks for reading.
Broos (Bruce)

Thanks for all the great tips guys!  Think I'll try the old weighting the back end idea Boomer and MOB have done, since as I mentioned, I'm kinda concerned about the lack of a flat surface to use a front wheel stand on anyway.  And the deltoids will get a good workout carrying the weighting items to the end of the driveway  :great:
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Stop & Go tire plug kit
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 12:43:54 am »

Looks like you’ve got a lot of advice already, but I’ve had one of those mushroom plug kits for over 7 years and have plugged 4 tires or so and then ran them until worn out and never had an issue with them. I now carry one on the hayabusa and one on the concours with a small slime compressor and it has saved me from being stranded on the side of the road, so I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

I'm glad you had success with the tool/plugs when you needed them most, and I always say "anything is better than nothing" in an "emergency".
My whole basis on the SnG kit, has been thru rider input over probably a 15 year period, combined with my personal experience going back just shy of 40 year now. I bought one when they first came out, (circa early 80's)and carried it...and because of it's size hoped it would be better than jambin glue covered rubber bands in a puncture if I was 20 miles from home (yea, did that a couple time in the 70's before tubeless M/C tires were commonplace). When I really need it, I re-plugged a small puncture 4 times in 130 miles, before stopping at an autoparts store and buying a gummy worm kit...(I till have visions of my dad, yelling at me, for not having that a my "repair kit"); which finally got me home; and lasted another 5k miles.
At our '07 National Rally, I gave a "plugging" demo, and all that attended found it pretty worth the time, as I supplied the tire, the plugs and the glue and tools for free to all that wanted "practice", also let/asked them to "practice" with their tool of choice/carry".. which included the SnG...
The AAD from Ohio, needed to replace a rubber/steel tube combo valve stem that cracked, and we even did that on the side, using a normal rubber stem we sent out for...
As luck would have it... he got a puncture in route from W. Va, back to Ohio, and stuck SnG plugs in 3 times, in that short run, (iirc, it may have been 2 times, but he did have to do repeat plugs) just to make it home. He actually called me and told me his pain and agony. So, I can't ever "recommend" it as the only thing I would choose.

Here’s a thought: if you can perform routine maintenance
with just the tools in your tool roll then you’ve got it covered.

the pouch doesn't come close to "maintenance" tools... just barely enough to get plastic off...

wheel, brake, and any other bolt... better plan on some sockets, and BIGger tools...
Hi guys, which 2,3 or 4 sizes would you consider the most handy to have in your tool role?

pretty much the bare minimums that come in the tool kit under the seat, in that plastic box.. in the pouch... didn't your bike come with that???

56007   56007-0075   TOOL-KIT   1      
56008   56008-1075   BAG,TOOL   1      
92106   92106-1001   GRIP-SCREW DRIVER         
92107   92107-1051   TOOL-DRIVER,#2PHILLIPS&SLOT         
92110   92110-1015   TOOL-WRENCH,ALLEN,5MM         
92110A   92110-1152   TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END,10X12         
92110B   92110-1153   TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END,14X17         
92110C   92110-1174   TOOL-WRENCH,BOX,8MM   
(socket that screwdriver makes T handle when used in conjunction)      
92110D   92110-3703   TOOL-WRENCH,ALLEN,4MM         
92126   92126-004           TOOL-WRENCH,OPEN END,8X10   
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