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Contact EBC, their customer service is great.
I like it too I will go $40 and what about the aviation art work  :great:
We're rolling!!!
I just did that as per SteveJ's suggestion. It appears the solenoid is not working. It clicks, but that's it.

EDIT: I see  that SteveJ said the same thing earlier too, but I overlooked it. Too soon to say if that solves the entire problem, but it sure seems like having a working solenoid during troubleshooting is a good thing.

P.S. Where to get a solenoid. I can order one from Amazon (it'll take a couple of days), or does O'Reilly or Autozone have this part where I can get it locally today)?

Apparently you missed my posts #31 and #35 too??

  I read back thru the posts and don't see that you isolated other concerns...
    Have you tested/jumped the starter solenoid to see if it's working correctly?

  Step 1 is confirm the starter solenoid is working.
   Step 2 is test the other switches.
Installed a ProjektD Handlebar Stick for my Sena Remote and Ram Cell Phone Mount. I did not like the the Sena Remote on my grip as it makes reaching the horn and turn signal buttons not as convenient. I even tried the new more slim RC4 remote. It was better but not ideal. Besides I like the functionality of the SC-HR-01 remote better.
What a strange thing. I've changed I don't know how many hundred brake pads, but don't recall ever seeing what I am seeing. My pads are EBC Double H Sintered and I pulled my rear pads as I noticed some carbon and discoloring on my rear rotor. When I got them out, one of them had the whole side of it crumbled away. And was pitted in places on the face of the pad from crumbling. The other side was pitted with crumbling. They otherwise looked pretty normal, if maybe a little too shiny.

Besides defective pads or some such thing, anyone seen this? I'm replacing them just because, and though I've had good luck with EBC before this is giving me pause. Thoughts?

Hmmm, wow ... I've not seen or witnessed this as (like you) have used EBC pads on numerous bikes over the years.

Sorry, I can't help, but maybe another here can.
Odds are that it quit running because the alternator was not putting out enough power to keep up with the electrical demand and the battery lost the connection and the voltage dropped too low for the electrics to keep working.  Low output at idle is normal, though if your idle is set too low, it will aggravate the situation.

At speed and losing the battery connection presents a different scenario, and not a good one. The bike will keep running off the alternator as it is putting out enough juice. The big problem is that you can get voltage surges in the electrical system as the battery is no longer in the circuit to stabilize the voltage. You wouldn't know it without a volt meter until/unless the voltage spikes take out part of the engine control system(igniter, ecu, and/or ?). The spikes can also burn out other electrics, chargers, lights, etc.

My old c-10 Connie suffered a YSDS(Yuasa sudden death syndrome) at one time, at Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. We jumped it(thanks to the owner of BRMC) and got it running. The bike had a volt meter and it was bouncing all over the place with that bad battery. With the bad battery there was not a battery in the system to stabilize the voltage. We left the bike there to obtain a new battery vs risking damage to the electrical system. And thanks again to the COGger that let me ride pillion to get a new battery. It was during the Winding Rivers and Roads rally. Or maybe it was the Winding Roads and Rivers rally.

I've used the concentration of a full can of seafoam per tank for at least 6-7 years on both the Concours and my DR650 for winter storage. Even on the DR with a 4.0 gallon tank
Never an issue with rubber.

I went out today and started her up after draining the bowls. Started up and as she was running could hear a slight miss. Not enough to notice on tach but could hear.
Went with the advice to put the petcock on the prime position. Did that and she instantly ran right.
Placed back to ON and still running fine. Got up to the middle of the temp gauge, with a box fan blowing on it.
Ran fine, reved up, no missing or any issues. Going to let it cool down and give it another try.

So if going to PRIME and it works, could that be petcock or screen issues?
Both the fuel line and vacuum lines are in great condition with the no compromises.
Continuing thanks for hints and help.

Thanks to MOB, I found the wire connector on the clutch. With my newly acquired resistance testing skills, I determined the clutch switch is working properly.

A little something for future reference, an ohm meter may show no resistance but when you put full power to the device you can still have a resistance issue, i.e. a voltage drop. An example would be one strand of good wire left in a stranded  wire that is breaking apart. You would have very little, virtually 0, resistance showing on the meter due to the really small current going through but putting  an amp or two through the wire will create resistance(voltage drop) and heat. Fuses can have this issue on occasion.
Other Motorcycles / Re: 2018 Wing
« Last post by ZG on Today at 06:29:32 pm »
Hello all,
We bought a new 2018 Goldwing Tour the other week and just got back from our first little maiden voyage test run on it, thought I'd post up a brief overview for others on the fence as I was.

Quick bio on us...
I've had a couple dozen bikes, mostly sport, a couple sport touring, a dual sport, and a 2016 Wing.
49 years old, 5'8" and a buck fifty, been riding for 35  year.
Pillion and wife of 28 n counting years is 47 years old, equal height, weight is a secret but I'm gonna guess less than me. She's been on the backs of my bikes since we were teens, her favorite past bike for pillion comfort was our 2016 Wing.

Last year I sold our 2016 Wing in anticipation of getting the new 2018 Wing, but once the new Wings hit local dealers to me I pulled back and didn't buy one. The reason I was leary about pulling the trigger was I really wanted the blacked out look instead of the chrome, unfortunately the blacked out (non-tour) model lacked some key features I wanted, most importantly reverse for the 6 speed model. My logic was to wait and hope they added a blacked out look on the 2019 Tour model, they did not.

Over the winter I've been trolling the BMW K1600 GTL, they finally added reverse to those last year, and prices have softened, at least in my local area. A white 2018 GTL w/4k miles popped up for sale local to me for $20k, I went to go check it out and buy it assuming all was well, I got there and it just sold. I then went over to my local Honda dealer who also deal in used and I've bought a half dozen bikes from them over the years to have them keep an eye out for a used GTL for me, while there I start looking at the new Wing again, Honda has good incentive deals to move the 2018's now because there is still so much inventory. Long story short I came home with a red 2018 Tour model with the 6 speed manual for $21k OTD, that's almost 6 grand less than they were when they came out, enough of a discount for me to give it a try.

I added a couple quick fix items before our trip, Honda rider backrest, Rivco HWY pegs, and Helibars risers. I also brought the Honda half cover and luggage liner sets for the trunk and side cases.

Our trip was originally intended to be longer, but life happened and we had to truncate it, we live in the Portland OR area and did a quick trip down the coast line on 101 and back, a short but fun trip just under 500 miles.

We left the house and the new Wing had about 20 miles on it. The 2018 Wing really exceeded my expectations in every way, I realized a couple features that held no value to me prior because I didn't really know what they were I now have tremendous appreciation and value for, first and foremost Apple carplay is pure genius, a dry place to keep and charge your phone that connects to the bike and allows you to access apps on your phone using the bikes display, nice! I can access my Pandora for music and Apple maps for gps, create a quick map in my phone, save it, and access it from the Wing, wow that's just too cool and easy. And as more apps come out over the years this Wing will always stay current with those apps, too smart Honda, thank you! BTW, if somebody has a good app their using for doppler radar to see where the rain is please let me know.

I was concerned about the smaller tank size, and didn't believe the hooey that the new Wing gets better gas mileage, I was wrong and they indeed do get better mileage. On my 2016 Wing I'd get upper 20's for MPG, on the 2018 I got 38.6 MPG in Tour mode on the way down and 41.2 on the way back in Rain mode and riding in the rain about 90% of the time. I don't ride trying to get good mileage, I just ride, the results are what they are, but according to the #'s I'm getting a solid 10  better MPG than I did on our 2016 Wing, quick math tells me I didn't lose any range from our 2016 Wing. I just love that these Wing's run on regular gas, it's so hard to remember because I'm use to putting Super in all my other bikes.

I was concerned about the smaller luggage capacity compared to our 2016 Wing, in reality this turned into a non-issue and even slightly liberating. I have a soft bag that's maybe 6x8x14 and goes with me on which ever bike I'm touring on, it carriers your typical road side needs, I do seem to add things to it over the years, but never take anything out, and I don't think I've ever really needed to have it in a situation. So, I no longer carry it, wow that was easy, in past I would always have one side case dedicated to this along with airpump etc. The side bags on the Wing look/are small, I was really surprised though at how it all worked out, we each got our clothes and bathroom needs in the Honda side case liners, we each got one. I put one of those in each side case which takes up about 95% of the space, the last 5% is those triangles in the back of the side cases, on one side I used that for the Honda half cover, and on the other side triangle I put a small medical supplies bag, and a small tool pack from Revzilla that's about the size of a small bible. The Honda trunk liner bag contained both our laptop bags, a pair of shoes for each of us (plus I was able to fit my slippers in my side case bag) a fleece layer for each of us, and some snacks. The trunk liner bag uses about 95% of the trunk, in the 5% left over I put water bottles on one side, and my wife's rain shell on the other side.

I think I only have one complaint so far...
I wish I could change fuel modes on the fly, ie when it starts raining be able to switch into the rain mode, and when not raining switch out of it. In the PNW it rains and stops raining often, having to pullover to change these is an inconvenience. Scratch this from the list, I now know you just have to let off the throttle, then toggle through them and enter, nice!

The oem seat is worlds better than every oem seat I've ever had on other motorcycles, that said it is not as comfy as the Ultimate seat we had on our 2016 Wing, my wife and I both agree on this. I'll be looking to get another Ultimate seat for the 2018 Wing once they figure out how to play nice with the Honda electronics.

If I were to get picky, I'd also say that when accessing pandora through carplay its unfortunate that you can't like and dislike songs (like I can on my Zumo 595 while riding), you can only skip songs you don't like in carplay.

Future plans...
new seat
luggage rack with tail/brake light
pillion usb charging port
fog lights
hand wings
trailer hitch for our Unigo

My wife is looking for an iphone holder that attaches to the back of a rider backrest so that it remains there with the screen visible while we're riding, if anyone know's of one please post up a link, thanks.

Overall I am extremely happy with our purchase of the new 2018 Wing and am looking forward to all the adventures to come!

Well I think that's it, but I'm sure I forgot something that I'll add in.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!

Here's some pics from our trip down and back up HWY 101 of the Oregon coast.

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