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COG Web & Forum Discussions / Re: I renewed or subscribed
« Last post by konehead on Today at 02:00:52 pm »
Hmmm.  I see a cold in ur 2020 future...and it's the week of the national... which is practically in ur backyard.  If I were to choose the days to be there (if I were limited in time becuz 'my' cough cough cold) it would be wed Thursday cuz u have to be there for the banquet!!!
So I've tried everything Admore has suggested regarding the wacky dash issue, but no luck.  I'm wondering whether there's some electrical or part difference between the beta kit and the earlier version that's causing my issue, so am wondering if those of you with Admore Givi kits could help me out.

Here's a pic of some of my kit, which on the left shows the power harness that connects everything on the bike to the case, the connector block which connects the power harness to the Concours adapter, and the adapter itself.  I suspect the issue lies with one of these parts, although Admore provided me with another adapter which didn't fix the issue.

My concern is that the guage of the wires on the adapter are larger than those of the harness and that this could be the cause of my issue. Specifically I'm wondering if the connection between those two parts is weakened due to the gauge differences, and that's what is triggering the wacky dash when shutting the ignition off. 

Do your kits use similar parts?  I'm just trying to see if there's a difference between the parts on the old kit vs. my kit to see whether it's worth trying the old kit if Admore can't figure out how to resolve my issue.
I used Eastwood Products Plastic Restorer on the wheel flares of my truck a few years ago, and have been very impressed with the results.  Goes on like black spray paint, but is definitely NOT paint.  I haven't need to shine them with Armor All since using the Restorer.  Warning: it isn't cheap:
Im in rock hill, so 15-20 min away. Or i can help figure out what's wrong with it.  :beerchug:
Northwest Events / Re: Ride To British Columbia- 17, 18, 19 JULY 2020
« Last post by ZXtasy on Today at 12:27:41 pm »
I have a mid interest, I have done many rides in that area in decades past but never investigated Toad Rock. The more draconian speeding laws CA have enacted make it less appealing, 40KPH/24MPH over any posted limit they can and will impound your ride for 1 week. This is perhaps more for the Metro areas, and in the Thompson I used to get a wagging 'no no' finger from RCMP, but now not so sure. Maybe 24 over is not an issue for many... Also the insurance tango. Probably also not an issue for most COG members who carry insurance and now that WA makes it mandatory when for years you could ride a bike without. I still had a group of friends get big tickets because they did not have 'Canada recognized insurance'...they did get the tickets dropped but what a hassle. My State Farm guy will send me a printable notice and special cards for trips to CA or MEX if I request.
Charlotte NC, according to his profile.
Accessories C10 / Re: Favorite Garmin or Other GPS Solution
« Last post by dcstrng on Today at 10:33:53 am »
I tried everything but a "motorcycle" GPS, because of the cost.

I'm inching up on this -- I don't mind the auto GPS most of the time, but I find them to be occasionally unreliable (requiring power down then back up, right when you need to rely on it for a critical turn), and on occasion laughable (as they age).  I usually have hand-me-downs so that may be a factor but as Strawboss mentioned -- I usually just glance at them and hold my last look at the paper map in my geriatric, nondigital memory... it's worked for fifty something/plus years of riding, my guess is it will continue to as long as I have any business on a bike...
Northwest Events / Ride To British Columbia- 17, 18, 19 JULY 2020
« Last post by Ken on Today at 04:49:16 am »
hey, all>  we need to have a guestimate on how many people are interested in the ride.  Mary from Toad Rock has contacted me and would like an idea of how many to expect.  We are the first ones in for that weekend.  There are places to sleep to stay out of the elements, with clean bedding.  Nice showers and facilities.  There are ice chests, tents, sleeping bags....
 I can cook up a breakfast and/or supper while we are there.  we'll figure that out a bit later.
I am asking an ad or aad to post this on a calender, or for know, just post a response, as we need an idea of who would like to come.  please let me know if you are INTERESTED so I can let Mary know.  Please go to TOAD ROCK CAMPGROUND and look at the website.  When you go to the site you can see some sleeping places.  we need to know if you want a cabin(Limited number) or tent(plenty of room). 
where are you located? might be interested if you are going to put it out to pasture.
I say sell it to a new connie owner. If you are in a good position to pay it forward to a new enthusiast that wants a project even better!
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