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Tyres now delivered: rear is 71W after all, was a mistake in the listing
Just got to fit them now, I'll wait until it stops snowing... ;D
Jim, as you can guess I completely understand. It's not been to bad for me though, 'cus I took to messing with the c-14.  ;) Steve
Accessories C14 / Re: lubbing the throttle cables
« Last post by JDSCO on Today at 01:42:10 pm »
^^I agree. That tool is a lot of work.

Thread in both adjusters all the way. Pull the sheath out of an adjuster, one at a time.
Now you have room to insert your Dri-Slide needle and give it a 2-3second squirt in each sheath.
Theere is a rattle-ball n that Dri-Slide to fully mix the moly. Make sure it's rattling around.
Good Luck
Was up in Rapid City again last week working. Did a little more scouting. Looks like Hill City is where we're parking the bikes.

1). Central Location
2). Lots of choices to stay
3). Don't have to park the bike a block away from Hotel
4). Variety of eating within walking distance

The group I'm riding with will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Hill City SD. We're departing KC on Sunday 7/8 and staying overnight somewhere the Sunday evening then arriving Monday 7/9. We'll most likely be there all week departing Friday morning 7/13.

Any idea for a designated campground? Even half of the approx $200/night at that hotel is a bit steep for me and likely some others.
Other Motorcycles / Re: Just a one-night stand, I swear it! ST1100
« Last post by reid53 on Today at 01:32:11 pm »
 :TPIWWP:  Can't wait to see it!
I'm with Cliff, I think the battery is the issue. Steve
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by Sport Rider on Today at 01:30:17 pm »
Cliff's rally is pretty far for the NC crowd.  many of our guys don't do rallies farther away.  So all you SC (and farther south) guys feel free to attend Cliff's rally.  NC should win for sure!   >:D
I put the weight in "Old Fashioned" so you would understand...its 78 Kg over here...we went Metric in 1971 after all   ;D
Can't do the old pound and ounces nonsense any more, 13.45 lbs to the Franble,  76 ozs to pint etc....whats wrong with mm and kilos?
And don't even start about inches, all that 43/63 makes an inch, 3 inch to a flooter, 78/27 of a yard...what a load of wonder you built the Hubble telescope wrong size, all them conversions are easy to get wrong   :D
looks like the right side plastics are broken.  or is that just my eyes?  Scoops on the sides missing too.  easy to find used.
Accessories C14 / Re: lubbing the throttle cables
« Last post by rcannon409 on Today at 01:16:27 pm »
I have the Motion Pro cable lube thing as well, but I swear this method is easier, and works better. Ive never used that cable lube tool and had it not leak like crazy.
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