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Motorcycle Safety / Re: Close calls
« Last post by Rastus on Today at 03:01:47 am »
Do crashes count as close calls if you survive them? My first crash was on highway 33 between Ohai and Maricopa. Used to be able to make the 84 mile ride in an hour. Heading down the mountain toward Ohai one night I dove into a decreasing-radius right-hander way too hot. On the shoulder on the wrong side of the road, leaning hard, when front wheel hit a rut. Laid it down, skidded down the side of the road. Helmet and leathers did their job.
#2 crash: Oncoming old man in a van made a left turn in front of me on a 4-lane street, saw the car beside me in the slow lane but not me, and stopped in my lane, putting up the perfect road block. Left 60 feet of rubber before I hit the side doors on the van at about 30 mph. Helmet saved my head.
#3 crash: Riding at night between Taft and Bakersfield, California, at about 95 mph, when a Black Labrador ran across the road in front of me. Never even saw it coming. One second I was up, cruising, thinking life was a breeze, and then BAM, and I'm sliding down the road behind my Z1-R on its' side. Probably slid 75 yards. Protective gear saved my a** once again.
#4 crash: Riding at night near Mankato, Minnesota, when I went through a road construction area, got on pavement again, and just as I got up to speed I crested a rise to see mounds of dirt, rock, and gravel. Worst injuries of all.
#5 crash: Riding twisty highway 74 near Jasper, Arkansas, on 77 KZ-1000, when I ran it off a decreasing-radius left-hander, crashing into a culvert and boulders. Helmet did it's job.
Some people would question my  sanity for still riding. I don't have the need for speed that I once did, and I use much more caution than in my young-and-dumb days. And I try not to ride at night if I don't have to. I always heard that there are two types of riders, those who have crashed, and those who are about to crash. Helmets and dumb luck are the reason I'm able to recount these events.
Murph's said they don't have the pull cable and it would be next week before they would have it. They shipped the push cable today. They will ship the pull cable next week.
Hi, has anyone fitted an entire 'front end' from another bike, to a1994 A9 gtr?
I'm thinking about such bikes as ZZR1100, or even later versions, to get the better fork response and brakes, plus a decent 17" tyre. My bike is the 94 on model, with twin piston calipers, I'm thinking of ways to improve the brakes and handling...anyone tried a 17" front end?
 Thanks, Mike from Manchester 😁
Accessories C10 / Re: Dash Shelf Vibration
« Last post by esmoojee on Today at 12:44:15 am »
My main bracket broke like the pics above AND someone removed the lower brace bolts from the side of the engine. I replaced those and came up with a quick solution that someone on the Facebook page suggested with band clamps. Now it doesn’t vibrate at all. I’ll have the tab re-welded when I have the time.  :)
I was able to book tonight Monday- Friday Genetti hotel. Don't procrastinate or you will be staying at the Holiday inn and miss The Genetti experience They have us blocked of in the System already

I always throw this out. If anyone wants to share just yell  :nananana: God know I'm not picky I've stayed with the likes of Jason K, Matt N and of course the famous MR.T
 :beerchug: :beerchug:
Update for my Shinko verge and 777 tires.
I am on currently on my east coast (Canada) trip. Leaving from Ottawa area, went north in Quebec, through Labrador with lots of gravel (and potholes) Newfoundland and the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia.
So these tires have been excellent. No damage from boulders or poor road conditions, with some high spirited riding when no ones looking. Including an extended period of WOT on the new pavement section in labrador 14,000 kms the rear is close to the wear bars, but still leaning in well. The front has some cupping, but unlike the stock Dunlop’s I had before there is no excessive road noise.
I keep them around 40psi front and 37 rear.
I am happy with these results. The grip is still great wet and dry.
I will post pics in a day or 2 if anybody wants.
Southeast Events / Re: Barbers Registration
« Last post by MotoCommuter on Today at 12:17:24 am »
Lot B camping tickets are still available. Get them while you can. They will sell out.

If you are attending and have not signed up on the COG calander, please do so. This is how we will know how many people to buy food for.
I'm never going to get there, so thank you so much letting see it via your travel video!!
Other Motorcycles / Re: 1983 GL650 Silverwing Interstate Project Pics
« Last post by Bushy on Yesterday at 11:59:19 pm »
Great job on the rebuild. 15 years ago I had a CX500 custom. Which the now wife and I used to ride all over the place. I traded up to a CX650E which I loved but the wife hated the looks of. Sold it when I moved up north. Bought a GL 650 2 years ago to get back into biking.
Ended up needing a lot of work. So I sold it to a gent who was going to cafe racer it.
I still have the fairing, trunk with the extension (to use rear seat and trunk at same time) saddlebags and lower fairings.
Message me if you need any parts.
They were a great bike, but I do love my c10 because it’s never broken.
North Central Events / Re: Elgin Iowa RTE questions
« Last post by ron203 on Yesterday at 11:58:21 pm »
I've got a buddy at work who was from Iowa. I'll have to look it up sometime. You just  never know what / who you'll see. New tag line: "You meet the most interesting people  on a Connie." Thanks.
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