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Whatever method you use it is going to take a lot of patience and perseverance... don't get frustrated, and don't give up.

Thanks....I really don't want to have gone through all this and then take it to a shop for what is suppose to be the easiest part in theory.  I appreciate the encouragement. 

When I rebuilt the calipers on my 1983 GL650 Silverwing, I got frustrated with the standard bleed method that you've been using.  Just couldn't get anywhere that way.  I changed to the reverse bleed method and got it done pretty quickly.  If you're concerned about leakage at the bleed screw, you can put a small amount of teflon thread sealing tape on the threads of the bleed screw, and that should reduce any leakage there.  Try this method and I think you'll be back soon reporting success.

Well..I can't imagine why vacuuming 3 pints of dot 4 through the bleed screws would not get it but at this point I'll trying it and report back.  Has anyone on the forum had success with this method?  Just curious because I have not read this yet and have read quite a bit so far. 

Thanks everyone
Accessories C14 / Re: Handlebars height and angle
« Last post by smooth_operator on Today at 02:54:31 pm »
I believe the most you can adjust without changing the cables are a 2" riser with setback and a 1/2 wedge.
Whatever method you use it is going to take a lot of patience and perseverance... don't get frustrated, and don't give up.
As Bud pointed out, there are emulators for the 86-93 C10.

You may have figured this by now, but just in case anyone else finds it useful:

The full product name is slightly more informative.  "Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator".  Its a valve you insert to allow damping rod forks to emulate cartridge forks.  You drill more holes in the damping rod so that it has no effect on damping.  Instead the "gold valve" provides the damping and you can tune that by various methods explained on Race Techs website.

It's tunable for compression damping, but not rebound damping, so it's not as good as some cartridge forks.  But, if you have an old-tech bike with damping rod forks, it's huge upgrade.  I have them on my C10 and my old EX500.

As far as I know only Race Tech makes these.  You can get the springs from Sonic apparently, but I have Race Tech springs as well and am happy with them.
From what I've seen MoB and others state, the first thing to do is take the frame ground connection (next to the battery) apart, clean the frame, all the terminals and bolt and reassemble. It develops corrosion easily that acts as an insulator.
After sitting under a cover in the yard for 6 weeks my 2008 seemed dead.  I made sure the battery was charged (it was) and have replaced the batteries in the fobs, even though I new I didn't really need to.  Bike won't react to pushing the key in.  Where do I slap it awake?
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: best oil filter?
« Last post by Grant on Today at 01:13:45 pm »
I use Napa Gold or Platinum Good quality filters manufactured for Napa by Wix and not over priced. I would leave you with the P/N for the Platinum but the box is on my desk at work besides Kawasaki Concours is listed in the Napa book so any Napa can look it up for you.
BTW they may not stock it so you may have to ask for it a day in advance.
And just when I was feeling confident about my last post

I still feel its not a 'sporty' bike. A CBR 600 would just be so much more flickable and ultimately more fun( Aka sporty).... but it can be done on the C14.

That's a 2008 Coucours 14 and they are much sportier than other years.
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