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thats why i listed it. and it has much less draw on the whole system.   :beerchug:
Phil, quick question: I bought a Givi Maxxia E52, and I have an AST Back rest (see picture). I have a rack of yours with the SW-Motech kit (it is friggin AWESOME!).

My Givi came with the backrest, but I think i would like to keep the AST backrest in place, just because I don't want to have the Givi on it ALL the time, and want my GF to have something to rely on not to fall backwards, considering the nice power of the Connie.

So question is, would your rails allow for the backrest to be in place and the Givi to lock/open properly?

Thanks so much Phil!
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Longest Day Ride
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 02:24:32 pm »
Colin was there too??   {There goes the neighborhood..}

Bet ya'll enjoyed picking on him..

Ride safe, Ted
Thanx; That is the least expensive LED's I've seen. I think most have been using the Evitek's with good luck.

On the Cree's you posted, it's interesting that their doing exactly what crag antler and I did.
Their using "all" the filaments/LED's when it is on high beam.

Ride safe, Ted
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Risers for '17 Connie
« Last post by Radioman007 on Today at 02:16:41 pm »
Okay - next dumb question of the day: Do bar risers fit all years? I see some that cover '10-'15, but don't mention '17. Any insight appreciated.
MRA Vario for me with Madstad brackets also. I used the shield for several years without the brackets & it worked great. The brackets just made it that much better.

Cliff   :beerchug:
Good info! Thanks, everyone. Bike has 187 miles on it. And, it's a beautiful day. What should I do??
Yes. Pull the pilot jets. I don't think it is an ignition problem. The pilots operate at idle thru 3500 where the main jets take over.
i get that, but  times have changed for sure. Only halogens i currently run are in the 3 ac lighting bikes i have

even if ones bad out of the box (rare, i have had one die), this still works great. i have zero visibility issue with these. and, its just easier on the charging system by a long shot.

the insert can be installed 180 out, its a twist and lock. so check before installation. 

Another meet & greet and ride to the raceway has been added for this July...

Thanks for hosting Tim!  :beerchug:
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