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I sure did read your post. Did you read mine, or just ignore the part about not wading through everything? Or do you just need someone to rub your mad spot?

I’d rather do a one-stop shop and give someone a few bucks for making the effort to get it all together. If that isn’t you, no biggie.

no problem, I get what you are saying, didn't rub my bad spot... :beerchug: :beerchug:

so, the question I'll ask is, "what would you consider a fair price, for a key and installed chip, delivered to you", mind you it will still need to be cloned..

if the money is there, I'd buy a couple dozen key blanks, and chips, and package them... but as there are 2 different blanks (L/H & R/H), I'd need a 'body count' on who needs which blank, as I would buy them in quantity, and don't want to sit on $200 worth of key blanks and pieces. The chips, are all the same so that won't be an issue.

Well, the benefit of not burning a slot is pretty good, along with a lot lower investment level. If it’s $300ish for a new fob/programming, I’d say $75 for a key/chip and then the programming cost is an excellent deal. If I saw the right $ numbers in the other threads, that should net about $30 profit per unit for the trouble. If my number is off, throw out a ballpark $ and see what kind of interest you generate. I’m pretty sure that I’d get a total of 4, since i know 3 other riders here in town.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Anybody missing a C-14?
« Last post by gsun on Today at 03:19:04 am »
If its that damp then look for mold instead of dust  ;D

Seriously Id take a close look and look for clues to indicate wether the bike is just always parked in the same spot or abandoned. I was relocated by my job back around 2000 and in the new office parking lot was a 98 or 99 CBR1100XX which is what I was rding back then. It appeared that it had been there for some time but otherwise in great condition. In the year I was at that location it never moved and I spent many hours scheming how I could get that bike in my garage . >:Dca

There is the problem of FOBs.  :(
Accessories C14 / Re: AST extra tail light
« Last post by jackcarls0n on Today at 02:48:49 am »
I can wire this, but I'm not great at describing the wiring.

I have Ardmore lights in my Kawasaki Trunk.
I wired them into the Kawasaki wires that are located below the seat..
  When I wired the Ardmore's in, I cut the ground and brake light wires and added the Flash/strobe controller box into the circuit.
     This makes the Ardmore brake lights on my trunk strobe 4 fast/4 slow/stay on, plus I have running and signal lights..

 I did not use the light that was mentioned earlier... Instead, I replaced my License plate light with one of these.
On it, I wired the running lights to the Kawasaki wire {in order to light my license plate}..
         I tied the brake and turn signal wires together and wired them into the same ground and brake light wires as my Ardmore system.....
   Because the brake lights are red, and the turn signal lights are amber, this combination is interesting!
         I also added a Flash/strobe controller box into that circuit.
  This makes the brake lights over my License plate strobe 4 fast/4 slow/stay on.

Because I used 2 separate strobe/flasher relays, the 2 systems are slightly out of sync and the result is a "light show" when I touch my brakes...

Ride safe, Ted

Would love to see a video of the light show.
Thanks again to everyone for the wonderful input. Enjoying reading all the suggestions and advise. I am leaning towards the canyon cage too. A highway peg would be a great add on.

Risers, I am not sure yet. I checked the brake and clutch line attachment on my bike and it looks completely different compared to the risers installation  videos and pictures. Will upload the pics soon.

I think Phil's rack with the monokey system built in is the best option. Removes the idea of attaching another base plate and I can get a monokey case from Givi.

Might add additional lights for rear brake lights and turn signal on the saddle bags. Might design a bracket and a wiring system for it. That would be an interesting project. Not sure if someone has done that before. So running lights on saddle bags that work as turn signal and running lights for top case that would work as brake light too.

Not too keen on modifying the bike too much. So not adding cruise control system. I guess an O-ring with a throttle lock system would be fine for me.

Thank you all.

Suggestions for lighting system is welcomed.
I bought 7 gallons of "diesel engine" non-synthetic Mobil Delvac 15W-40 from my neighbor for dirt cheap. He sold his old truck and didn't need/want the oil anymore.

API rating: CK-4, CJ-4, CL-4/PLUS SN

Can I safely use this oil in my bike? Else I will just use it up in my car.
Southeast Events / Re: 3rd Annual Sport-touring school at Jennings GP
« Last post by cuda on Today at 02:21:48 am »
I'm going to study these maps then , put on a blindfold and GO FOR IT :motonoises:

When you're going for it,  set your speed control to 100mph for the full 2 miles and you'll nab the track record by a fraction of a second...... Really, I did the math.

Get me a 600 track bike, Big Bertha is Daunting :o
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Zx14 fairing
« Last post by Grant on Today at 02:21:41 am »
My morning ride to work has been hovering around 32°F here definitely not Copper Dawg season  :hum:
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Zx14 fairing
« Last post by cuda on Today at 01:44:21 am »
The Copper Dawg although not cheap has a great look and provides very smooth non turbulent air for summer time riding but you'll definitely want the Concours screen back on as the temperature drops.  The ZX parts no fit!!!

Has not been below 70 in six months, please,  please, the winter time is bike time down here :dance:
Southwest Events / Re: November ride?
« Last post by CaffeineMan on Today at 01:33:18 am »
Do we have lodging yet?   :pokestick:

Only 2-1/2 weeks to go.   ;D
Working on the hotel now. Trying to get 10 double rooms.

You're the man!   :great:
Introductions / Re: Hey there from sunny Florida
« Last post by Jorge on Today at 01:03:35 am »
Welcome... we're in Orange Park, Clay County.
If you're considering 2012 or newer, I think you have tbe "big stuff" already there... the newer fairing that keeps you cooler for warm/hot weather riding, the ABS (no debates, please - this was a biggy for me). Perhaps someone that's ridden a pre-2015 and has a 2015 or newer can fill you on the advantages.
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