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Please don’t use the canyon dancer tie downs on the handlebars. Our bars are cast aluminum and have been known to snap right off when using those ties.

Listen to THIS guy....
Northeast Events / Re: Spring Fling 2018 Wellsboro, PA
« Last post by S Smith on Today at 04:55:37 pm »

Many thanks to the folks who made the NE Spring Fling rally awesome.... the attendees.

Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Standard Handlebar Width
« Last post by ron203 on Today at 04:27:41 pm »
+1 ^
Most of us use soft ties around the front upper triple tree. Some tie down straps come with a loop sewn into the long strap near the end that serves the same purpose. Just don't pinch any wires or hoses.
Installed some used lowering pegs I bought off a member here and adjusted the shift lever, but still playing with the brake lever. I think I ran out of adjustment and still not completely happy with how high the brake lever feels in relationship to the lowered peg.

I ran into same issue when I installed my Knight Design lowering pegs a couple weeks ago so yesterday I got the old Dremel tool out and cut off about 1/4" off the push rod.
Please don’t use the canyon dancer tie downs on the handlebars. Our bars are cast aluminum and have been known to snap right off when using those ties.
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Bun Cooler
« Last post by Daboo on Today at 02:17:32 pm »
Another Bun Cooler in the books, what a fantastic weekend, great seeing you all again!  :beerchug:

Wish I didn't have to pay the toll coming through Washington though...  :truce:

I've heard you meet the nicest people on a Honda!  :D

Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Longest Day Ride
« Last post by Grant on Today at 02:07:37 pm »
I was the third one to register this morning.
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Bun Cooler
« Last post by Grant on Today at 02:03:34 pm »
Had a great time at my very first COG event, I enjoyed meeting and riding with truly wonderful people and think I have met a lot of great new friends.
That turned out to be a good application for those! ;D
This is in the other bike section because it's my son's C10.  This is a project that has been going on for too long.  Both of us have worked on this.  It has been off the road for a few years for upgrade work.  It has :ZX9 forks, brakes and front wheel.  Tapered roller steering head bearings.  1 inch bars that taper to 7/8 inch at the grips with pro taper risers.  Spiegler front brake lines and clutch line.  Barnett custom length throttle cables.  A meanstreak rear wheel.  A Corbin seat for the moment.  Madstad windshield off of my 05, while it's down for a fairing replacement.  The headlight was damaged when he got it so it was replaced with a good one that also had the protector installed.  I repaired 2 broken tabs on the upper fairing and fixed a broken tab on one of the turn signals.  It has not one, but two cup holders in holes the previous owner cut for speakers.  The oil and filter have been changed.  The final drive oil has been changed.  The coolant has been changed as well as a good scrubbing of the coolant recovery tank.  The valves have been adjusted as well as a new valve cover gasket.  The tires are Pirelli Angel GT's.  The fuel in the tank was dumped and replaced with fresh gas.  The petcock was also replaced with a brand new one. 

My first comment is that the wheel, tire and fork upgrades have transformed the feel of the bike completely.  It handles a lot better than before and deals with bumps better.  I'm amazed that the carbs managed to take that much sitting and come back to life running great!  I attribute that to running 2 stroke mix from a test tank from time to time.  First start, it fired right up with the enricher.  After a bit of running and coaxing, the high speed jets cleared and it runs like a top!  I really feel like we were lucky to have dodged the "plugged up carbs" bullet.

For a 1987 (same age as my son Bud) with 100,247 miles, I think it's a pretty nice bike.  My hope is that he keeps it FOREVER!

Really like the cupholder liners.  :great:
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