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Harry, sometimes it's not for lack of desire....I lost some Connie time when I had the stroke and then again when I tried blowing up my clutch hand. good thing is the wife said I could get three wheels when I can't hold up two anymore.   :sign0066:

(she might argue that)
Yeah I would buy another one IF it only weighed 500 lb otherwise I stuck with Big Bertha  :sign0066:

your comment is the exact answer of why I would not buy another one... it's not the bike, I love mine, and don't plan on selling it... first owner in Va., and one of the first ones Owned by a COG member...

it's just a damned heavy mofo... and as I age, pushing it around, in and out of the garage, I'm in panic mode for every second its being pushed.

after dropping it on me, trapped against a wall, and my trailer, in my garage a few years back... it simply terrifies me everytime I have to 'push this bike'..
Having crashed a few bikes in my life, and 'getting over it', within days mentally, the constant fear of having this bike laying on me on the ground, still haunts me.
Mybe I should start drinking again, ....naaaaa... that won't help anything.
Just want a bike 200# lighter.  I have one, and another one in the middle of the weight range.. but for a "new" bike......? I want an old enduro, from the 70's.
SO!!! The problem is not the bike but the old feeble owner. :'( Well welcome to the club!! Have had a bad year health wise and getting old. Still I looking forward when I can handle it again!! Working on it. :great:

  Lets face it! The Concours ages better than we do. Right, Steve??
Northwest Events / Re: NW Regional Registration is OPEN
« Last post by Andy on Today at 02:54:24 am »
Excellent! I'm looking forward to meeting you.  See you Friday at 8:00.
Motorcycle Safety / Re: ATGATT!
« Last post by Old Steve on Today at 02:44:54 am »
I'm glad you're still around to tell the tale. I think these kind of stories help to remind us that it's worth the time and sweat to wear ATGATT.
Thanks for sharing.
Other Motorcycles / Re: Could we see a Harley Davidson sport touring bike?
« Last post by Jorge on Today at 01:34:22 am »
Adv bike, yes, ST, don't think so.
It seems H-D got caught a little flat-footed with the demographics changes, and are suffering more than the motorcycle industry in general, but they are a capable engineering organization.
We often make lots of jokes about H-Ds, and they earned that, but their new bikes are pretty well made. Reliable, fuel efficient, and with each new engine, more performance.
I think they will be making an ADV bike, and I expect it will be a capable bike.
I use denaturated alcohol to remove stubborn slippery stuff.
Works like a charm.

I think the only substance you can't clean off is silicone lube. Once that gets on a surface, nothing will stick to it, not evan the most toxic/corrisive cleaner will get that stuff off. May have to use a flame thrower to burn it off.

As for greasing up tires, i use Murphy's Soap Oil, which is really not oil at all. Just a "ph" neutral slippery soap. Once it dries up, it don't slip.
I can inflate and seat a tire using a hand pump with that stuff.
Introductions / Re: G'Day from Downunder
« Last post by Captsparrow on Today at 01:25:13 am »
No worries,

Two fantastic websites/Clubs that can give you more info than I ever will be able to.

Join up if you can, lots of information from very experienced, well traveled GTR riders all over Australia.

No harm to use a shot of WD-40 to help slide off the old one.

oh great, I just get done posting something about grip Glue, and you are saying " just spritz WD-40" in there...
don't do that... stick the red tube from a gumout can, under the inner end, and spritz it, then twist and pull... it comes right off...

WD40 wil always be a difficult thing to remove, and will ways prevent a new grip, from gripping the bar....  :truce: :truce:
anyways, if you are replacing the grip, just slice the mofo lengthwise, and peel it off... and use rubbing alcohol to wet the new grips inner surface, and bar/throttle, before jamming the new one on... let it set 20 minutes, and it evaporates... no muss, no fuss...

the bar end bolt is sometimes tough, but a 6mm allen key, combined with a short length of pipe for a cheaterbar, works well.. you don't have to Loktite the bar end when you put it back on... unless you never want to remove it again... :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :truce:

Sorry, didn't mean to step on your toes.
I never had any problems with the WD-40. Maybe I'm just lucky or too stoopid to know better.
Never used it to install, just to take off.
Seriously, I've had good luck.

just pulling you leg Harry... but no, I don't suggest it for grips...

It's funny, Guy Young and I lived close, and I was watching him change a tire once, in the patio, swearing profusely.. we were drinking beers, and he grabbed a can of WD40, and sprayed the tire, and the rim pretty juicily.. and slapped that tire on... I balked, and asked him "wth are you doing man?"
he laughed at me, and finished up... his tire never slipped on the rim, and all was good...

Him being my Mentor, a couple years back when i was doing a tire change manually in the garage, in 102* temps, I said 'heck with this', and followed suite.. neither tire spun on the rim, sealed fine, and I had no issues.. except getting the balance weights to stick to the rim... dammit... I swapped tires again and had no issues pealing them off either, went smooth.. unlike when I used a fellow COG members $$$ tire machine to mount a set, and when I was using the 'lube' I asked "what is this stuff"?
he told me it was "cheap Olive Oil, from Costco, like $3 a gallon... works great" had a heck of a time removing the overspary from my wheels (to apply balance weights) and also my rotors.. because he 'liberally sprayed the stuff.." gumout wouldn't even remove it... man, what a mistake.. and when I wanted to change those tires out a year later, it was like they were superglued to the rims..pieces of rubber were actually glued to the rim, and had to be removed with a wire wheel.... live and learn.
 :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :great: :beerchug:
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