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Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 08:47:43 pm »
Thank you Anrdre.
  Your photo's are far better than Bernd's photo of Þröstur!!   ;)

If you win "OtP",, what campaign promises do you make??

While I'm saying that: what campaign promises do all of you make??

NOTE: Þröstur has to promise that we NEVER see him in that err swim suit.

PS: Where is Jorge? Why am I doing all the questioning???
              He should be Flogged!!!

Ride safe, Ted
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by eifeltwister on Today at 08:35:22 pm »
And i got one pic of " Iron Butt Angie " :)
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by eifeltwister on Today at 08:27:32 pm »
And as you can see, there are existing pictures of me

 :)) :)) :))
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Drive shaft removal
« Last post by Boomer on Today at 08:20:19 pm »
Remove rear wheel, final drive, swingarm pivots (these are a PITA to remove), shock, and finally the swingarm itself.
Now ya can remove the shaft as shown above and get the motor out.
My biggest struggle was the rear lower engine bolt.
Mine was corroded in there solid and took a lot of heat and persistence to get out.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by eifeltwister on Today at 08:12:16 pm »
Ok, some ask for more to see or hear... they are heard.. by me!

To bring the story of checking valves on the hotel parking ground on the right point.

Everything was fine when leaving home but on the highway on the way to Frankfurt suddenly there was a bang
and afterwards  there was a click from the engine. I recognized it but wanted to get to the meeting in Mellrichstadt
about 300km to go. So i did it, and the clicking stayed, exactly simelar in sound and time. When arrived at the hotel,
there was no other group member there. So i started searching for the thing which makes the clicking.

I found it... two of the cam follower were damaged, the tread was not as usual rounded towards outside... but now to the inside, unfortunetly no pics...perhaps i can find the follower in my garage...

As i knew there was nothing good to do at this point, i tried to fix it by screwing the valve setting in a correct position. Well the sound was not fine... but  "FBI" was running again, and did for over 2500 miles with the click, first on slow speed ... after a day normal driving condition. ok ... back home, "FBI" got a new heart, an engine directly from the cops. They confiscate one with 1200 miles on it, and a local used spare parts dealer sold it to me for about  $1000. I told him to open the valvecover, so he did, and what i saw was amazing. I could take a lock at hardly new camshafts, you could almost see the fixing lacquer on all the screws !

The engine is working now since 50000 miles, and on,and on,and on...

Here are the 2 babies "LRO" and "FBI"
If the top was dry it is more than likely junk. I base this on my other non Connie bike after letting a cell or two went slightly dry. The plate tops were exposed but I could still see water below the tops when looking though  the caps. It didn't take long to replace the battery when even after a good ride the bike would not start. Thank goodness for kick starters.  :)

Like already mentioned, stressing the old charging system probably is not a good idea. Changing out a battery is way easier and cheaper than changing out expensive charging system components.

You don't say what the age of your battery is and probably don't know if it came with the bike. The batteries on my other bike were about a year old. Unfortunately checking water level is a PITA or I would have checked more often. 
Thanks guys. I checked the battery after I let it settle for a few hours this morning... and the voltage after 4 hours of sitting in 70 deg temp is 12.44V.

It was 12.76V right after the charge which was expected.

I think I will 1AH trickle charge it for a few days straight and see.

Current battery is BikeMaster BTX20HL-BS. Don't know if they are crap. Came with the bike. Although they say it is sealed I put some distilled water since the top was dry.

Makes perfect sense..

So no high rpm shifting near or at redline?

My only other question....

Where is the failed part that was determined to be the cause?

Thank you,


I'm pretty sure the resulting VVT failure/part is in the possession of SISF. SISF somehow correctly predicted the VVT failure happened soon after an oil change...and it did. I no longer recall the reason stated...although I now recall that the VVT is driven by oil pressure...I think? The resulting draining of the oil precipitated the events that were to follow. With the ECU throwing NO ERROR codes, it was difficult to diagnose without ripping into the head. It was only AFTER a Kawi dealer "sent the injectors out for cleaning" that a tech who just returned back from training, made a comment "I think I know whats wrong with it" and led to the discovery of the VVT fail.

The point that I am showing here is that your part did not fail from a high rpm shift, and that it failed in the rpm range that the VVT goes into it's maximum cam advance as can be seen in the VVT ECU table that I posted above, and also by your comments about your throttle application in your above post.

A simple compression test by the dealer or anyone else would have shown that you had some bent valves.

Parts like this shear of and break after mechanical contact, not before.

Thanks very much for your comments,

Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 06:55:47 pm »
  I may go blind!!    :-\

 Forget I sed;   :TPIWWP:

Ride safe, Ted

Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by bird-hill-trekker on Today at 06:46:24 pm »
Ted, ask Judy how to use facebook.
At thr facebook group „OTP Over the Pond COG <-> GCE“
you‘ll find a lot of fotos (also some uncomfortable of you).

You want to see a foto of  Þröstur Sigurðsson?

here is one (sorry, but you asked for it):


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