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Well, so far the first two intake valves, 1 and 4 are contacting... Zero clearance cold..
I doubt it was opened up for that at least.
maybe maybe not. it could have been opened up for regular maint. such as valve adj. but you know you did lock it yourself once.

so as the old saying goes "if you smelled it, you dealt it"
you plan on riding on that bent rod?
Well, I wanted the cover off to at least be 100% sure whether it was in fact bent, you reply came just as I posted, but yeah, it's bent the 2mm I estimated from the quick test while the cover was on.
I'm curious if it was bent prior to me owning it, I can tell it's been taken apart before, so, maybe one of the previous owners sold it with the issue.. Idk.
All the fasteners to get to the cover, including the cover, has been messed with prior.
Using the depth gauge on my caliper, from the spark plug sealing surface,
28.73mm cylinder 4
30.10mm cylinder 1(the hydrolocked cylinder)
you plan on riding on that bent rod?
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Saddlebag Rivets
« Last post by Gordi on Today at 04:28:15 pm »
Anyone know what size the rivets are in the saddlebags?   Going to replace my tie down strap with a net and need to know what size rivets to use.....  The OEM are $2.98 each!!!! :o
i purchased the extended 3 year on my 09 for 340$.. at 84000 miles the bevel drive gear box shot craps. without the warranty i would have been out over 1000$ i was happy i bought the warranty. i have also purchased the extended on my 2016 for 350$, peace of mind is worth the money,only takes one failure and it will pay for itself, imho.... :)
Cancel that. Removed the gasket that was still on the cover, left it on the head. Cover slid right on out.
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: TPMS Wheel Sensor
« Last post by Colt45 on Today at 04:09:33 pm »
This is the rear.  The front looks the same.  I guess you mean the base is hexagonal?  These have a pair of flats. 

This cam cover is a pain in the rear.
Have all the plastics removed, the crankcase vents, the hoseclamp  moved outta the way, the fairing frame moved, yet I STILL don't seem to have enough clearance to remove the cover... Grrrr
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