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Ok, Crysis scared the hell out of me yesterday, after a near miss , yet again! (4 now in one month) with a young and dumb deer at 80 mph in the morning commute (Crysis stopping power impressed me) coming out of a long corner over a small rise, I began my day with a massive injection of adrenaline .  Heading home from work , stopped for gas, and Crysis was steaming, just for a few seconds.  I tore her cloths off as it got dark, then got on youtube and here to learn about the cooling system.  Steve has a few nice youtube examples.  This morning , bright and early I tore into her:  I have after market pipes, crues controll, bar weights, the flip down passenger back rest, cruiser pegs in front (removed them) and something else I can't remember, that is not stock. 

Turns out, the previous owner , who claimed he had just changed coolant and oil, and given it a valve adjustment six months ago , forgot to tighten the retaining screw on the pump out flow!  :-[.   Just a quick tighten and I was working on my horn (it was a dirty switch/button) and trying to even out the carbs as previous owner said the center screw jut needs adjusting.

 Anyhow,, I need a Carburetor Synchronizer  meter thingy, anyone have one they want to sell for less than 60 buck? (Ebay cost new)  And , I have access to a duel carb meter,, was thinking I can do two at a time, then the center using 1 and 4, could that work?  Would be free  ;D.   Bottom line,, I can hear that the carbs are a bit off when run minimum throttle, one or two cylinders are weaker or nearly back firing (hollowly ), while two do the pulling.  I tried using the "steady idle" method with the center screw only, ,and it made it worse, not better.  For some reason, my Crysis idles like an alcohol  burning funny car,, sounds awesome,, but some say its out of sync. I wonder if the after market slip on pipes make the idle so aggressive sounding, and if its been re-jetted too? 
 Anyhow,, any suggestions until I get a carb meter would be great.  I have not messed up anything yet,, but I have not made it better either.
Motorcycle Safety / Re: Advanced Rider Course?
« Last post by Mcfly on Today at 01:42:04 am »
The Jennings course is not about speed.  It is about becoming a more
proficient rider, by being able to practice riding techniques in a safe
environment.  Yes you may get a little faster, which ain't a bad thing,
but you gain that through improved technique.

It's a great weekend.   :beerchug:
Also, to be clear, my c10 rides very smoothly at 100 or 110 mph, I can ride with no hands.   Its only at extreme speeds,, coming out

   of fourth gear at about 10 or 11 grand, hitting fifth, it is still pulling very hard, but the wind buffeting between 125 or 130 scares me to backing off, long before the old girl is done accelerating through fifth gear.   

   uhhh... no. The engine isn't even close to accelerating between 10 and 11 grand. Even with zx cams it isn't.


I don't understand your meaning here Steve.  You mean Crysis (my connie) is NOT pulling above 10  grand?  Or you have seen them pull much higher into the RPMS?  I find Crysis begins losing pull at about 11k,, can go more,, but I never do, and 10 or 11 grand is only for a moment or two, never extends more than a few seconds.
so dan, what kind of radar detector you using and does it give adequate warning at 100mph. i came within a short hair of passing a highway patrolman doing 95(he was only about 65) but saw him in the corner of my vision on a 3 lane freeway at the last second.would be nice to have had some warning of some type.
just a cheap cobra 14 band, but i have the advantage of home turf in the wilderness out here and know most places police go,, and can hide and still get a ping on you, mostly, its just in-case I'm not paying enough attention .  The thing has alerted me 3 times now in Cave junction, long before I saw him, but I was going slow, as always in town. We don't have a patrol out here, the people of Cave Junction vote down the levies year after year,, so they stop patrolling and the nearest station is 30 miles from my turf.  I don't recommend anyone bank of radar detector,, but they help.
The soft front suspension is the root cause of Concours buffeting antics, especially at high speed imho. Many options to upgrade cheaply.
I took all the lower farings off for an issue I was having and noticed,, I have a left front leaky seal in my forks ;(
The Hawks Nest is 10-15 minutes away, but the terrific ride north along the Delaware River. When headed out to Spring Fling last year we found a great eclectic cafe just less than an hour north of Hawks Nest...  Cafe Adella Dori, 33 Lower Main St, Callicoon, NY.

Phoenicia, NY is northeastern Catskill Mountains region and about 1:30 hour ride through some great back roads.

Check the rally wen page to download sample routes and GPS files so that you can begin planning your trip.
65k on the odo,( you mention in the first post), followed with no apparent support of any valve inspection/adjustments, and the spotty rear TPS, would have been better addressed by you not knocking $500 off the price, but getting those 2 issues taken care of, right there, before handing the money over... and riding would have been worth that for sure to "NOT" have those 2 issues hanging over the buying price...and that dealer's cost for both, would have actually been less as it would only be his "pay to the tech" that did the work valve inspect, as he could have recouped the cost of the TPS from Kaw without any issue.... but, good deal.

best of luck,
Glad you looked. I was going to get my FOB out and check.
NOTE: In the image he attached, I do not see a button.

There's a button on my FOB and if I press it, tED explodes. >:D
For some reason, I've been reluctant to press it.

press it.... I tripple-dog dare ya....
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Fuel level unit
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Yesterday at 11:23:14 pm »
 :)) :)) :)) :))
 the Little League World Series is an absolute must. The museum will give you Goosebumps at every turn
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