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I told you not to use the Lifebuoy!!!
Northwest Events / Re: NW Regional Registration is OPEN
« Last post by Grant on Today at 11:22:03 pm »

Glad you were able to ride Saturday and then get'r home! :motonoises:

Thanks Tom! You and Jamie did an awesome job so glad I didn't turn around with my tail between my legs and head home, I thought hard about it my spirit was broken.
Southwest Events / Re: Southwest Meet and Greet
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Today at 11:13:11 pm »
Booked a room for Thurs night in Prescott at the Motor Lodge. What do you suggest for Friday morn Scott?

What time do you want to leave Prescott?
Anybody riding to Prescott with you?
I suggest (if you want to eat breakfast or lunch full menu anytime) Backburner family restaurant in Prescott Valley close to 89a the road to Jerome.
So take 89a thru Jerome to 260 thru Camp Verde to 87 to Payson, then pick up 260 to Springerville right at 250 miles.
If this sounds like a plan let me know, if you have other ideas lets hear them.
We can meet at your motel or the Backburner just let me know which one and what time as I have about 100 miles to get there the short way or 150 miles the fun way!
Sounds good to me. Hope to have a few So Cal folks along. Probably not to early. It's what about 4/5 hrs from Prescott to Springerville? Meet up at 9/10A? Get into Springerville around 3?
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Bag "skins"
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 10:39:04 pm »
for the black parts, sand them smooth, in stages using 80-120-160 grit sandpaper, to remove the gouges, and obtain a somewhat even surface, clean with thinner/degreaser, and spray them with truck bed liner....(remove the colored cover of course, prior...)

it actually looks fine when done right, I've done a few C10 bags that were faded and scratched, and they came out looking surprisingly nice.

for the painted parts, some smooth sanding with fine sandpaper, and some paint should fix ya up, or even to the "Plasti-Dip-spray" coatings, which are surprisingly durable, and come in interesting colors.. get creative.... :great: :great:

 :great: :great:
Re-install the hex screws tight because if one leaks you may be in for an engine or a whole garage fuel fire.

But not crazy tight y'all - I've seen people crack their float bowls reefing on these the bowl drain screws.
t this started after I washed my gloves.  I changed out to an older pair that had not been washed and, lo and behold no more numbness or issues at all.  So for me it was

or maybe......soap poisoning...... :))

 :)) :)) :)) :)) :))
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Bag "skins"
« Last post by Steampunk Barnstormer on Today at 10:18:39 pm »
Hey y'all, in my last post regarding my 'bag mishap," several COGers wrote that they themselves had purchased 'skins' for their bags after an incident left them marred.

I am not sure exactly what the term 'skins' refers to in this case.  My perception of the bags is that the section of the bag that opens outward is painted (and on my 2008, silver), and that the rest of the bag is just colored from the structural black plastic of which it is made.

Both the silver and black sections of the bags from my 2008 took a major beating when they became separated from my bike on the Kansas Turnpike.  The black plastic was so severely abraded by the asphalt that on some areas near a joint of the silver and black plastics, the "grinding" of the asphalt transferred the black plastic onto the silver.  The black plastic "bled", while the silver just scratched or gouged.

So, are they decals or skins or something else?  Can anybody suggest how, short of handing them to a body shop, I can get them to look at little better, and look maybe not quite as much like a bike straight out of Raqqa?  Thanks! 
"while I never suggest riding on 'prime', or even setting it to 'prime' for longer than a moment or 2 to get fuel to the carb bowls, you comment does have some merit..."

yes - not asking him to ride all the time with the Prime position on.  just wanted to get an additional data point without doing too much work (riding is hard at times!)

my thoughts were a possible loss of vacuum at lower RPM as well.


he did note this happens after about an hour on the freeway, I would assume he would make that run, and return,
I must have misread/misunderstood what you said in your posting.
OEM petcock?  give the same ride a try with the petcock set on prime all the time.


I think I get it now, but it wasn't really clear,  :truce:

let's wait and see, and hopefully he finds a bad vacuume hose, and repairs it, and we all sing khum-by-ahhhh
 :great: :great: :great:
  What SiSF said!!

   A gallon last a long time. I use an ounce or 2 per tank full. Carry a small bottle handy of it on my C10 fairing pocket. Sent my carbs to Steve a few yrs ago.
They came back better than new!! 
Northwest Events / Re: NW Regional Registration is OPEN
« Last post by robertv on Today at 09:40:51 pm »
Sorry to hear the news but glad you're ok Grant!!! As always at least you're walking and in one piece. Bike and parts can be replaced but not the body.

Wow, the pics and reports sounds like a fun awesome time! I love the Bend/Sister area and was hoping to make it but we had scheduled another event way before this LavaRun event came out. Hopefully I'll be in attendance next year!!

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