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Welcome back. I bought a nearly new Baldwin seat a couple of years ago and love it.
Northeast Events / Re: Spring Fling 2018 Wellsboro, PA
« Last post by Russell W Fleming on Today at 07:35:25 pm »
The best part is the daughter in-law run a motorcycle tour company.
Which is better Laminar Lip or MRA- creen ? I’ve been contemplating the Laminar.
Guys, long story short I just received in the mail a complete set of Buck's touring pegs i bought used. However, I cannot find the installation instructions or a tutorial on how to do so. No, they are not available on his website.

Does any charitable soul have it handy and can share it with me? Thanks a million!

Jer ;)

Why not go right to the source, Larry is very accomodating, and would send it via an email for sure... just send him an email, or call him..

His email, and all his phone numbers are in the contact area of his website above....
Also, from here,
If you click on the "letter" icon, on the left, below his name in his post, it is a direct email, which he will answer pretty quick.., or even the "p/m" icon, but you will need to give him your email, and contact info in a p/m, as it goes thru this forums messeging system, not a direct email.

Best of luck..
I have a set, but i'm not where I can get at the instructions.

I'll look as soon as I can, but I'm betting somebody will beat me to it.

It LOOKS complicated, but surprisingly easy.   :great:

You'll love 'em.

I have 2 or 3 ZX14 headers, a Muzzy Left side muffler mount and a pair of used 2 Bros Carbon Fiber slip-ons.
I guess I will list them in C-14 classifieds..
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: Group rides at the 2018 National
« Last post by CaffeineMan on Today at 05:52:53 pm »
Just don't give me Crabapple Loop Road.  :o

I need something that I can read off a physical (e.g. Butler) map and not something that requires a GPS or local knowledge. :truce:

I'm looking forward to it.


You and your group will decide the route, and since you are the navigator.......I guess I really don't need to finish that sentence.    :))

Seriously, I would suggest doing one the Sisters routes.

Precisely what I was thinking...
Love iT!

I bought a used saddle from a forum member a few years ago, and would love to have a "tune-up" by the master!

Welcome back Loren.

Accessories C14 / Re: Baldwin Saddlery Shutdown?
« Last post by soonerone on Today at 05:38:22 pm »
Loren, it is good to see you back. Hope all works out...

Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / VIN Search
« Last post by Wolverine on Today at 05:03:26 pm »
Anyone recommend a reputable site for VIN search, just picked up a 2009 and love it, it's very well taken care with a few add ons

Ohlins Shock front and rear (forks have a label on theme "Ohlin Equipped")
Dynojet Power Commander
PCA luggage rack (early version so not compatible with their new backrest :( )
Cell Phone Mount (center)
Pazzo Shift levers

It did not come with an owners manual or any service records (16K miles)

Just want to know the history as best I can, I have only got 50 miles on it some freeway and TN back roads and love it.

Taking it to local shop to have them do all service since i don;t know what is and hasn't been done, I just like a level playing ground to start. Also putting some new rubber

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