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New Braunfels

Emporium / Re: C-10 parts & misc yard sale
« Last post by Jim Snyder on Today at 05:41:36 pm »

Interested in the lowering brackets and stock coils.  Can you give a quote for shipping to zip code 85122?


PM sent with postage.
Did you call about this fender?
Nah Rich, got laid off on the 13th and won't be commuting on her anymore.  :-\
I guy PM'd me on 11/2 with a freebie (just pay shipping) but never heard anymore.....I hate that, seems to be more common on this forum than it used to be.  ::)

I have the front fender off my 2005. Has a couple of scuffs and one small gouge. I had it for sale, but couldn't keep up with all the requests in the bidding war... actually, no interest whatsoever.
Here's the link so you can see what it looks like:

If you're up to filling in the defects and painting it, and want it, it's yours for shipping. Let me know.

This right here
is the key to ANY oil you use in the C14 or another wet-clutch motorcycle.  The JASO MA/MA2 designation means that it's made without the "friction modifiers" (read that friction REDUCERS) that are commonly added to automotive oils now.  This is what causes issues with the clutches in many bikes.  The oil is too slippery for the clutch to work properly and it will often slip.
The most important thing that fleets need to know about CK-4 oils is that they are fully compatible, and there should be no concern if the two are mixed. “However, full performance benefits of API CK-4 oils will only be realized when the engine is fully transitioned from API CJ-4 to CK-4. The primary benefit will be fuel efficiency, which will help reduce CO2 emissions. However, there are other real performance upgrades that are being introduced as well. API CK-4 will deliver greater oxidation stability to meet the needs of hotter running engines, benefiting not only the new engines, but also existing engines that are running at very heavy-duty cycles.”

 “CK-4 will provide significant improvements in wear protection, deposit control, shear stability and oil aeration control,” says Mark Betner, heavy-duty product line manager for Citgo. “These engine oils will also have up to 60% better oxidation resistance compared to API CJ-4, which aids in extended service intervals. CK-4 is designed for both over-the-road and heavy equipment and is also backward compatible. CK-4 engine oils will be a direct replacement for the engine oils fleets are using now,” says Dan Arcy, global OEM technical manager for Shell Lubricants. “You’ll be able to buy the same viscosity grades and oil types [conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend] you’re using now, and they’ll be ‘backwards compatible’ to all current vehicles."


I was on the fence about going up until a few weeks ago. I found out that the shop where I'm planning a motor upgrade for the roadster is about an hour away from rally central.   >:D

Still working on getting all my ducks in a row... stay tuned.   ;)
That would have to be in San Antonio.   :great:
Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: Rear Amgel GT A Spec removal.......ideas?
« Last post by roy826 on Today at 03:09:50 pm »
Two people worked best on my A spec tires. Even with a No Mar they were stiff to pry on. Having an extra heavy hand or two made it much easier.
Emporium / Re: C-10 parts & misc yard sale
« Last post by Ironwood on Today at 02:50:58 pm »
Text sent on boots!
I assume you are talking about the new CK-4 formula.  According to the label it still meets the requirements of JASO MA/MA2.  I just changed my oil to the new T6 CK-4 formula for the winter about 800 miles ago,  and have not noticed any difference/performance in shifting or clutch use.   I was using the Rotella T4 15W40 which is my summer oil, but it is also the new CK-4 formula.
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