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Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: Pirelli Angel ST - Front
« Last post by PeteTN_zgtr on Yesterday at 11:52:34 pm »
OK, thanks for the replies. I'm going to try putting one on the front for the next set. Maybe rear.
Just found out that I, apparently, ordered the last Concours 14 CeeBailey's windscreen they'll ever make. They've discontinued all motorcycle windscreens. (Mine's an XT model.)

Yep, if you click on this link it says nothing about motorcycles

I noticed that the other day, but I didn't know they weren't going to make Concours windshields anymore. I just thought their site was acting up. I guess I'm not getting one of their shields.  :truce:
Southwest Events / Re: Kern Valley Meet and Greet Oct 13,14,15
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Yesterday at 11:33:53 pm »
That would be cool.  :great: :beerchug: Here's the calendar link I'll probably be calling in a couple days to check in on availability. Need to call them to make a res.
Introductions / Re: New guy frm Las Vegas with an FJR1300
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Yesterday at 11:28:54 pm »
What's the best way for me to keep up with local rides and things?
In the top right corner of the page is an events ticker click on the buttons for different views.

Thanks!! Is it cool for me to add non-COG events there too??  Seems like there's a local ride to Oatman coming up soon.  I haven't been there since they repaved it- it was terrible before with the cheese grater roads running from 40 into town, but I heard it's pretty nice now.
PM me the details and we can add as a non COG event you bet.
Welcome to the forum. My ECU is on its way back from Steve right now. I'm really looking forward to it after all the positive reviews I've read here. :great: :motonoises:
Excellent info.

A few years back, we got called in to solve an equipment issue for that really big coffee chain you see on every corner.

They were tired of their mineral filled water damaging expensive coffee making quipment.  Aparently the sediment would attach itself, to the warmer, and make it impossible to reach required temperatures.  Very important when each location needs to serve the identical cup of coffee.

Of course, the customer knows best.  They wanted the cleanest, most pure water mankind has ever known, and they paid to get it.

Within three months, they complained of defective copper leaked.  Pinholes. After the tubing was replaced, sections of the machines were disappearing.  Holes in steel.

Now they use a nice, clean, filtered and ph balanced water.
That dark spot, if on the back of the filter is where the fresh air intake is for the air box.
If you got the 2 minute jet mod, you'll have some foam in the other half of the inlet...
so that side will stay cleaner...   ;D
The air Filters are washable, with a mild dawn and water solution... rinse it out, then let it air dry.
My best guess:  Dirty Air Filter.

While you have the filter out, check the air box for cracks.  If the plugs are out, clean 'em with a wire brush
re-gap them, and they should be good.  I clean the plugs at every oil change (5-6k miles), and check the air filter at that time too.

Steve's bench sync was about 95% perfect on my carbs (one carb was a wee bit off).  You really don't NEED to sync them until
your next valve adjustment. 

As for the misfire/backfire/hiccup... that's three different symptoms...  You might start by checking your plug wires,
sometimes the ends get corroded and might create a misfire.  Bud made a good suggestion about a valve adjustment,
if one hasn't been done recently.  Hard to diagnose your bike from my couch.  Some of the 'Gurus' might be able to do better
with that.


C-14 Emporium / Re: 2009 Concours 14 Candy Diamond Red ABS. $5500
« Last post by TJ on Yesterday at 10:28:30 pm »
Photos updated and additional photos available upon request. Thanks.
I think you have tight valves on the cylinder that farted :rotflmao: on your air filter.  Watch Steve's video on why we do valve adjustments and the condition of your air filter should make sense to you.  If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will chime in with the correct info.  Just my opinion from your description.

I'm back from a short hiatus and have a question about air filter fouling.

A month ago I started to notice a smallish backfire/misfire/hiccup with my 2001 (fastest color) California version Connie with 57Kmi.  I thought it might just be some bad gas; I normally run plain gas (no ethanol) but couldn’t find the good stuff while on my last long run in the Colorado mountains.
I decided it was time to do some minor maintenance and pull the air filter and check the plugs to see if anything was amiss.  The air filter came out with a big black greasy smudge on the back side (air side of the box) of it, see picture….. Not sure if this something I need to worry about, is normal or not, or maybe I need to check my air filter more often? Ok, I've already decided to do the last bit.

The carbs had been reconditioned by Steve back in November of 2014, so it has been awhile with not even a carb syncing since.  Plugs looked ok, somewhat dark, not wet at the time.

Not a mechanic....but have a few tools laying about the garage.     

Here is a picture.

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