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Man of Blues,

You would be correct sir and I checked out that website. Looks like they have almost exactly the same. I'm just curious if the connections are the same? Thanks and God Bless.

Southeast Events / Re: Barbers Registration
« Last post by worncog on Today at 04:11:56 pm »
Ok, we got everything in order. Lot B camping passes were still available as of this morning.

You'll like it Tim. It's basically a big chill event with a million motorcycles within ten square miles. Ton of food, high test Irish lubricants, racing, vendors, huge swap meet, Barber Museum, and more motorcycles than most people see in three lifetimes.
Northeast Events / Re: Dog Days of Summer, Staunton, Va. Aug 3-5
« Last post by gsjay on Today at 03:19:55 pm »
Dog Days weekend in Staunton, Va. is two weeks out.

I know of a couple guys looking for rooms mates to share the cost. Yell out if you're interested.

Looks like we'll have a nice crowd, with 20 registered and I'm sure some stragglers...…………

See you in Staunton!
 This has all been very helpful. Do you know if the part of the fairing that wraps around the front of the Fork also has to come off? Or do you pull the fork down through that portion so that you don’t have to remove the headlight & digital gauges?  I definitely need to find that head nut tool because I do plan on keeping this bike long time
That’s awesome! I’m in California. Can you PM me? This job’s gonna suck!!
Motorcycle Safety / Re: Motorcycle death statistics, Minnesota
« Last post by Tour1 on Today at 02:53:49 pm »
Quote from: Shawn link=topic=74357.msg641874#msg641874
  ...As with so many high-risk activity accidents, it's generally a series of mistakes before the final curtain...
I agree, except that many decisions aren't mistakes until something bad happens as a result.  I noted that my 2 slides on my Concours and 2 milder events on othe bikes all happened after long days.  But those long days were also after other long days so there was likely a sleep deficit that is difficult to track because nothing bad happened on those other days.  My Tour1 ID is about my work shift at the time I joined, 9 PM to 5:30 AM, w/o overtime, and staying awake during the BRC was very hard.  I actually did a shift between the classroom session and the first 12 hour "range" day IIRC.  But nothing bad happened so it wasn't a mistake, sort of, although it would have been illegal to operate a commercial vehicle.
Trying to stay on topic, I am sure that riders and drivers should self-regulate even when there is no law involved.  The event that triggers an accident might not even happen if you are in good overall shape and, yes, riding within your limits.  The lapse of awareness that alcohol frquently causes can be brought on by other stress factors too.
Of my 4 ouch events 2 were after making a wrong turn, was was stopping in a dark place to pee, and my first was a new rider wide turn that hit a curb going slow on my way to vote, about 7 AM after work.
PS sorry if I messed up the post number in the edited quote
Northwest Events / Re: Three Pass Blast [WA] 7-21-2018
« Last post by Sailor_chic on Today at 02:11:17 pm »
Great pics Robert, thank you for sharing. Mentally I am there with y'all.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: headlight relay
« Last post by oldsmoboat on Today at 02:00:24 pm »
connieklr, thanks for the pics.
North Central Events / Re: KC AREA RIDE SCHEDULE 2018 KS/MO
« Last post by Rasmith on Today at 01:58:40 pm »
Rescheduling this from Sept_22 because several of us will be returning from the Black Hills Ride that day.
I'm also posting it to the Calendar

Sept 29 -Sunrise Cantina - Sunrise Beach MO   (This is the Famous meet in the middle with the St Louis and SC Folks)  coupled with a ride to Peach Float (Scott’s General Store)- Iconium MO. Setting 2 dates for this ride
264 Sunset Hills Dr, Sunrise Beach, MO 65079
(573) 374-8185
Meetup will be at Quik Trip at 71HWY and 150HWY in Grandview across from Gail's Harley Davidson.  Kick Stands up @ 9:15am
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