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Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: National lodging opinions
« Last post by smooth_operator on Today at 09:50:31 pm »
my personal opinion, of the upcoming event, is do what you can afford.
Having done the camping, and the hotel, and the hotel next door, thing... pick one.
If you intend to drink... and I don't say this lightly... do not do the camping thing, and decide on site you wanna 'party yer azz off..', and I say this in sincerity. I don't want to see anyone in jail, or crashed out, because they "couldn't say no" to imbibing in front of the Hotel... which when I'm posed with the friends I've made, and stories are being told... will occur.
GAR UN TEEED... especially in PA., at this venue.
this is PA., weather is never a thing you can trust, we that have done this stuff here, will say toss a coin about rain, or shine.. and don't think 20 minutes later, it won't be raining.. just geographical odds.. but then, you could go all week without a hint of rain... there is a mountainous area right adjacent to the host town.. and those hills generate weather..

I would love to camp (I simply love camping all over PA) and the cost savings would be great, but this time I'm saving money, to be at rally central, or an adjacent (walking distance) one, to allow fun and frolic, without riding anywhere when the "blender starts whirring" so to speak... (it's a tradition... and we also pull all the furniture out of the lobby, and into the carport overhead in front... and never get kicked  out..)

wait a while, see what avenues there are for affordable ( the host hotel IS very affordable, as venues go.. after seeing the past $$$ venues), and decide then.
I stayed at a nice hotel accross the street from the Johnson City rally, and could walk to hang with my pals in less than 5 minutes, and also had an AWESOME Thai restaurant in the hotel, coupled with a bar that served till the weeeeeee hours... I kinda liked it, as it was secluded, but very accessable... :great: :great:  Oh, and NOT having to listen to a bunch of early risers firing up bikes at 6:45 a.m., and idleing them for 15 minutes, while shouting back and forth about "where are we going...?", was .... priceless... :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

Thx MOB, Your point about the early risers is well taken. :a012: I'm still up in the air about which way to go. But rest assured I won't be "tying one on" then switching locations to hit the hay. Not worth the hassle, danger and risk. Wise imbibers frown on such foolish activities. I've been around long enough to know when it's best to stay put. :06: :party0036: :motonoises: :beerchug: :great:
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: National lodging opinions
« Last post by smooth_operator on Today at 09:34:42 pm »
Ya, Smooth Operator, my seat vibrates! Someday I will get that fixed.
Will do, about letting you know. Did you make it to Stockbridge this
past Sunday?

Nope, Had to work as usual. But I'm committing myself to make at least one Michigan event next year. Even if I have to get sick to miss work! (cough, cough( :great:
Other Motorcycles / Re: Tis the season... K1 Gixxer 750 rescue
« Last post by LakeTrax on Today at 09:29:09 pm »
You've done well with it ZG... as expected!  :great:

A competent rider on any of the early-2000 gsxr bikes will easily keep up with anything on the road.
The only real drawback when comparing them to newer sportbikes is their lack of radial-mounted front brakes.

I'll never forget working the front door of a bar in upstate NY one night back in 2001 or 2.
A guy came in on the then new gsxr 1000. It was about 3am when he eventually pulled out, dark & super foggy. I watched him disappear then listened to him slowly go all the way thru 1st & shift into 2nd. He kept slowing winding it out until I couldn't hear him anymore... Never heard him hit 3rd-
Will never forget the sound of that bike echoing thru the woods & thinking DAMN... it must redline at 18k!
I also remember thinking he was crazy with the lack of visibility that night-

Enjoy the ride buddy.  :beerchug:
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: National lodging opinions
« Last post by gsjay on Today at 09:27:08 pm »
the Campground is 20 minutes away...……..

The Genetti is a very nice venue in the heart of town.
Room rate includes FULL HOT BREAKFAST BUFFET. 
There are many restaurants, bars and attractions within walking distance of the Hotel.

The parking lot may not have a camp fire but it will have people enjoying adult beverages and playing stupid games like Giant Jenga!

You'll have fun wherever you stay.

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: C-10 Antler ?
« Last post by CRocker on Today at 09:04:49 pm »
It’s just pilot error...I deal with the same thing...and, it seems like on a regular basis...can’t get the antler rail into the groove on the bag...I’m sure there is a specified procedure...I just futz with it until it works...I’m sure somebody will chime in and help us both... :truce:
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Anyone Parting Out?
« Last post by andyfield on Today at 09:02:18 pm »
I dropped my 1990 Connie HARD yesterday (bruised my hand a bit -- thought it might have been broken) and need some stuff:

Red Cowl (persimmon)
Red Right Mid Fairing (persimmon)
Right front footpeg assembly
Right mirror assembly
Right turn signal assembly

Anybody got a package deal?  I live in North Mississippi. 

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: C-10 Antler ?
« Last post by connieklr on Today at 08:41:27 pm »
Same part numbers from '86 through the end of production, so they should work.

The dealer robbed you on the fuel filter...
should have asked here after searching, when you couldn't find the info, we would have hooked you up...

anyways, some is here;

might have saved a couple hours.
Northwest Events / Re: Bob Rainey's I-Hop ride
« Last post by Gumby on Today at 08:24:48 pm »
I blew out my back so I will not be riding to Washington this weekend. :'(
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / C-10 Antler ?
« Last post by frenche on Today at 07:43:26 pm »
'99 C-10 runs great
'05 C-10 in pieces

Broken left antler on '99.
Replaced with left antler from '05.
'99 hardcase did not want to fit.
Are there differences that would keep this front working?
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