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 'As I recall' was jonesing for one a few years before the '67 350. Early 60's Probably looking at the 175 twin in the local hardware store.

Here's my restored '67 Bridgestone 350.  I'm the first and only owner. 

Built back when each and every part of a motorcycle was styled to be attractive and visible, not covered up by plastic!
Ranch Road 336, early this morning.
How are you liking that Versys Patrick? Looks very nice!

Rusty, The V1K is fun!  Feels like a dirtbike compared to my 09. 

The towel is a cooling towel.  Wet it and it is suppose to have a cooling effect.  I did not test it, but many riders use them by soaking them and wrapping them around their neck under their jacket.

I use them all the time.  They work great!  Wet the towel.  Wring it out.  Then wrap it around your neck as Fred mentioned.   :beerchug:
Southwest Events / Re: SW Travel to the 2018 Nat Kerrville TX
« Last post by CaffeineMan on Today at 04:00:55 am »
Rain changed my plans.

I went west through the rain to Alpine TX.  Met Edwin from Illinois there.  Then to Globe AZ.  Then to Page AZ.  Then through monument valley and up to Moab.  Tomorrow winding my way to Nephi UT.  Then Cedar City.  Then home on Saturday.
Does it work with the battery installed?
From looking at a couple of my earlier posts, I used the 120/70ZR18 Shinko Verge a couple of times...wider than recommended, but it worked fine on the narrow rim...I was really surprised at how good the tire was in the rain...awesome!

I think the F230 in a 110/90V18 is too tall...will have interference from the front fender...seems like I read that on here...

Good luck!
 :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
I know, you were trying to help, we all are... :nananana: :nananana:

but you get what i was saying, I know. :truce: :great:
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Longest Day Ride
« Last post by Charlie_Gary_AAD on Today at 01:40:41 am »
Gary are you planning on. Returning to Arlington back  over the North Cascades HWY ? Also is the Arlington motor is a place that you would take your wife as it seems to be the closest to Dennys . :)

We'll be coming back west on US 2 from Wenatchee.  That doesn't mean you can't ride with us part of the way and then go back the way you came.  Hwy 20 is a great ride in both directions.

  I can neither confirm nor deny the quality of the motel you've asked about. It's far enough away from me I have never seen it or heard anything about it.

Was filling up the '11 rear tire the other day at Wawa then hiss. The valve stem core bent and blew out. Had bike towed home. Does anyone know the valve core stem size? I have been looking all over and can't find it. Just want to try replacing core first. Was looking at Murph's site for 90 deg stems but not listed anywhere. Waiting for reply to see if he has any around. TIA.


did the stem break off, or just the valve core blew out?
all autoparts stores carry the valve core, like 3$ for a 5 pack, get a core tool also, nothing special about those cores, i replace them at every tire changes.
Southeast Events / Re: SE Region Beat The Summer Heat Rally 2018
« Last post by Volcantour on Today at 01:38:14 am »
There's still a few of us diehard, true blue (er, purple) Connie riders around....

Er, then again....    :-[ Join for the bike, stay for the people!
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