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Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: ecu reflash
« Last post by Deepsea on Today at 01:19:06 am »
There must be 50 threads here about Steve's Flash. I went from the Guhl to his Decel Flash and loved it. I've since "Upgraded" to the Evolution and like it even more. Read his web page for the differences and make your choice . You won't regret it. He did have one customer who grumbled but never answered when Steve offered to not only refund his money but to also re-flash back to stock. Guess he didn't want to go back. Thought that was beyond fair of Steve.
It goes on the main part of the windshield behind the vent door on the lip that holds the hinge.  Not on the vent door itself.  When the vent is opened it kind of seals the upper back side of the vent to the lip on the windshield. It is facing up just like you are holding it in the picture.
I installed mine a couple years ago. Yes, it's well worth it. Just ordered a bunch more stuff from Murph's. Got it in 3 days. Another vender in Steve's class.
I've been using the shorties for a couple of years on my 09 C14. I like them, a lot. They will accommodate three fingers although I only use one for the brake and two for the clutch. I find that even on a track or a sporting pace in the twisties one finger brake is sufficient.
I'm on my second T-30. Long life ( 12K miles ) combined
with handling that's fairly consistent throughout its life.
I have no complaints. Cheap too. ( <$100 )
"Sport Touring tires developed to replace BT-023 with wide-range riding enjoyment"

Good thing, cause the 023's sucked big-time!
Battlax's on my wee work well though.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: OEM pinstrip set
« Last post by bowtie39 on Today at 12:37:36 am »
Just asking as that is how the OEM pinstripe is done.  Follows the groove that's at the bottom of the bags.  A little more is all.

I just pulled up a picture of a 2016.  I like that, I had seen someone who put a stripe on each rib on the saddlebags and I didn't like that.
The stripes you purchased off ebay may fit the bag like the  OEM set.  Would like to know if does. 
Emporium / FS: Passenger Floorboard Set Up
« Last post by Haring_Araw on Today at 12:17:41 am »
This setup consists of:
MFW Vario Footpeg Mounts with 25-50mm arms
Kuryakyn Peg Mounts 7573
Kuryakyn ISO-Wing Mini Boards 7563

I bought these before I picked up my C14 in anticipation that my wife would require floorboards. Turns out that she likes the foot pegs, so these were never installed. I did have to drill and file the extension arms a bit to get the Kuryakyn Peg Mounts to fit; which isn't visible when they are all put together. Other than that they are basically brand new.

Asking $200 shipped to the lower 48 states.

IMG_2209" border="0
IMG_2210" border="0
IMG_2211" border="0
The knockoffs are hit and miss. Some are cheap and made to fit like that. I tried shorties and few of the ebay sets. CRGs long have been working on all my bikes. Like the Piazzo, quality costs, but they are spot on for fitment and adjustable range.
Tires/Suspension C10 / Re: Handling question/ tire question
« Last post by mdr on Yesterday at 11:36:00 pm »
All IIRC, so YMMV. :)

The spec for putting in a shim is around 0.7mm gap prior to tightening.  I grabbed a handful of fender washers that fit over the bolt then jammed them in the space until no more would fit. 

This mount clamps the engine into the frame.  If there's too much gap, the bolt ends up taking the weight across it and either shears off, stretches, or just stays there well enough to look good but not really do anything.
Installed a lightly used Corbin seat (thanks jumbo_sf), one of Phil's outstanding luggage racks, a Givi V47NNT topcase, and TechSpec tank grips. :motonoises:
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