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C-14 Emporium / Re: SOLD! 2015 spark black C14 -$8,900 SOLD!!!
« Last post by ron203 on Today at 01:40:13 pm »
High 30s in Eco mode two up is about right and lugging below 3000 rpm is, too. SISF's flash fixes that stuff. We get 44 mpg two up and I haven't been in Eco mode since the rally in Helen. Best mod you can do, followed closely by a good seat. Glad you are home.

+1 on the windshield. Mine stays down unless it's raining or cold.
Seen 'Bubba lid holders' hold 20/lbs of Harbor Freight junk...until they broke. Coated WIRE rope was free, and their nearly 90/degree angle of purchase avoids torqueing of hard attachment points against the PLASTIC lids, unlike pop-rivets. Til they make it back from Guatemala intact..I'll give em' a C+   
Northeast Events / Re: Big W Ride, Second Attempt
« Last post by NYbiomed on Today at 01:31:13 pm »
Aug.12th for me...
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Steve's flash
« Last post by Dragoon on Today at 01:30:47 pm »
I used to be a tuner, but of cars, specifically Audi Turbos and it is an must not only know the bike as it is, but what it shoodabeen..and the art is being able to translate that into the correct settings on many different systems...we should all be proud of Steve as a master resource on all connies and on most aspects of each bike, but also because he is patient and willing to impart his knowledge to those who need one does not just jump on a bike and decide to tune takes time and a lot of knowledge specific to that engine...

imagine of you were at the dealership looking at a new bike, the connie sitting on the showroom floor and the sales person says "you can have the performance package for $600...nothing visible but it squeaks every bit off performance out of this bike and will make it very much more enjoyable to ride regardless of how you ride it"...I am betting folks wouldn't have much thought about the price and most enthusiasts would purchase the package....this is truly the option steve has given us and at a much more reasonable all in perspective but i think in the long run, most folks will get more then there moneys worth out of the flash and i contend that my bike will last longer as it is no where near as harsh on itself as it used to be translating into less wear and tear...not sure about that but thats my story and i am sticking to it...we will see....
C-10 Emporium / SOLD: 2001 C-10, Huntsville, AL, $1800
« Last post by HSVScott on Today at 12:58:09 pm »
SOLD. :truce:
Northwest Events / Re: RTE 22July?
« Last post by NinjaBreadMan on Today at 12:57:15 pm »
Wish that I could have joined you on this.  Had to help a friend move that day instead.  :(
C-14 Emporium / 12 Kawasaki ZG1400 Concours Only $7650
« Last post by KevinMulvey on Today at 12:50:56 pm »
Shoodaben Evolution Flash Drive-Smoother & Faster
Mint Condition-Like
New-Real Head-Turner
Garage Kept
Only 18,300 miles by Adult Rider
New Michelin Pilot Power 3 Front & Rear Tires
Always Garaged & Covered
Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) with Combined Braking w Traction Control
Bar Risers
Added Skene Phonto Blaster and P3 Lights ($250)
Custom Red Reflective Tape Wheels & Trim (can be easily removed)
Tech Spec Snake Skin Pads (grip & protection)
Grip Warmers w Adjustable Temperature Control
Collapsible mirrors for parking clearances with Wide Angle
Lowering Link
Battery Trickle Charger Connection
Removable-Lockable-Hard Side Bags-Easily fits XL Helmet w Bluetooth
Maryland State Inspected!!!Drive away with Confidence!!!
Four-stroke, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four with VVT
KTRC-Kawasaki TRaction Control
K-ACT (Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology-ABS) 
Aluminum Frame
Digital Fuel Injection w/ 40 mm throttle bodies
TCBI with Digital Advance
Adjustable Windshield-on the fly
Tetra-Lever shaft drive
43 mm inverted, telescopic fork w/adjustable rebound damping, spring preload / 4.4 in.
Tetra-Lever w/stepless rebound damping adjustment, remote spring preload adjuster
Dual floating 310 mm petal discs with four-piston calipers (optional ABS)
Single 270 mm petal disc (optional ABS)
Upgraded Michelin Pilot Power 3 Tires
5.8 gal. Fuel Tank w Lock
Lockable Bags-rarely used
688.0 lbs. (Wet)

Just changed Engine Oil (Full Synthetic), and Rear Gear Oil.
Spare Key Fob Battery

MSRP $15,899
Owner’s Manual
Clean Title
Also on eBay & Baltimore Craig's List, and will be happy to email or message.

Pasadena, Md.
Other Motorcycles / Re: Ultimate MPG road bike?
« Last post by jettawreck on Today at 12:26:13 pm »
An old saw of yacht design was "V on root L" as I recall where it means the speed of two yachts should be compared when divided by the square root of their length.  The longer one is expected to have a speed advantage when everything else is scaled up identical.  When I was shopping for cars I surprised that a sedan model had better mileage than a miniwagon even though the sedan was heavier and had a bigger engine.  That's a reason why I wonder if a longer fairing with a top & sides could get much better mpg.  No experience or reading to back up the thought.

The "miniwagon" has a longer/better shape-until you get to the back end and that's where the "drag" is created. The tall/squared off tail makes for a lot more turbulence than the stepped down cabin/trunk of the sedan and makes for very "dirty" air flow. You don't see aircraft with a chopped off fuselage.
But, don't believe those animations of wind tunnel smoke trails. Most of those are simply very low speed presentations for advertising purposes.
Following at even quite reasonable distances such minivans/wagons, suvs, (any larger vehicles) at speed results in a big mileage jump on my on board ScanGauge system as they pass and as they get out of range you can watch the readings return to "normal".
Don't worry, not connecting rods or anything so dramatic  :great:

Here it is:

Kawasaki has recalled 2008 through 2012 Concours 14 sport-touring motorcycles due rear-brake issues; Kawasaki says 13,289 motorcycles are affected. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer says that due to a gap between the foot brake pedal and guard, small stones or debris can become trapped, creating a brake drag. Advertisement
This can cause the rear brake to overheat, leading to rear brake damage and lock-up or failure of the rear brakes. The front brakes may also be affected on ZG1400C models.
If the brakes lock up or fail, there is an increased risk of a crash. Kawasaki will notify owners, and dealers will replace the rear master cylinder rod end and remove the brake guard (if installed), free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on, or about, July 30, 2012. Owners may contact Kawasaki at 1-866-802-9381. Customers may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153); or visit NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 12V343000.
2012 Concours 1400 ABS, 24k miles, nice extras, Arabian Red

Service rundown

5/2/12 (552 miles): break in service and inspection, oil and filter

8/7/12 (3,489 miles): rod end recall    <--  ???

What was the rod end recall?  What was done?
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