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The plug on the C14 is a "cigarette" lighter plug not a Powerlet (that's a brand name) outlet.  Here is a photo from the Powerlet web site:

The Powerlet is designed for this use.  The cigarette lighter was designed for cigarette lighters which is why many things work their way out.  I've found that some manufacturers, like Garmin, design their plugs to fit tightly and they don't usually work their way out.  But many of the "China, Inc." products use el-cheapo plugs that fit loosely and work their way out quickly.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 COG National Rally
« Last post by MotoCommuter on Today at 01:17:12 pm »
Weather, Location, Cost, Availability. The 4 cards in the deck. Shuffle as you see fit. Some of these are the same card with 2 sides just to mess with your head. We going NE in 18 Steve? The rumor mills are running full tilt. I'm gonna have to buy tires dammit. And get my Jersey turn pike pass.  :beerchug: :)

Mark, with you being on the Board, you should know where it is being held, right??

If I have to ride through NY or NJ, we'll probably pass on 2018. But if it is in VA/WV/PA, we will probably attend.
C-10 Emporium / Re: Looking for a set of highway pegs for my 99 model
« Last post by Bob on Today at 01:12:07 pm »
I've got a set I'd sell. I'm not sure what brand they are but the peg ends are standard Rivco vibration isolating pegs.  No holes in the outer fairings are required but as with all pegs/engine guards a hole in the inner black plastic air guide (whatever it is called) is required where these replace the engine mount bolt.  I haven't researched what they are worth so make me an offer. I'm out of town through Monday so would either need to ship them today or next Tuesday.
Northeast Events / Re: Americade 2017
« Last post by sc on Today at 12:28:56 pm »
I hear you, this was sort of last minute for us, my parents are going to be up there with their Goldwing club so I might get a ride in with the old folks. With my wife just getting back into being on the bike after a couple years this will be a great area to ride.
Not sure if you guys know it...but the outlet up front on the right is a powerlet socket and is not a cigarette lighter outlet.  They are slightly different sizes and that's why your accessories tend to vibrate out.

You sure about that? My Powerlet plug is MUCH smaller than a standard cigarette lighter plug.
The weather is looking like sunny with a high of 62.  Great for Early April.  :great:

Note that the that the name of this thread changed to "Ephrata Bikers Breakfast is now a regular COG event"  It's no longer an idea, but a reality.   

Motorcycle Safety / Re: Your top two odd improving behaviors?
« Last post by 4Bikes on Today at 11:25:05 am »
Quote from: Salish14
I find myself often flicking my brights at every intersection or anyone possibly pulling out into my lane from a side road.

I would caution against this practice.
Drivers may misinterpret this as "go ahead"
and pull out into your path.

I learned that this was a no-no at the Stayin Safe Advanced Riding course.  To reinforce that point, they showed a video of a ride group leader flashing his lights at a truck pulling a horse trailer waiting to turn right.  The driver of the truck interpreted that flash as a "go ahead and pull out" and the group had to endure following that slow truck through the best twisties on the entire ride.    :-[
Accessories C14 / Re: Questions about LED Tail Lights
« Last post by freebird6 on Today at 11:24:35 am »
One of my pet peeves has become lighting.

There is so much variability in laws state to state. It is funny to me we are talking about "too bright" and I totally understand that as some of the new cages have LED tails and brakes that are blinding.

OTOH. I follow truck with aftermarket lenses and home jobs where they sprayed the lens so dark if you were not keeping clear distance and attentive to the actual vehicle you would never know they had a turn signal or brake light on.

We have a ton of laws on the books that would make the roads safer. The only ones being enforced are related to speed so "making the roads safer" may be their rationale but is not IMHO the most effective means to get there. Clean up the trailers not hooked up to the wiring of the truck, the lights that are blacked out so you can't see, the left lane drivers and the folks looking down talking/texting  on their phones.

I think the comments here RE avoiding law enforcement type products are smart. I bought the AST light bar 2 years ago and was very happy. I bought the bag lights which I should be able to hook up the next few days. I am all for not getting hit in the arse.
Northeast Events / Re: Possible Tech Session In Md. Interest?
« Last post by NovaC10 on Today at 11:20:48 am »
I'd be interested in going. I live in Fairfax County.
Northeast Events / Re: Possible Tech Session In Md. Interest?
« Last post by 4Bikes on Today at 11:19:34 am »
Matt, I'm interested and either day works.  I'm all caught up on my C-14 maintenance, but will attend to learn and help others out.  Shoot me a PM if you decide on a date, and I'll put it on the COG calendar. 
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