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UPDATE: I received a reply from the Nimitz Museum today.
                  They gave me about 500 Nimitz Brochures to put out at Rally Registration.
                As far as the Museum trip planning;  Things are looking good..........
                    Their working on special parking and arranging a *guide. {that has lots of details on the Museum Displays}...

Now,,, back to the planning; 
                 Who "else" want's to go with us?

Ride safe, Ted

err, PS: I want to share my apologies in advance..   :sorry:
                 It appears that our **Guide is gonna' be a "Marine" Colonel.
                     {But, I'm sure I can help him}.
                           <sneaky grin> {Fly Navy  :great:}
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Tire Mounting cost?
« Last post by NYbiomed on Today at 05:55:22 pm »
Seems like...well, it was last year...about this time...I paid $150 for front and rear mountings...using my balance beads...on the bike...a Nomad 1600...carry in tires...

Don't have that bike any more...but, pretty sure I'll look around more next time...

Jeezus, that’s a ridiculous price to mount 2 tires AND no balancing...I’d be leaving a review, a BAD review to warn others!
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Brake pads
« Last post by Doc on Today at 05:50:38 pm »
+1 on 2 Gen OEM pads - quiet, long life and great overall performance.  Have had EBC HH and I prefer OEM.
Southeast Events / Re: 2nd Annual Sport-touring School
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 05:46:08 pm »
Doug/Jorge/others, what are the weather guessers predicting for that weekend???
  (Inquiring mind want to know)...

Ride safe, Ted
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: spark plugs
« Last post by tercopete on Today at 05:25:14 pm »
thank you
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: TPMS question warranty
« Last post by TimR on Today at 05:24:56 pm »
It depends on the year of the bike. Not real sure of when the change was made though. My 09 has the old style of course. On the olds style the valve stem is completely round. New style has two flats for a wrench on the valve stem.

With the old style inquisitive Coggers have figured out how to replace the battery. The new style has the battery potted and no one to my knowledge has figured out how to change the battery. Yet. 
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Winter? What winter...
« Last post by TimR on Today at 05:13:48 pm »
It's now snowing at my place. So winter is still here. And for those who don't know I'm an hour north from Ben. Tim

     Get the gaskets you need here. Murphs' usually gets parts to me in a couple of days!! :)  Great service!

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Drive shaft removal
« Last post by tercopete on Today at 05:07:47 pm »
hey Wizard, can you send me an email on how to remove engine and drive shaft?  Im trying to swap engines but shaft is turning out to be a problem.  my email is and thank you
When I replaced the well gaskets on my C10 then the main valve cover gasket leaked like an open window. The old gaskets compressed equally through the years so the main cover gasket was thinner than the new well gaskets. You might want to get both.

There may have been a different issue there. I used my original factory cam cover gasket for 165xxx miles, about ten years. The well cover gaskets were replaced at every valve check, estimating about ten/twelve times in that span.
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