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Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Vacuum Hose Confusion
« Last post by Jim on Today at 11:10:40 am »
And a couple more....
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Vacuum Hose Confusion
« Last post by Jim on Today at 11:06:00 am »
Here's some pics to get you going....

Riding Gear / Re: Hot weather Jacket
« Last post by seagiant1 on Today at 10:55:50 am »
        Nice post, Fais!

Pretty much lays it out!

As a side note, I heard that they have to have a special sewing machine....

To even sew this stuff!!! :-[
So you saying you want me to drive up for dyno testing ?  :a102:

You have to remember my bike is ATOMIC Silver so it might not be a fair comparison  :)

Steve I removed the small power tip restrictors  in the mufflers before leaving for the track day

I  wish I would have had my GoPro with me , It was loud and proud with a lot of heavy popping and   growling on deceleration.

They have a sound limit at Jennings of 104db and I was close, those tips are going back on

It would be good to test with and with out just to see the difference in HP.
Got my appointment to install AK-20's and Penske shock.  Wallets gonna hurt, but can't wait to feel the difference. :beerchug: :motonoises:

        Oh, you will feel the difference!!! ::)

So will your fillings in your back teeth!!! ;D ;D ;D :beerchug:
Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: 6000 mi Perrelli Angel GT report
« Last post by seagiant1 on Today at 10:42:17 am »
Being a 300lb rider single up on a C14, even without cargo we weigh over 900lb.

I'm thinking I'm looking for A spec if I want to get any sort of reasonable mileage out of a new set of tires.

My Michelin PRt2's are getting awfully squared off.

        Yea, take the time to find the "A" Specs (front and rear) :great:

I got mine from Revzilla, prices seem to go up and down,place to place??? ;D >:D >:D >:D
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: OtP Ride Report
« Last post by AmphibSailor on Today at 09:25:50 am »
If you and Fred want to try it the way I suggested, it may get  to you faster.  Normally periodicals/magazines take longer to arrive.  The way I recommended should be faster.
C-14 Emporium / Re: Trade in de-farkle sale
« Last post by NYbiomed on Today at 08:55:45 am »
Ill take the levers if still available -  :beerchug:

Hey Bud! Let me know how those levers work out for you...I was considering them or Pazzos myself.

For my two cents. I'll try to stick to the question asked and try to avoid extra comparisons unless related to maintenance. (There's lots of comparison info out there)

   I have owned both machines. For basic fluids and such as said earlier, they are basically similar. Changing the oil filter on either is pretty simple. The C14 on the bottom front of the motor, the FJR on the left side. The FJR "may" be a tad slightly easier to access, but the C14 is easy access either way. But the FJR will drip oil on the left exhaust when changing the oil filter. It also requires removing a screw for the lower fairing (A very small piece) and installing a screw driver or such to hold the fairing out just a hair to allow oil to miss the fairing. I use to wrap aluminum foil around the pipe to keep the oil off. So although slightly easier to get to, it's a little more involved changing the oil filter on the FJR. So I would say the C14 is simpler. But again, they are both pretty simple.
    Other fluids are also similar in most respects. Yes some can be a PITA, but as said not bad. The air filter is hands down easier on the FJR. It's basically under the left side under the seat side cover. Not totally simple, but pretty painless. Where as the C14 requires removing fairing panels and possibly other parts to access the filter up near the steering neck on the left side of the C14. Once you have figured it out, it isn't that bad. But it sucks compared to the FJR's air filter change.
     Most maintenance on both bikes requires removing some panels. The C14 get's the nod for panel removal. The FJR actually has much better fit and finish than the C14 but that also means that the FJRs stronger/more rigid fairing panels are actually more difficult to remove. Not drastically more difficult, but the C14 panels come off easier. I only included this because it is directly related to some maintenance.
     Now here is the big difference between the two machines as far as maintenance goes. The FJR is hands down way more friendly to perform valve clearance checks or throttle body synchronization's. With the FJR, you remove the tank and a heat shield and support bar, and you have basically total access to the top of the motor and throttle bodies. Where as the C14 is totally hidden under the frame that could be compared to a wide back bone. So basically everything is hidden and a PITA to get to. There is no comparison here what so ever between the two bikes. Of course you could look at the positive of the more rigid frame being in the way. But maintenance wise, valve clearance and throttle body syncs are not user friendly on the C14. Yes folks do their own, and it can be done. It's just a whole lot better on the FJR. OF course you could also pay someone else to deal with those issues (if you trust them), and render this a moot point.
   Brakes are also similar and both have good technical support on web sites and such. As stated earlier, I think the FJR gets the nod on available information though. But the FJR also had four or so more years to establish data. Either way there is information and available help to get folks through most things.
   Either way, both are great bikes. Both have their pluses and minuses as far a maintenance goes (like basically everything else). I personally recommend both bikes. Hope this helps in some way. But it is of course just my opinion.

Thanks very much for taking the time to post a response.  The information is helpful as is the feedback from others.  Again, thanks.
May I Strongly Advocate that KiPassa be added to Gods Curses?

- it is sorta' like a key, only far, far more diabolical

- It is heedlessly, ludicrously over-complicated, with no apparent counter benefit (and thereby in the very best of Japanese OCD tradition)

- A dreadful WTF? Moment lurks mercurially hidden within the KiPassa button cell battery, just waiting to rain on your parade

Its a good Curse candidate, and competes quite well with 143 button remote controls, cheap cell phones, IDrive, and automated answering machines

Right up there with this Gary Larson cartoon...Ted's curse?

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