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Got a passive key from the local dealership today. I really don't like going to dealerships. I know the part's $27 on and I know the dealership is going to want more. They want $32. OK, whatever.

If you are in the Atlanta area, you usually have to go through Mountain Motorsports as they have a couple locations and they are the closest Kawi dealership to the city. I call their Marietta location. Ask how much it'd be to program the ECU to my bike they say $110, which I had read somewhere on the forum before. I figured I'd ask around and gave their Lithia Springs location a call. Programming an ECU, $38.  :-\ So instead of a total cost of $150, it was going to be half that. Awesome. I order the key through their parts department. It's very interesting how the same company charges two different price for the same service. But of course I didn't mention that to the person on the phone.

This morning, I head over to the dealership first thing. Get there, pick up my part from the parts department, go to the service department, ask them to program it, no problem. I sign the thing, give them both keys. The service guy takes the key to the mechanic. Comes back a minute later, tells me this isn't a fob that'll run the bike, it's what the spare key goes into. Just a key holder. I tell him he's wrong, it's an RFID thing and it starts the bike, it just needs to be programmed to the ECU. He goes back in, the mechanic comes out and tells me the same thing. I tell them it's an RFID key, like a barcode. it's a passive key. They look at me like I have 6 eyes. The service guy tells the mechanic that he's on his side in the matter. I have no idea what this means. They are trying to form an ally against the crazy guy who thinks a $30 piece of plastic is actually a key? The mechanic says he's never heard of something like that and that he'd have to do research on it. So I ask him to please do the "research" while I go to talk to the parts department. He's not happy with my request. I go back to the parts guy to ask him if the key came with a number or anything to put in the Kawasaki program. He goes and talks to the mechanics while I google how the programming works. 10 minutes later, parts guy comes back to tell me they figured it out. I pay the money and hop on my bike and leave.

The system's only been out for 10 years. I guess it's normal that they've no idea how to program it. I'll try again in 10 years.

well, after reading this exact posting on the other forum... I just went ahead and copy/pasted it here also, as it should be shared knowledge, and a lot of folks don't follow both forums...


sad the mentally lacking tech people expected to operate the machine to 'program' said installed, and other parts, simply can't or don't read the book... or the screen in this case, for the CD that came with the KDS software...

I found, and downloaded the KAWASAKI DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM KDS VER. 3 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Dated 12/2009, Version 3.0.9
(kawasaki p/n 57001-1650)

it comes on the actual software disc, that came with the KDS unit....duh.
 completely free online... can't remember where, nor would I send out copies, as it is marked as copywritten...
But... it completely, step by step, walks thru all the programming.
I've found it priceless in researching 'what is/is not' required for replacement of any part that ties into the "smart parts" of this bike...

might want to highlight, and print that 'bold letter stuff', and hand carry it to the OWNER of that dealership.. and he can hand it to the "tech".....

having noted this, they should also have the newer versions, that accomodate the linked brakes, and new passive 'card' fob...

I think it is now
Manufacturer # 57001-1802

Superseded part number(s)

google it up.
Jami and I just made it home. Awesome rally SC! :great:

Miles to Texas => 2,158 miles
Miles home => 2,044 miles
Longest day Bernalillo, NM to Heyburn, ID => 755 miles
Average miles a day => 600
Rode the Sisters with Cronic and Big Jim on Wednesday at rally => 234 miles
Yep, only rode one day at the rally :017:

Total 2018 Three Sisters Rally => 4,436 miles
They probably quoted you a price off the cuff, too. But that's scary. I'm near the one in Buford. I bought my Goldwing there and they had a deal on tire mounting @ $26 each, so I got two tires. When the C-14 needs help, I'm going to have to think through my options.   :(
Shoodaben Engineering / Re: Mountain runner flash
« Last post by RxRated on Today at 08:30:11 pm »
I love the huge increase in torque between 3-5k rpm. 

Great photos ED!

Here are a couple of videos. I hope somebody got better ones, I didn't get all of the second song, it might have been better than the first one. I'm not sure why that guy (screen name rhymes with "Got No Mild Jerky") keeps covering the back of his head, doesn't he know that it's his best side?  ;D

Song One

Song two {partial}
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / This one is buzzy
« Last post by DJ on Today at 06:37:46 pm »
Hi guys,
I'm sure this is an old tread but here goes!
I picked up a previously enjoyed 2011 C-14 with 19K on the clock last month.
I also have a 2013 ZX-14R sport tourer with 11K on her and she is a smooth as it gets.
I took the Connie out for a run yesterday and I tell you when you when you get up around 80mph she buzzes so bad you would think she was going to explode I did a 9K trip in 2012 on a 2011 GTR and I don’t remember anything like this.
Anyone seen anything this severer in their C-14 travels?
Thanks in advance!

What a talent! Thanks Ed!
North Central Events / Bill Crist Memorial Minnesota
« Last post by Jeff Kerkow on Today at 04:39:56 pm »
Bill Crist a recent COG member passed way suddenly last Sunday. There will be a Memorial Service at Bunker Hills Regional Park at 550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304 on Friday, June 29.

If we would like to meet and attend as a group I will be at the Holiday Store at 12480 Foley Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55448 at 5:30. We will leave for the Park at 6:00 PM. There is a $6.00 fee to enter the park. It is a Pot luck so bring something to pass. If possible please wear some type of COG clothing.

More details can be found at the Caring Bridge site.

If you have any questions please give me a call. 612 240 0030
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2019 National Rally Location
« Last post by ron203 on Today at 04:05:34 pm »
Jason has got our (SE) back.  :great:
Northeast Events / Williamsport, Pa July 6 & 7
« Last post by gsjay on Today at 03:15:01 pm »
For anyone that can't wait to visit Williamsport....

I have rooms blocked at the Genetti Hotel in Williamsport for Friday July 6 & Saturday July 7th for my local gang. You're welcome to join us.

Rate is $89.00 per night and includes the Full Breakfast Buffet.

And I am highly recommending you make a reservation at Franco's!
You won't get in without a reservation!

You have to call the Genetti direct to get this rate.
1 570 326 6600
rooms are held under Johnstown Motorcycle Group.

I requested a room back by the Pool.........makes it convenient!

Hope to see you in Williamsport.
Share with anyone you think would like to join us.

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