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I've been using the MRA Vario Touring Screen for several years now.  I use it on top of the Madstad brackets.  It's sporty looking and is smaller than the first generation Connie screen.  I am 6 ft with a 32 inch windscreen and this combination gives me great coverage with no buffeting and little noise.  The Madstad brackets lift the windshield to allow more air under the screen and gives lots of adjustability for the screen.  It's a winning combination.  The other MRA Vario windscreen is larger IIRC.   
Other Motorcycles / Re: Honda VFR 800 RC79 - 8th gen Interceptor
« Last post by ZG on Today at 03:33:54 am »

One year ago today I got the VFR, man time goes fast  :o, I'm really enjoying it!  :great: :great:
Really like my new  Puig Touring screen. I'm 6'2", and it's quiet when all the way up.
m in sc, when I did mine, the LEDs that were available were not as good as they are now.
Why?: Hi beam lights up out further, but looses the close light.
           Being able to also run the lo, gave you near and far, without the need to hang aux lights on the bike..
            Lights up the world pretty good..

Another why; Because it was something to try, and COGgers like to try different things.

NOTE: I was not putting the increased amperage thru the stock wiring. {That is a No-no..}
          I added Murph's headlight harness to my bike.
           With it installed; the stock switch and harness only switched the relay on the harness and carried almost no load.
                His harness handled the extra amperage fine.
           To make mine work, I used the aux circuit to power the low beam when the hi is selected.
                                         {and added a selector switch and diode}.
           Once installed , you can use your normal switch to select low or hi,
                                   or trip the selector switch and be able to select low or both beams.
            {I suspect this would work with LED's, but imagine the heat would be too high}

Murph's harness came with a Hi Temp plug that worked fine, until I tried "even" more wattage..
Even then, it didn't melt, the solder did...

Ride safe, Ted
Just ordered the Masdstad brackets. Will let you know how they work out. I'm in Ithaca, NY mostly and Jamaica, VT often. Commuting time: 4:45. That's why I needed to upgrade from my '01 C10 to a Concours 14 ABS.
Haven’t made this for a few years due to the CADV Rally.
I plan on making it this year. Always a great time!
How are any of you helping the original poster ? Please go back and look at what you have posted and remove it if it does not directly help his question.
Thank you in advance from a moderator.
Thanks for the responses. Smoke is white. I do have overflow tubes installed. No loss of power. Saw the smoke and went back home and got the cage.Will check it out after it cools off outside a bit... 8pm and 109°.
Panda, Thanks for answering and that is very good news that you have overflow tubes. I would think (my opinion) that since you have overflow tubes the smoke your seeing is not from a stuck float valve or you would know. Just to be sure  that none of those drian lines are not plugged  just blow in then and they should be clear.

Now white smoke. Some one else   said is normally coolant. I would agree ( maybe a head gasket) . Sometimes that coolant  comes out the exhaust  . Sometimes it goes into the oil making it milky. Sometimes both. No indication of milky oil? No loss off coolant? 
So did this happen right after an oil change? Are you halfway in the sight glass? (bike on center stand)  Do you mind me asking how many miles?Any other details you can think of recently that was done to the bike?

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