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It's a Utah meet up!
Sorry to hear about the accident and sure glad you did not get hurt.

I hit an oil patch coming off the freeway ramp last September, went down with the bike sliding about 40 yards.  Bike hit a chunk of asphalt which punctured the pulser cover.  Oil all leaked out.  Just ordered up a new cover and replaced it and all the damaged plastic/mirror.  Not too difficult to repair.  I hope the lady has good insurance so this does not cost you.

Last time I went over Wolfcreek Pass was on a 6 month old 74 Z1900. I was headed for Yuma Az. But unfortunately 55 was the national speed limit. The 900 didn't much care for 55 or the altitude. The scenery was awesome though.
Glad you're OK!.
How the heck could she have Harley’s going past her and not figure there may be more!
It is hardly her fault for hogs riders being lousy over takers.
Watching a hog rider passing cars is like watching a slow motion movie. Pitiful.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: CPU flash/eco mode
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Yesterday at 09:27:32 pm »
 :)) :)) :))
I LOVE all this ECO mode conversation..
just yesterday, I took my C14, that has sat without love since last season, and with a half tank of fuel (89 octane, at that time) which I added Marine Stabil to and ran before letting it sit...(I'm bad, letting it sit with a half tank... my worst complaint about storage..) down to fill up...
don't ask why I haven't ridden, I won't go into it, but combo of $$ and Vertigo, and lack o, motivation, other crap, weather..garage too full of other stuff, no work space, weather, motivation..etc., 
anyway, filled it with 93 octane, sunoco, and went for a 90 mile loop...

when I pulled back in, my onboard diagnostics showed 44.1 mpg...
( all the electronics were zeroed when I replaced the battery)...
I never 'babied' the bike during that ride, many times I doubled the speed limit, and rode it like the day I bought it... :motonoises: :motonoises: :motonoises: :motonoises:

old girl still amazes me... :))
Wow, lot of great thoughts, experiences, and advice in this thread!  Probably one of the best and most philosophical threads I've ever seen on the forum....

It seems all these decisions either come down to 1) accepting the "random risk", or in other words, the freakish accident that MIGHT happen (like Steve Irwin and the sting ray), or 2) calculating your personal risk profile and doing everything you can to mitigate this risk.

As an engineer by training and techie type in general, I tend to adhere to #2 above.  Having read multiple books on motorcycling safety, I also wear all the gear, Hi-Vis jacket, and now a "Hit Air" inflatable airbag vest.  I figure anything I can do to lower the risk profile, the better.  I agree with others regarding distracted drivers, which was the only issue I've ever experienced (lady was rolling AND turning in a parking lot while looking DOWN at her cell phone and hit me head-on).  Luckily that was about 5mph....

In any case, does anyone know if there have been any new motorcycle safety analyses in the past few years??  The "Hurt Study" which was quite good, came out a LONG time ago!  I would like to know, if motorcycling is way more dangerous than many other activities, then exactly HOW MUCH more dangerous is it?  If I can see real world numbers put to something, then I can more accurately gauge my risk profile.  Which at least makes me FEEL better once I've made the decision to ride....  :-)
   I hear there is a more fun way to do the Wolf Creek Pass!! :great:


Ha............. I may bring along a chicken in my top case .
Southeast Events / Re: SE Region Beat The Summer Heat Rally 2018
« Last post by ron203 on Yesterday at 07:35:03 pm »
Looks like it's fixed now on the Events page. We're down for the right w/e, so y'all come. Hopefully David and Denise will come back from Alaska.  :D

August 3-5 is Speedway HOGS. Might be interesting to see THAT.   :rotflmao:
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Throttle cable broke?
« Last post by Harry Martin on Yesterday at 06:47:01 pm »
Just to add to MOB's comments...

The service manual shows cable routing in the General Information chapter 1.
Helped me solve an issue where the engine would surge when handle bars rotated to one side.
A slight (corrected) routing adjustment fixed my C10 problem with the throttle cables.
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