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It would be nice to have gas prices that low. We're currently having the highest gas prices we've ever seen at around $1.70/litre - that's around $6.40/gallon... Filling up the C10 would be close to $48 (Canadian$ - about $36 US)
Hopefully multiple drainings work.
No .. that wont work.
Hopefull and drainings will not prevent hydrolock,. You MUST install oveflow tubes to prevent hydrolock. 
You have been given tons of  excellent advise. Please install overflow tubes. You can send  carbs out for a  rebuild or just the bowls but we recommend the full service which includes the overflow tubes.
Tried that - "somewhat better" still have to "pop" it a few times to it to disengage. (and it is well douched now! ::) ) don't know???

Ride safe, Ted
If you remove the fairing, it might be possible to weld the crack with header on the bike?
          More work, but also more permanent..

Ride safe, Ted
VIN (frame) number is on the right side of the headstock. Some places require both numbers.
Thanks MOB.  So best bet for me is to either keep draining the carbs and hoping it clears out some debris or taking them off and opening them up.  I'm not comfortable going inside a carb so if it comes to that I'll have to find a mechanic with gray hair that remembers what a carburetor is.
Hopefully multiple drainings work.

Some good reading iif'n you haven't already:

Lots of good reading and how to videos there. And he does have grey hair and knows his way around carbbies. He is in the process of moving so do keep that in mind.
Clarify where the leak is? Your description confuses me a bit.
It looks like the header directly under the front part of the fairing has a small crack, or it's coming from the joint.

In the front, are the head pipes, which do not have a joint. Only weld beads at the collectors..

Ride safe, Ted

Sorry for bad description. You are right after a second look, and it is on the head pipes on the side of one of the beads. Putty looks like a good option short of just replacing it.
Maybe we do it different in TeXaS??
Why are you registering the engine number?
I thought that all states registered the VIN Number {that is on the front of the frame}.
  Do some also register the engine number?

NOTE: The engine number does not match the VIN Number.

Ride safe, Ted
North Central Events / Re: Tech Session - Bloomington MN April 20th
« Last post by SteveJ. on Today at 02:20:26 pm »
Good job Gary, good luck with the hip.
The Michelin man talk was a good touch to a Tech Session.

Re: the Michelin Man, did the subject of balancing beads come up?
Nope neither did running car tires.

Too funny. I didn't mean to and am glad it didn't happen, providing an opening for the thread to go south.

See you and a bunch of NC COGgers soon at Cliff's.
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