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Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: This one is buzzy
« Last post by TimR on Today at 05:38:31 am »
As I recall, a motor mount bolt re torque and or throttle body sync fixed the problem, maybe. Seems like Murph's have some heavy bar weights to take the buzz out of the bars.... I'm sure someone with experience will chime in.  Good luck, Tim
Just added my name to the registration.

It's been a very slow beginning to my riding season.  Hoping to fix that by heading out on July 3 for points unknown (Yellowstone-ish, then see where the wind blows me), then will return via Black Hills area probably on the 10th or 11th.

Or, just maybe, Oregon calls too strongly and I just keep going.  We shall see  ;D
Or...Cali is nice and cool in the altitudes. I'll be here for another month. Near Tahoe now, slowly working south toward Yosemite. But OR also does not suck. Have fun.

BTW, fixing to get my third rear tire mounted this week though the first one only had about 1500 left on it when I started the trip.

Have fun wherever you go!

Northwest Events / Re: Arctic Ocean thru COG NW Region
« Last post by Gumby on Today at 03:04:53 am »
Love the Tiger, safe travels.........
Northwest Events / Re: Arctic Ocean thru COG NW Region
« Last post by cbx4evr on Today at 03:01:22 am »
I looked at doing that ride with a friend, but couldn't fit it in my schedule. It should be a blast, even though the roads are terrible.

Up until last fall there wasn’t even a road to Tuk unless you went in the winter. New road now. Have a fri3nd who is in Tuk today. Said road was fine.
Ride Reports, Roads, Routes, and Places / Re: Long ride Costs???
« Last post by Zorlac on Today at 02:58:49 am »
No plan, you end up stopping and sometimes regretting because you missed something you really wanted to visit.
That's a contradiction in terms.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: This one is buzzy
« Last post by Red Fox on Today at 02:38:15 am »
I picked up a previously enjoyed 2011 C-14 with 19K on the clock last month.

I took the Connie out for a run yesterday and I tell you when you when you get up around 80mph she buzzes so bad you would think she was going to explode ...

My 2011 bike I got with 6K on it.  What gear / rpm are you running when she buzzes enough to explode at 80mph?
And does she buzz through the seat, pegs, handgrips or brake lever?

Great rally.  Ditto on what Steve said


some people passed others way too close in turns uphill  :??:
Northeast Events / Re: Dog Days of Summer, Staunton, Va. Aug 3-5
« Last post by gsjay on Today at 02:03:23 am »
This room block will be let go soon...………..

If you're coming you need to get your room booked ASAP.

I think we have 17 people signed up at this point.

Mine ticks like a sewing machine. Especially after I loosened the valves. These bikes make a lot of different noises.
Overcast each day to  start  in the 70's, clouds burned off after lunch and spiked to low 90's most days. Good riding. GREAT food and conversations.  I got back to GA today and was working on the camper and just about  passed out from the heat, drenched to the skin in sweat. I looked at the thermo-tormentor and it was only 86 degrees. Felt like 100. The heat in Texas was hot, but truly more bearable as a dry heat.

I rode about 900 miles and didn't repeat very much at all. A very good rally!
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