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Southeast Events / Re: 2nd Annual Sport-touring School
« Last post by Swampcat on Today at 01:56:25 pm »
Just joined the forum and wanted to say "Thanks" again to Doug and the rest of the COG members present at the Sport-Touring School. You guys definitely know how to make a new guy feel welcome. I had a blast at Jennings! Bummed that I missed the dinner, but I had to get home before my wife disowned me.

Hope to hang out with you guys again soon.


Pedro, welcome to the forum! It was great having you hanging out with us this weekend, and I'm especially glad that you were set up right next to me so I could get the chance to know you. Come hang out at our other events...check the calendar for details and watch the forum for announcements.

I understand the domestic situation well. I also missed dinner because I had to get home and make sure my wife got the rest she needed after her back surgery two weeks ago. She apparently decided that she could get away with pushing her limits while I was gone and I went home to make sure she didn't misbehave more. I've put her on bed rest for today. That's not going over well.  :deadhorse:

Pictures will be up as soon as Irene and I can get them sorted out and uploaded somewhere. Watch this space for details.

Doug did a fantastic job with everything and should be commended for all the hard work he put in prepping for this, working with the track before and during the event, and just being an all-around great guy.
Is that Lone Star? Keep it cold. Also looking forward to some local pearl. Have a soft spot in my heart for that stuff. Yes misplaced I know.
Thanks everyone for coming.  I think there were over 20 people.  Also, great meeting people from the New England Riders (NER).  I joined a couple weeks ago.   You can find their web page here:

They also have a Facebook page:

Turns out that they have a weekend event in NH the same as our Fall Rally.  Plans are underway to meet for lunch during the rally.
I discovered Shiner Bock a few years ago when we were in San Antonio having dinner on the Riverwalk. Looking forward to revisiting, so we signed up yesterday!
The calendar posting shows members only. True?

I may be up for this as I'm really Jonesin' for a mountain fix. The weather in No Georgia has been sucking for a while now.

thanks for noticing.  I didn't check the "open to public" option.  but yes, ALL are welcome.   :beerchug:
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Knee Savers?
« Last post by Ironwood on Today at 12:46:23 pm »
Anyone have a set of Murph's kneesavers  that you want to sell? 
2000 Model. Just thinking about trying them as my old knees just get edgy :(
I have a pair!

PM sent
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by bird-hill-trekker on Today at 12:35:49 pm »
I'm prepared to shave Ted's head as an extra Bonus for donaters in Kerrville if donations reach more than $ 2000  >:D >:D :)) :)) :))

Yes please, do it!  :08:
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by bird-hill-trekker on Today at 12:23:50 pm »
The Promise is:

Both will have a bald head shaving on the National in Kirrville ! :) if we both are there ::)

funny thing, your promise

Now I‘m curios, what the others will offer.
Will Angie also have a bald head shaving?
I am interested to see how she looks „topless“  :41:
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by Kawasaurus on Today at 12:20:11 pm »
what a crazy idea, i love it :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :) :) :) :great: :great:
i'm prepared to shave Ted's head as a extra Bonus for donaters in Kerrville if donations reach more than 8000 $  >:D >:D :)) :)) :))
(If Ted does not fled fast enough, so I can catch him...)  :bluegrab: :bluegrab: :bluegrab: :bluegrab:
Other Motorcycles / Re: 2018 H2-SX
« Last post by C. Moore on Today at 11:19:58 am »
Yea, I looked at this bike at the motorcycle show. It's got all kinds of cool features.  I don't see it as a replacement for the C-14 but I do wonder if Kawasaki will start to incorporate some of the technology into bikes like the C14.
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