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Temp switch could be failing. Murph sells the temp switch.
When I replaced mine last summer, the fan kicked on sooner, and thus the bike ran a lot cooler at slower speed.

It's easy to test with temp gauge and boiling coolant on kitchen stove.
Well all of that makes me feel better.  Thanks guys!  BTW, the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway were awesome!  I need to move here.
Motorcycle Safety / Re: Hit and getting blamed
« Last post by lather on Today at 02:28:09 am »
Last May my 08 with 170, 000 miles was worth 6300 when totaled by a Corolla from behind.
Below 30 mph temps start to creep up.  Get back up to speed they drop back down.
Fan usually kicks on about 2/3 on my gauge, and stays there till I get back above 30 mph.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Gas Tank
« Last post by CRocker on Today at 02:04:11 am »
Call Michael...he has a blue one with one hose spigot on the back of the tank...870-435-2453...he owns a shop in Gassville, AR...
  Same here. In warm weather and in traffic that is normal. Fan is doing it's job like it is supposed to.  :great:
Sounds pretty normal to me...
Hi guys,

I just replaced my water pump.  I took off on a 5-state adventure today. Enroute, I had a bad coolant leak and found a crack in a radiator hose.  Fixed it in the Autozone parking lot and made it down the Tail of the Dragon for the first time ever! 

Here's the bad part:  I'm getting really high temps -- not redlining, but 3/4 or higher -- when at low city speeds or at idle.  And the fan kicks on.  Why?  Shouldn't it run pretty cool even at low speeds?

Riding Gear / Re: LD Base Layer
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Today at 01:06:19 am »
Love Marios stuff and can attest to the heat. Get's my vote every time. From Death Valley at 118 to Jackpot NV at 22 through Europe on Stelvio in the snow. It works.
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