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Northwest Events / Re: 2017 Regional????
« Last post by Harry Martin on Today at 04:27:47 am »
I wonder if I can make it back before the total eclipse on the 21st?
Ya, I should be able to...a C14 is faster than the moon's shadow.  :motonoises:
Anyone heading back my way can stop at my house to avoid the crowds.

I'm going to plan to be at the Regional.

But then again...I look at the calendar, and I see it's my wedding anniversary on the 18th... :-[
I can't win for losing.  :41:

Emporium / Re: Hand-Made Quilt for Sale - OtP Fundraiser
« Last post by AmphibSailor on Today at 04:19:44 am »
$125.  :motonoises:
Northwest Events / Re: Bun Cooler Photos, 2017
« Last post by AmphibSailor on Today at 04:17:44 am »

.... May be she will raise more OTP donations  :) Pics to follow. Gonna have a blast. Thanks to the NW for an awesome send off!  :great: :beerchug: :)

Hope there aren't any LEO's following this thread!   :-\
Massage parlor... and no "happy ending"... :rotflmao: >:( :'( :'( :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
Yeah there is some dirt in there and I'm going to do the rinse and repeat. But it doesn't look like enough dirt that would cause it to starve for fuel.


In 12 more years, with tyhis bike, come back, and we can discuss this again,

 :great: :beerchug: :beerchug:

Carry on.

(Objects in mirror may be larger/closer than they appear) they put that warning on mirrors now... :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
Emporium / Re: Rev 6.0+ Helmet Holder! Tastes Great, Less Filling!
« Last post by AmphibSailor on Today at 04:13:24 am »
I'll take one.  Kawasaki green if possible.  Clear, otherwise.  Let me know how to pay. :motonoises:
Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: Bad Valve Stem?
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 04:04:41 am »
Nothing wrong, it just happens sometimes.  All it takes is a speck of something between the valve seat and the valve core and the air will leak out. 

That's why you should always check the valve after you add air or check the pressure.  Put just a touch of spit on your finger and place it over the open valve stem before you put the cap back on.  If you see a bubble, poke the center of the valve to let just a touch of air out and it will dislodge whatever was holding it open.  Check it again.  Only when you're sure the valve is sealed, than put the cap on.

Gee, I wonder where those words of wisdom came from, seeing as I just posted a response about this yesterday... ;)
Keep your side box, it only costs $2, and you always have them... oh, and get a tool also... a valve cap with the slotted head, to remove and replace the core... $1
Accessories C10 / Re: Vent flaps for engine heat
« Last post by DaveSz on Today at 04:01:08 am »
Hi Ted,

Thanks for the suggestion, based on your two bikes.  My top heat shield, from radiator to valve cover, is in there.  Can reach in the front, over the radiator, and put my hand on it.  Rainy day tomorrow, so I'll lift the fuel tank and make sure the heat  shield fit is OK.  Did a valve adjust in January, and anyhow need to check the wells to see if the new well seals have any oil leaks.  Will take a picture, and look for any needed extra sealing.

The vent flaps I'm using are  made from 0.025" aluminum, and it is springy, and not really rigid.   T6 or similar, I'd guess.  $10 piece from Lowes.   I can bend it back an inch without any lasting distortion, with one finger.   But they never have bent  on their own while riding into the wind.  Put them on early last summer, and have bumped them on the Jeep bumper in my home garage, more than a few times.   Four motorcycles in one bay, plus a lot of other less interesting junk.   Never worried about the fairing breaking that much, as I put the ABS blocks on right away, when I drilled for the screws, and the fairing panels don't seem to have any significant flexing when you wiggle the vent flaps by hand.  And no apparent cracks around the vent flap screws during the last year.   

The rubber wedges are stuck to the tank with double sided tape, but that let's go within a year, depending on how frequent the seat is removed.. yeah, check em..
Oh, and stop taking those BLUE pills.. they could lead to an erection lasting over 4 hours, thththen you have to go to the emergency room, and explain that the tv commercials told you to do that...
 :)) :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :great: :great:
You guyz suc.  :motonoises: :rotflmao: :motonoises:

No load on the motor means no load on the crankshaft, therefore it is free to do its thang.... like spin, and lubricate, without pounding the rod bearings like lugging an engine, which soo many people do, just because it has 6 freaking gears... so... let's put it in sixth, at 35 mph... and crank around town...

No, I rev all my engines, in NEUTRAL, after warmed up.. sometimes I just peg that tach.... just because....its mine. :)) :)) :))
But id rather peg the tach while burning off rubber, and making a huge cloud, its just so much more fun.

Ride safe...
And get off my lawn you damned kids.... :nananana: :rotflmao:
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