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Other Motorcycles / Re: Honda VFR 800 RC79 - 8th gen Interceptor
« Last post by ZG on Today at 07:52:28 pm »

Do you have a right side antlerHAW for a C10?
I know it's to late but how about letting us know where Zona Rosa is ?

First Post. Click the link
Riding Gear / Re: Aerostich 2 piece Roadcrafter or Darien Jack and Pants?
« Last post by hlh1 on Today at 07:36:19 pm »
I agree MOB.  I've had two, two-piece roadcrafter suits, and now I'm on my third aerostich suit in the darien and AD1 pants.  The two-piece suits give you much more options.
I know it's to late but how about letting us know where Zona Rosa is ?
Gonna try to make this one.  Shoulder may not be better for fall, so I'll save my money for this one.  First National for me.

Old Man are you riding?  Trailering?  Flying?  I will be riding and I need some good routes from about Las Cruces down to Kerrville.
Prolly ridin C'man. Hopefully escorting the Euro OTP (Hint Hint). You get to enjoy the 126 degree F in DV? Let's co ordinate. I'll start a SW travel thread.

Geez Old Guy,,, being a recent Traveler, I woulda thought you would know how to type the "Over the Pond" trademark.. OTP "OtP"..    :-[
     :P<sly grin>

I'll be waiting for your arrival in Kerrville with squeezin's..

Ride safe, Ted
I ride at night.  :-\
I use high beams all the time at night, regardless if oncoming traffic blinks me. I don't care. My safety is numbre UNO. 
However, I found high beam indicator annoying as heck.
Fine people of this forum, what can be done to alleviate blinding HI beam indicator besides taping it over with tint ?


This statement was meant to incite other posters and the forum. You knew what type of responses you were going to get. Anybody that thinks otherwise IMO is lying. Defending it is just ludicrous.

The OP does not upset me He is just the way people are today. We have to accept that more people today could just care less than the other guy today and have to make everything about themselves.

Off Topic:

The other day I am headed down the freeway and the guy in front of me is hauling tree cuttings and branches to the dump. He gets off at the same exit and his debris is blowing back to me. I figure I will pull up on his right and pass him at the light (Left Turn)so I do not have to deal with his loose load. This person makes it clear that he is not going to let me pass him by inching forward. I tell him he is blowing debris on me and I would like to go around him. He tells me to XXXXoff. This is what we have become.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: An OTP Thank You
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 07:15:34 pm »
Romanian moonshine ?
  I want to know more!!!!

Ride safe, Ted
When we were at the GTR rally we got to sit at the English speaking table with Patrick (amphibsailor) and a Canadian COG member Brian on his own OTP tour. Story goes Brian was in Romania and a local gent gave him a sample of home squeezin's. He donated it to us in a small glass bottle. I opened it and the fumes came out of the bottle like heat shimmers from hot asphalt. After taking a healthy swallow, I quickly resealed the contents.  :))

There, I fixed it for ya.

Ride safe, Ted
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