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Toews Fenders / Re: Concours (C14) Fender Extenders Front and Rear
« Last post by Blue One on Today at 06:37:18 pm »
I'm too lazy to go thru 19 pages of response, so I'll just ask...

Does the rear fender extender greatly interfere with rear tire changes? While  on the bike's centerstand, it's already a challenge to remove the rear wheel with the length of the STOCK rear fender...

The answer is, yes and no.

First of all how often would you remove the rear wheel at the side of the road, for me that would be never, if I can't plug a tire it's flatbed tow time for me.
So, yes in that situation it would be difficult.

In a shop for a tire change, it isn't  an issue, they use the drop out plate on the hoist to remove the rear tire.

At home in the garage you can put the center stand up on a piece of 2x6 and then tip the bike forward and remove the rear wheel.

Another way is to tip the bike forward and set the front fork ends on a milk crate ( when you have the front wheel off too for a tire change on both ends )

Anyway, for the most part it hasn't proven to be a big issue, and the payoff with the extra function of having a greatly improved rear fender is more than worth it. 
I'll start this conversation by saying that Octane is not directly related to the number seen on the gas pump.

For the following questions the certain assumptions must hold true.
1. We're talking only about our C14 engine. 2. Pump gas only. 

What effect does Octane have when mixed into "Gasoline"? What is the difference between RON and MON in relation to Octane?

What makes more power, 87 octane gas or 91 octane gas?  How is this effected by VVT?

Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Coolant Dribble
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 05:50:49 pm »
So folks Here is a question I've not seen. On the ride up to The Bun Cooler I stopped for fuel in Alamo NV. Put the 14 hunney on the center stand and saw a dribble of coolant dripping. A few table spoons. Aww Man! Filled up and rode her over to a shady spot. Put her back on the center stand and peeled some plastic back trying to find the culprit. No Joy. Ran the bike at idle to temp, fans kicked in and she cooled right back down. Rode her the rest of the weekend up to Kamiah watching the temp and checking at each stop for dribbles. Temp was rock solid and no spit. On the way home she did it again in Northern ID. Again just a few tablespoons. Rode home through traffic in Vegas at 90 deg temps. No overheating. Again cooling was rock solid. Pulled into the garagio and no spitting. Will be pulling plastic this weekend trying to find the issue. Fiche shows 2 o rings. Getting ready for 6 k to the nat. Anybody else ever seen this?

Check all the coolant line clamps that attach to the water pump, may be a mini leaker at one of them, I can't say that the waterpump itself should be needing replaced this early on, put anything is possible... even tho it is not a common happening by the reports both here and on the other site (probably only 3 iirc since '07). Also, look closely at the front of the cylinder block, by cylinder #1, down low, above the oil cooler... the coolant runs into the oil cooler, and there is a rectangular shaped "housing"  on the block, where coolant is combined/devided, for flow to both areas.. there is a rectangular rubber o ring sealing that housing to the block, which is attached using 2 bolts... recently someone had a leaker there, which was easily fixed, but a bit tough to find/analyze in verbal conversation Here..

Good news is that seal, and all the others for the waterpump, are available from Kaw, unlike the old C10 issues...
I noted all of those seal part numbers in my response to that fellow, and will try to find it for you, do a quick search tho in the meantime..
I have all the p/n's written down here, but see if you can find where I already noted them..

Here's one...

Also note, the microfiche was updated on the most recent models, to actually show all the seals in that waterpump...
Check the 2017 page for parts grouping on "water pipe"

It shows them, and also that rectangular one for the housing up front (92055-1402)
Congrats' on the new toy Sirk.
You'll get a few arguments about the fastest color though..
      {I personally think it's the 2014 RED}

Come to Kerrville and ride with us July 11-14.
I "Gaaaaarantee" you'll like the group!

Ride safe, Ted
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Pirelli Angel GT vs "A Spec"
« Last post by sc on Today at 05:27:05 pm »
1 week and 800 miles later of commuting mostly highway.
 ive had 2 rides in rain and while these angels aren't as good as the PR4 gts were in the rain they did seem to have decent wet traction. I went with a 55 rear A spec and it does seem to turn into the high speed sweepers better.
Will they last as long as my PR4's did, I'm doubtful, but hope to get most of the season out of them.
Sirk, congrats on the new Connie.
Previously (when you were looking) I invited you to come ride with us in Arkansas.
Time passed,,,,,,,,,

Now you have your new baby..
So, I'll invite you again.
The COGdom will be in Kerrville Texas July 11-14.
  "Come Ride With Us"...

Ride safe, Ted
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Fuse Question
« Last post by AmphibSailor on Today at 04:49:16 pm »
5 amp for 2010 up and 10 amp for 2008/2009.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Fuse Question
« Last post by lather on Today at 04:45:04 pm »
I believe I blew the fuse on my 2015 C14 when I hooked up an air compressor to my stock cigarette lighter outlet.  So, I have some dumb questions:

(1)  Which fuse is it?

(2) What kind of replacement do I need to get?  (is this available at any auto parts place, only motorcycle shops, only Kawa dealers, etc.?)
Its the accessory fuse, in the fuse box under seat. Label Acc if I recall. 5 or 10 amp, just pull it and have a look  Connect a battery charger or heated garment pigtail to your batt and use that for the compressor.
If you add the SISF flash it will be even easier to handle at parking lot speeds which is the most dangerous riding in my opinion. If I was 5'10" I would be looking for a different bike though. I'm 6'2" and I feel like the minimum height for low speed stuff is about 6 foot. Just my opinion but I'm 65 years old so age can matter also. These things are top heavy!!
I am 5'7" with a 29 inch inseam so you are tall to me. The only issue is that I can't back up the bike by pushing with my feet if there is any hill or much resistance from gravel. I take care not to park where it is going to be a hassle to get out. In general I don't pay much attention to where I park but avoid the obvious bad choices.
To me, the bike does not feel heavy once she starts to roll.
I used to have a C-10 and must confess I dropped her a few times. Never hurt her but there she was laying on her side. At 60 and not particularly strong I tried to lift my bike after she was laying on her side. Freaking impossible if you are doing it wrong. I could easily get her upright once I knew how. Ran into the house, found a YouTube video and presto. I also took a safety course and we had to lift a bike solo. The bike they used for us to lift was a BMW Police Bike. Not sure how much she weighed but it was a goodly amount. Look online and watch videos on how to do it. I was 64 when I took the course. The ladies in the course were able to get the BMW upright. It is technique not raw power that gets the bike up.
I added a 1 inch heel lift to my boots. Can't recall the exact price but it was cheap. It made my inseam as long as yours and it felt fine. I also have Canyon Cages 'just in case' and after 34000 km (just under 22000 miles) and I have yet to have needed them - insurance in case I mess up.
I have the EVO flash which makes the bike so freaking smooth. A friend took it for a spin and the first thing she said is "it is so smooth." I drove her 650 (Vulcan?) and I could not get over the lack of power. Colour me spoiled.
Oh, in case you have not guessed I love my bike.
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