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Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: dropped keys
« Last post by worncog on Today at 10:56:39 am »
I have done it too. Fished them out fairly easily, as I keep all my motorcycle keys on lanyards. Makes them a lot easier to find if they go astray in a tent or dropped.

I do keep a spare set in my jacket like Marty. Great minds think alike! Or is that demented minds think alike??
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: dropped keys
« Last post by ron203 on Today at 10:43:39 am »
After doing this on the C-10, I was paranoid about losing the key to C-14 so I had some extras made and attached a retractable key chain lanyard inside my jacket pocket on both jackets. Pull it out, do what I need to do, let it retract. Original key stays safely in the fob(s). Paranoia is healthy if it gives peace of mined.  ;D
Ride Reports, Roads, Routes, and Places / Re: 2017 total solar eclipse
« Last post by kv5e on Today at 10:32:49 am »
Great American Eclipse with 2 minutes 33 seconds of totality observed in Stapleton, NE.

Arrived at the Fairgrounds at 0630 with a PRIMO spot before the hordes packed in (~6000). This is in a county of 1000 people.

We had early morning fog and stratus that burned off by 1045. There was some high cirrus that  was translucent to partially opaque during the C1 to C2 times, but it cleared about 10 minutes before TOTALITY.

I will have more after I can process images later this week.

Words on a forum pale when trying to describe the multiple senses, intellect, and emotions engaged during a total solar eclipse. I will have more later.........

If yo have not experienced an eclipse that "goes all the way" ;D , then you have definitely missed out on one of the truly remarkable and uniquely profound things that a human may perceive.


Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: dropped keys
« Last post by Mcfly on Today at 10:17:32 am »
  I have a spare key on a snap ring somewhere on the frame  that I can get to it easily!! ;)

I keep a spare key in my riding jacket  That extra piece of mind is comforting.
Battery R&R and added Murphs dual horn setup. Much better!!!


How did you mount the horn?  Any pictures?  Thanks
Put the bike on the center stand.
Look at the oil level window on the side.
Note the level.
Note the position of the water pump.
Pull and replace the pump.
When refilling the coolant, loosen the left side bolt on the pump, till coolant dribbles out, insuring the air is purged.

Oil draining is not needed.

And what about the other bleed valve near the thermostat?  Not necessary?

I've run a hose from that, right back into the open filler neck on the radiator, and started the bike, and watched closely wih cap in hand, for the burp... then closed the bleeder and jambed the filler cap on... but seldom have I gotten air out of that spot doing so... doesn't hurt tho.. if your thermostat has a bleeder vent hole in the plate, like many do, it bleeds automatically as you top the radiator off...
So my Concours has 22k miles. I ride hard, hammering the throttle off the light often and play around a bit doing a wheely probably a few times a week.

What has begun to happen is if I'm in gear 1st or 2nd, and gun it, it will start to go and then around 7000 - 8000 RPM the clutch starts slipping and the RPMs peg out.

SO... What's the likelyhood of me having worn out the clutch vs just simple stuff like in this thread ?


I was gonna mention that also... and anyone that would read the post made, and didn't say..... "how'd that work out for ya???? Not too good eh?" Wouldstill be thinking it anyway....  :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
Cannot confirm....


Rumors..... meh.....

Well...if you watch closely in the youtube video, it's tagged as a 2015 model, the superior faster green C14.  ;)

Yes, I did notice that... but as with all rumors, nuttin' is accurate.... I suppose this is also erroneous....

Northwest Events / Re: 2017 Regional????
« Last post by Lone-Rider on Today at 06:29:24 am »
I made great time rolling west. Headed out about 6:15 and arrived home 318 miles later at 11:45. Only saw one forest rat a bit west of Republic. Few cars on the road, once I cleared Collvile/Kettle falls only came up on 4 until I hit Tonasket.

As for the po-po, one Sheriff west of Washington Pass on Hwy 20, and a group of 6 WSP motors near Marblemount heading east. They were all riding 2x2 so I am guessing were doing training.

Hate to say it, but this trip kind of reinforced my thoughts of selling my C14. It certainly has the edge performance wise over the Mustang, but the Mustang is hands down more comfortable and has about 80% of the C14's fun factor when it comes to throttle and curves.

At this point I'd like to think there will be a shorter/lighter bike in my future, but as little as I have been riding the past few years, it is kind of hard to justify.
Northwest Events / Re: 2017 Regional????
« Last post by Harry Martin on Today at 04:38:37 am »

I had 4 as I left town at 6 AM.
Then another dozen as I was entering Casper, WY around 10 PM.  :-[

Damn scary.
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