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Bienvenido a COG
Southeast Events / JenningsGP Nov 4th weekend.
« Last post by Rico on Today at 01:22:10 am »
Some COG members are going up to the track and ride. I will be coming back from a small trip and camping at the track, spectating, and hanging out. Some are getting there Saturday around 5, I'll probably be there earlier...maybe even Friday afternoon.

Anyone else want to join?
beautiful bike. i had a 2007 and now 2013 with the vstream shield and love it.....  works well for me.
Hi folks,

I recently joined up here and introduced myself. My name is Mike and a few weeks ago, I sold my 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1100 and bought a mint condition 2009 Concours ABS with 10K miles on it for $6500. It was stock, except for a nice Corbin seat, with passenger backrest and some handlebar risers. I have owned many other bikes, including a 2010 Goldwing and a 1981 GPZ-1100, both purchased new.

Since picking up the Concours, I have added a National Cycle V-Stream windshield, a Vance & Hines CS One exhaust, and today after work, a K&N air filter. I know, some of you don't care for them, but I've been running them for almost 40 years, since I bought a brand new 1978 KZ-650 and put a Kerker 4-into-1 exhaust on it and individual K&N's on the 4 carbs. I don't do a lot of dirt road riding, so don't think the slightly less filtration ability will be a big factor for me. I have had numerous vehicles that ran nothing but K&N since new and racked up well over 200K miles with no problems and still going strong, including a 1991 Mustang 5.0 that I bought new and hopped up and didn't even add the nitrous oxide to until it had 230K on the clock, all K&N miles, and still running strong at over 250K. I think the number one factor in long term vehicle longevity is the use of full synthetic oil and quality oil filters.

So the bike now has 11,300 miles on  it. The oil was changed with Kawasaki synthetic by a dealer at 10K miles and still looks like new in the sight glass. I have bought 5 quarts of Mobil 1 10W-40 motorcycle 4T synthetic and a Mobil 1 M1-110 filter that I plan to put on it. I was a big fan of Amsoil and their filters for many years, but their marketing model has fallen short of Mobil 1 and Walmart, for me.

Anyway, I LOVE the windshield and a LOVE the exhaust. The bike SOUNDS awesome and really "gets up and boogies". The addition of the exhaust seems to have made a performance improvement, to me. So does the K&N. First, it seems to rev up smoother and get up quicker in each gear. Second, it seems to back-pop slightly less on decel since adding the K&N. As for the install, it was fairly easy for me. I looked at the couple of YouTube videos on it, both of which made it seem like a much bigger deal than it was, but were somewhat helpful. I chose to remove the left side mid fairing and thought it was made a lot less painful for just removing a few more screws. I DO think Kawasaki could have made it a little easier, like maybe a removable side panel that would reveal the air filter, but engineers don't seem to be particularly attuned to the maintenance aspect of anything these days, car or bike, do they?

So I hopefully can attach a few pics here. If not, it is Candy Diamond Red and looks awesome. The next thing I'm looking at is the ECU flash, which seems like a definite must-do mod.

I must say, the Concours is the first bike I've owned since my 1981 GPZ-1100 that has induced this much excitement in me. I love it. I love the looks, the performance, the bags, everything about it. Here are links to a few pics on my Google Drive:
Accessories C10 / Re: Dumb question, number 734
« Last post by beaucephus on Today at 12:57:11 am »
I can use google just fine.  It's the search here that gives trouble.  Sometimes the results are on the "other" ZG1000 site.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Only problem with KIPASS
« Last post by Rock on Today at 12:39:37 am »

Your remark made me flash back to my time in the "hole"; I had the keys to 10 nukes on alert normally and a few times 149 nukes! Maybe a hundred miles or so n.e. of you in S.Dakota!

Bucky that's an ingeniously simple load test you got there!

Pete - I'm going to say what my old man used to say to me ALL.THE.TIME. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. (He was retired military - ya know how those guys can be). Anyway, this was his way to remind me to start with the basics/at the beginning, and verify every element/component/step in the process/system.

So it sounds like you have a slow crank/no start, correct?

Since the battery is the start point for crank/start, let's begin there. You say you put a car booster on the battery to try to start - what happens then? Slow crank? No crank?

Is the bike battery fully charged (what's it's voltage reading just sitting there?)

C-10 Emporium / Re: You Need Parts?Awaiting Your Orders.
« Last post by Zorlac on Today at 12:37:20 am »
These rotors don't fit.
« Sent to: Zorlac on: October 02, 2017, 09:39:00 am »

Mark I had no idea,will take the ones off Irish or spare wheel and ship them out Monday 2 day delivery.I am so sorry.   Jerry Gaither

Beware if you deal with this guy!
I'm still waiting!!
Come dance SAC COG. They are blowin' the tune. It's up to you to get on the dance floor  :motonoises: :great: :beerchug:
Accessories C10 / Re: Dumb question, number 734
« Last post by JimBob on Today at 12:31:58 am »
Beaucephus - you can do a site-specific search with most search engines.

In this case, it would look like this "1-bar radiator cap"

The "site:<website>" portion tells the search engine to limit the results to items only from the specified domain.

Personally I use DuckDuckGo for searches. It's anonymous (they don't keep info from individual searches)  and the search engine collects from all the major search engines (so it's an aggregator). I find it provides better results than google. It also doesn't do passthrough results (so weblinks don't provide the destination additional info about how you got there).

IXquick is another search engine that's better about respecting privacy.
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