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Accessories C14 / Re: K&N Air Filter for 2016
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 04:22:24 am »
I've been using the OEM filters, but next replacement will be this one...

I've had one in hand, and find it to be a reasonable priced version, that should perform fine...
I am holding off on installing an oiled filter on my C14, simply because I don't want one in that airbox, to possibly cause issues with sensors and such..
I do use the KN reusables in all my other bikes tho, just not in my injected machine...
C-10 Emporium / Re: Wizard Needs Buyers of Parts
« Last post by The Dude on Today at 03:43:32 am »

I need a right side foot peg and bracket.  I contacted you late Friday/early Saturday, and you asked for my address, but we seem to have fallen out of touch.  Let me know!

I have a serious problem, my bike has not only a weak and slow crank but when I hit the Starter button nothing happens,  contnuaty test shows current flowing  and switch works, ran new harness wire for front and main and still nothing  help
Accessories C14 / Re: Rear fender
« Last post by gsun on Today at 03:14:56 am »
You will always get some dirt/grit on the bike but this stops most of it. No spray coming up that affects a rider or passenger that I have noticed. Mine is crooked too. I tried to straighten it when first installed but it wouldn't go. The nuts look really close to the tire but do not hit and no problems. Design I guess.
Hello  all. I have a California Connie C10. The bike seems to be jetted a little rich and I get up to 38 miles per gallon commuting 14 miles provided I drive easy. On a trip out I-80 with lots of steady high speed, I saw some instances over 40  mpg.

Anyhow, I wonder how the C14 does in the mileage area. Does the fuel injection and vvt improve the miles per gallon?

Before I bought the Connie, I was looking at Honda's 700 CC twin that was based on Honda Fit high mileage engine design. That bike is said to do 66 MPG, but that is simply not in the power and performance class of the Connie bikes.
Motorcycle Safety / top two
« Last post by Salish14 on Today at 03:07:51 am »
Mine are

1.)  Cover your controls at all times

2.)  Never let anything catch your attention for more than a few seconds

Interesting. Do you actually cover them at ALL times, or only at all times that warrant? I find myself covering as needed, but not when on a very low risk stretch of road. This actually reminds me of the importance of practicing your panic stops in a parking lot. It's incredible how quickly an ABS bike with good tires can stop if you just clamp down and brace. The hardest thing is letting up at the last second so you don't just teeter over on your side!
I just called cee baileys to find out about cutting my cee baileys screen down... their gone! Stopped making motorcycle windscreeens.  Did not know that.

Find someone with a good bandsaw.  It'll take about ten minutes.
Interesting problem. When you removed the fill cap, what do you estimate to be the level of the coolant. Or, how much coolant did you add? Kind of getting around to the question, is your bike using or losing coolant?

The water pump on the Connie is on the front, bottom left side of the engine. The drive side of the water pump goes through the crankcase and there is engine oil on the drive tang. The regular instructions tell you to drain the engine oil when changing the water pump. The pump drive tang gets oil splash and I don't know how deep the engine oil is around the water pump. The point is, when the cooling system cools off a small vacuum appears that draws coolant from the reserve tank at the bottom of the bike. I am just guessing, if your water pump has tired  seals and the cooling system has a big headspace of air, it could pull some oil into the cooling system through the water pump seal.

On my 2000 Connie, I replaced the coolant and water pump at about 68,000 miles.  Murph's kits carries the water pump. I recommend you buy or borrow a radiator pressure tester. A pressure tester makes it easy to  reassemble  the Connie with no coolant leaks. Also, fill the system with distilled water for testing. Put in coolant after you fix the leaks. The adapter called the "Honda or Ford Fiesta" small diameter radiator neck adapter fits the Kawasaki.

Also note, when you drain coolant, some air is trapped in the cooling system and you need to "burp" the system or pull a little vacuum with a hand vacuum pump to make the trapped air a small bubble.
Southwest Events / C-10 rider Sunday 10/22 in Panamint Valley?
« Last post by CaffeineMan on Today at 01:37:44 am »
Took a trip over to Lone Pine today.  Coming back in the afternoon, there was a C-10 (dark blue, I think) rider and passenger on CA-190 going east through Panamint Valley.  I passed as they turned down south down the valley towards Trona/Ridgecrest.  I waved and they waved back.  Was that a COGger?
Other Motorcycles / Re: What are your thoughts and opinions on DCT?
« Last post by RodWpg on Today at 01:28:01 am »
I have a FJR auto clutch (AE), not quite the same as you have to shift, but do not have to clutch. Similar in take off tho. The only thing I miss is not being able to pull in the clutch and give it a couple of blips. At very slow speeds you learn to feather the rear brake to keep engaged and control. It takes a couple of tanks to get used to. For riding 2 up you just can't get smoother shifting so passengers will appreciate it. Still able to downshift slow down, not sure how that works on dct. I love not worrying about clutching in traffic, light turns green reach over twist and go.
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