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Riding Gear / Anyone wearing these boots?
« Last post by Grant on Today at 03:47:36 pm »
I am looking for a new pair of boots. I want protection but must be comfortable both on and off the bike. This is one of my considerations here. As well as comfort it is also important they don't look ridiculous off the bike running errands.
C-10s are notorious for melting the plastic fan blades, when this happens air flow is diminished and a situation like you described will happen.
As mentioned in another post the temperature switch controlling the fans may also be failing. If a lease which will cause the same to happen and may also be the cause of melted fan blades. The fans proximity to the headers is so close that a failed switch and the resulting overheat while the fan is idle will melt the blades.
Not a big deal just look at it as routine maintenance and go through the entire cooling system.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: ZZR Alternators
« Last post by Rob on Today at 02:46:59 pm »
I've got one for sale if anyone is interested.  :)
Thanks HOSSPOWER, yours is the older MonoLOCK universal mounting plate. The KQR is the latest rack, supposed to be a MonoKEY that is being sold now. I’m thinking Kawasaki changed it just enough so it isn’t compatible with other Givi Monokey racks. Possibly, the OEM trunk will only fit the OEM rack??
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by The Pope on Today at 02:03:39 pm »
Ok..... it's 11am and I'm the only COGer at Mac's!
Yea, check and make sure there is no air in the system
The gauges are not super accurate, but the temp gauge shouldn't get too far past the half-way mark once the fan is running. You could have air in your system!
Accessories C10 / Re: Rear tip over bars from Murphs
« Last post by Steven on Today at 01:25:27 pm »
I have been looking for instructions for a set of these front tip over bars a friend gave me.  Does anyone have a copy, a link or point me to the correct thread?
I hope your snow banks are receding claude :beerchug:

Hey Rich!

No snow banks for a while now but the rain won't stop combined with cool temperatures.  Finally next week, it's warmer up  :great:

Hope things are well.

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: ZZR Alternators
« Last post by fred-houston on Today at 12:56:24 pm »
I am, even have another for back-up.
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