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Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: OtP XV (2017) Is On!!!
« Last post by Jorge on Today at 10:36:52 pm »
Thanks for the contribution...

The guys leave on May 31st.
North Central Events / Re: Spider Ride
« Last post by Jorge on Today at 10:35:19 pm »
Steve, the Spider Ride is no big deal.
The roads are just like in Florida, except there are hills and turns. Other than that, just like here.
Ok guys....I'm STUMPED!

Jacked it up from the oil pan, got the weight off the forks, drove TWO screwdrivers into the clamps....Nothing.

The collar on the axle still won't slide into the clamp.  :-[

At this point, I'm beginning to suspect that I chamfered-out the outer lip of the fork clamp, and that's why it won't fit back into the clamp.

I'm about to find a file and start removing metal from the leading edge of the clamp.  :truce:

Thoughts?  Advice??
This is craziness.

Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Mirror Cover part number
« Last post by TJ on Today at 10:02:03 pm »
Had that feeling, thanks for the information.  Been checking Ebay, nothing yet.  Cheapest new one is $173.00  Thanks again.
Its sold as an assembly...
Might try ebay, and get a complete mirror for it.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: OtP XV (2017) Is On!!!
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 09:50:01 pm »
Yahoooooooooo     Thank you!!!

Does anyone know when the Travelers are departing?

Ride safe, Ted
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Reed Valves
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 09:25:18 pm »
Get a valve cover from a Canadian model, we don't have no stinkin' reed valves.  :nananana:   :motonoises:  If he wants to glue his bike up let him. Geez, it's most likely one drop away from being a parts bike anyhow.   MOB, don't stroke out man, it ain't world peace, we're not feeding hungry kids. Holy Cat, maybe nothing will happen to his bike. Who cares?

I think this about wraps it up. I haven't heard of any Canada bikes exploding or anything.

 :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

Was the caption to that picture something like..
" Hey, get off me dad, yer crushing my smokes eh? Jeez..." :rotflmao: :beerchug:
Tires/Suspension C10 / Re: SWINGARM! Stuck in the frame
« Last post by coffee_brake on Today at 09:25:02 pm »
Thanks, I think both of y'all are thinking the same thing with the piece of channel and the socket.

I picked up a slide hammer (cuz it'll help with other bearings/races later) and it ain't budging it. It's not a very big slide hammer. But the bolt isn't very big either.

Lots of PB Blaster.

This thing just ain't moving.

I'll try to make a puller next, but I'm giving this slide hammer everything I have and it just ain't moving. Hasn't snapped the bolt yet, though.
Tricky thing about this system, is when you see onboard voltage readings, like this, they are not the actual reading of what the battery is seeing, or doing in the circuit, well, to a point... it is reading volts supplied to the system, of which the battery is an integral part...
Now, in an instance where one or more of the actual cable grounding points is compromised, you may well be shooting 16v to that battery, but it isn't getting there, due to a compromised grounding point... the battery in regard, takes a load, and acts as a buffer so to speak, it takes what it can, say 14v, so all the systems function, if it can't bleed off load to the battery, it will try to bleed it off elsewhere, and start popping lights, and stuff, as they go down the line.

Make sure to remove, and abrasively clean both the battery cable ends, and their associated attachment points, and also the ends where the frame gronding takes place, and the associated metal surfaces they bolt to...
A few years back, I had an issue with a flat battery, and cleaned the posts, and the battery grounding point on frame, but didn't clean the second one next to it, silly me as I always yell at people to do both... I couldn't get a good reading of volts even after a full charge, and did notice fluctuations in onboard volt readings between 11 to 15 volts.. immediatly I knew an issue to correct was the second cable... and I was correct, after a good sandpaper scrub on the frame, and termination, all was fine, and I saved myself from buying an un needed new battery at that poiint..
You may have a regulator issue tho, so, I always tell people to go thru all the steps of unplugging, and replugging in, and repeating this, for any and allnsuspect connections, to get them to "scrub themselves clean" and get reliable contact.. as the regulator sits down below, and gets spooge flung up on it along with lotsa water, this may be a helpful hint, also, insure that rectifier is properly contacting clean metal by scrubbing the mounting surface.
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