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Other Motorcycles / Re: Help, viewpoints wanted please
« Last post by GKreamer on Today at 04:19:48 am »
So wound up buying a new 2014 Honda CTX 1300.  Pics to follow after sleep.  Just got home with her.

Thanks Steve, I've watched both and will look at valves as well. In the 2nd video on idling, what was it you were adjusting that changed from idle rpm of about 950-1000, just the idle adjust. on carbs? or something else. The way it accepts throttle looked very similar to my symptoms now. Thanks

 I was just turning down the idle knob. and if you bike "accepts throttle" like that, at 250 rpms, then you have one of the best set up connies in the country. Steve

   I tried that with my carbs after I got them back from Sisf's spa. It would idle AND accelerate just like Steve's video!! :great:  Only did it a couple of times as I like to keep the oil pressure up.
Northwest Events / Re: Bun Cooler photos
« Last post by Grant on Today at 03:12:38 am »
Picture of Grant taken by Craig.
Jeremy has already promised to do mine over the the Memorial Day Weekend and Russ plans to be there for moral support this time too while I'm out riding the BMW and claims it's all going to be free of charge so get signed up immediately !!

 :-\ :-\
Free? No charge?   Wow, now that's a deal, that job is worth about half the price of a nice aerostich....


Jeremy is surely one kind person.... :great: :great: :great: :great:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: I forgot to tell ya Troy I will be in Florida until the 8th sorry buddy lol
I volunteered to lead a group ride. Come play with the Old Man. We'll have fun. Ride your ride, Ride your speed. It's all good. As long as we make it back in time for the Ice Cream social!  :)
Is the week we are there considered the "off season"?? I can't find this information on their website.  Should be, we are pretty much the only people there.  Would make about an $80.00 or more price difference renting one of the A frames.

Northwest Events / Re: Bun Cooler photos
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Today at 01:35:47 am »
Is that Mark's good side in the group photo?  ;D
At the time...............maybe  ;) :beerchug:
Thanks Jerry but sometimes I do need it to least for a short time.  Did some filing, found a better tab on a junk 450 Honda twin carb  in my shed, some bending, hopefully problem has now gone a way (but I haven't tested it yet.)   
Northwest Events / Re: Bun Cooler photos
« Last post by Charby on Today at 12:37:33 am »
Is that Mark's good side in the group photo?  ;D
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