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Valves don't bend by themselves...

Mild contact won't leave any marks. (for other people that are reading this)

My assessment stands 100%


Only one problem with your assessment other than the fact it is completely wrong. There was not one bent valve in the head on either side, Intake or exhaust. I did tear down the old head and check them all after the head was replaced. There have been several documented failures of the VVT. I do not have a definitive reason for their failures and I can speculate like you. However, since I am the only one with first hand knowledge of this particular failure, asking me for specific information regarding this particular failure,  PRIOR to making your, (incorrect), assessment would probably have been a smart(er), move on your part.
Now back to the regularly scheduled forum drivel.....

Accessories C14 / Re: Rear fender NOW GROUP BUY!!!
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 12:03:01 am »
Thanks all.  Sounds great.
As I sed;  MURPH is the man that made it happen.

To make it fit right...         
       Work on it awhile, then {when you see red} walk away, cuss me (err Murph) and think about it awhile.  >:D
                 Repeat this process {particularly the Murph part} until ya get-er-dun.........
                         {Beer may be required}   :beerchug:

Ride safe, Ted

Since my bike was the other example Ivan cites i'd like to throw in my 2 cents worth. I am still searching for diagnosis and Ivan's VVT post certainly caight my attention. But as far as I can tell all eight intake valves appear normal. Of course the heads still on the cyl and all I can see are the stems and keepers but all look fine whereas on the  ex side two valves have dropped their keepers loose and the shims scared; two other ex valve stems were poking up. Based on this if there was intake valve damage I think there would be some sign on the intake side. My damage occurred only 500 miles after valve adjustment but 300 of those miles were hard sport riding keeping up with a tweaked R1, seeing plenty of 9000 rpm accelerations. Admittedly no redline. And the bike was running great, felt smooth and strong.

I am not saying my failure was not due to my error, I still think that is likely but does not seem to be a mistimed chain.
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Ride for Science
« Last post by TimR on Yesterday at 11:49:04 pm »
I think Rufus was referring to doing a separate RTE to Wenatchee. I could be wrong. But there is probably a good place to eat close by. I think Red Fox mentioned something for the ride for Science.

The weather, cold front here and it's cold cold cold. My dog Pee Wee is hanging out with the heater. Good thing is I know the warmer weather is coming. I noticed the days are getting longer.  :) March is around the corner. A new front tire for the other bike arrived today. 
Accessories C14 / Re: Rear fender NOW GROUP BUY!!!
« Last post by Tjnoma99 on Yesterday at 11:27:32 pm »
I got mine today too! Gonna put it on tomorrow!!
Ivan's Performance Products / Re: VVT - Variable valve timing - Dyno tests
« Last post by Zarticus on Yesterday at 10:58:22 pm »
l love it!  This place is just like FaKebook now. Lots of people making assumptions about something they know nothing about with no evidence or sequence of events whatsoever. Good thing I no longer frequent this forum anymore. Yes, I did the work on his bike. NO! the valves never contacted the pistons and NYBiomed has photos of the PRISTINE pistons of his engine from when the head was removed.    OK FOLKS TIME FOR NEW ASSUMPTIONS AND BLIND ACCUSATIONS!!!


Awfully defensive Matt...and just for the record, I didn't call you out, ID you, or even really blame you. s*** happens. BUT, there is NO HISTORY of spontaneous VVT/cam fails, especially on a low mileage bike- so there will always be speculation. I've learned to live with it and our friendship went on for another 18 months- before several other things factored in.

I no longer have photos, but if Matt does, please post for all to see, and most importantly, for others to learn from.
At what point does does something like this not be the fault of the mechanic ?, Is there a certain amount of miles ?. 2500 miles is a LOT of ride time. To put into perspective 2500 miles is like driving from central Florida to Boston Massachusetts & back !.
cleaned the windshield so I could take a pic of it.   :))

Sport Rider...really?  Two wheel addict?  Better count those wheels again... :nananana:

From now on just tires, oil changes & clean air filter. No more big services, I'll just ride it til it quits!  :)

Cliff   :beerchug:

Why don't you put a few miles on it before you make that decision   :rotflmao:

Have you hit 200k yet
I know this is an old thread, but It was a good one.  Well, not so good for the guys who had the issue, but "good " as in interesting.

I think Ivan gives a good explanation as to a  cause, in this thread.'s-performance-products/vvt-variable-valve-timing-dyno-tests/

More info available on his web site.

Unfortunately, for him and you,

You are both wrong. Another internet diagnosis that isn't!!!


FYI: EVERY SINGLE time I perform a valve adjustment on a bike it is taken for a SEVERAL mile test ride at higher and lower speeds, and run through the gears, NOT GENTLY, but not abusively. An out of time camshaft would have been IMMEDIATELY evident to anyone with my 25 plus years of mechanical experience.
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Ride for Science
« Last post by Grant on Yesterday at 10:28:30 pm »
Been snowing all day here. Funny AccuWeather on my phone has said that there will be a snow flurry in 15 minutes all day and it's been updating every half hour LOL
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