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Northeast Events / Re: Ct Riders Monthly Dinner
« Last post by S Smith on Today at 10:21:33 am »
The next monthly CT meet & greet will be a Saturday lunch in January...

The plan is to meet up at House of Bones BBQ It's in Derby CT, close to RT 8.  The link below is for the event in the calendar, with sign up and directions.
Accessories C10 / Re: kneesavers--brake pedal adjustment
« Last post by MichiGlenn on Today at 10:16:58 am »
Exactly what MOB said, and I'd add to make sure you adjust the brake light switch afterwards, or it will keep the brake light on.  Been there, done that.
Introductions / Re: From M109R to Concours 14
« Last post by spartan1984 on Today at 06:30:55 am »
Congrats on the purchase. Fantastic bike, enjoy the ride. The bike looks familiar, did you shop at Berts Mega Mall in Covina?
When I set out to find one, I knew it just had to be green. I was really afraid I’d end up shelling out a bunch extra just to get the color I wanted and I’m shocked and relieved that ended up not being the case. Loving it so far but it’s now been 2 weeks since I’ve been on it. It’s freakin cold maaaan. Snow on the ground is usually a deterrent lol. I think in spring I’ll pay my dues and become a full member here on COG and I want to meet up with some other local COG riders and log some miles together.  Thanks for all the comments everyone. It’s nice to be reassured that I got the best deal.  ECU will come out this week and be shipped to FL for Steve’s touches. I need some shop time anyhow, I’ll remove the TCUvout of my AMG too as that goes to Houston for a tune as well. So both the Kawasaki and the Mercedes will get some love this winter. 
First order of business at the start of the riding season, other than demoing the shoodaben flash, will be to get this girl sprung better for me. I won’t invest in any new suspension, but dialing in the stock gear for me. It’s pretty soft even for me. I’m about 175 lb wearing gear, and it rides like a luxury cruiser, but I want a bit more sport as the front end can get quite unsettled when pushing it hard in the corners. I’d like to get in touch with a good suspension guy that’s smarter than I and better equipped to dial it in with me. If I can’t find that guy, I’ll probably put everything as stiff as it can go and work back from there.  One of my best friends is fantastic at this kind of thing and is a master of “dialing it in” no matter the machine, but he lives in WI and travels for a living and I Don’t know when I’ll see him again. Anyhow, hope lol is well COGgers. Wish I was in a sunnier state right about now
I lived the 80's so, this bike gives me my youth back many times in a certain way. I couldn't afford it then but, living with it now and enjoying every minute of it.
That large turning radius almost bit me my first time riding the c-10. I was in the dealer parking lot and had just mounted up to go for a test ride. I went for a sharp turn and found the turning stop quite unexpectedly. Close call.

Yes,, I deal with it every day in my driveway.  Makes we wonder why they did that?  Seems there is enough room in the faring to allow another inch of steering .  Anyone know why the stops are so tight?  LOL, or if they can be trimmed ?  :D
Tires/Suspension C10 / Re: C10 to C14 rear shock question?
« Last post by Lee on Today at 04:27:45 am »
Got a break in cold weather and got my c14 shock on my 87 c10. Modified lengthened stock links fit perfectly. The ride improvement is phenomenal at rear. In Louisiana had to use 3rd click from softest to get comfort. Roads beds are terrible here. Side and center stands work as should be with no mods. So much easier to get bike on center stand due to rear tire being lowerer now. I love this conversion! Now to get fork oil squared away next!
so dan, what kind of radar detector you using and does it give adequate warning at 100mph. i came within a short hair of passing a highway patrolman doing 95(he was only about 65) but saw him in the corner of my vision on a 3 lane freeway at the last second.would be nice to have had some warning of some type.
just a cheap cobra 14 band, but i have the advantage of home turf in the wilderness out here and know most places police go,, and can hide and still get a ping on you, mostly, its just in-case I'm not paying enough attention .  The thing has alerted me 3 times now in Cave junction, long before I saw him, but I was going slow, as always in town. We don't have a patrol out here, the people of Cave Junction vote down the levies year after year,, so they stop patrolling and the nearest station is 30 miles from my turf.  I don't recommend anyone bank of radar detector,, but they help.

Today I was pinged from behind twice, within a few miles from my home.  Guess they heard me coming.  Had I not had the radar detector,, I probably would have got a ticket.  They were hidden quite slyly.  Not where I'm used to seeing them.  I let off the throttle and avoided going more than 10 over the speed limit in time I guess,, they did not bother with me.  Thats like 6 times in a month my cheap radar detector woke me up.
Yeah, the stock tires on the 2017 R3 are bias ply. I didn't know you could still even buy bias ply tires. Mama Yama has switched to radials for the 2019, as I will do for this bike once I get around to it. What's so strange, and you won't believe me, is that my Connie is way, way more flickable than that little R3. I'm thinking it must just be the tires, because I think the geometry is similar enough. I can flick my Connie from side to side with great speed, and relative ease, and to get that R3 to do the same is slow and a lot more effort. Odd.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Steve's coolant recipe
« Last post by Lee on Today at 04:13:35 am »
Precipitates from mixing antifreeze types plugs radiators and other mischief. On hot tempered C10 would think this to be suicidal for cooling system and head gaskets. Scary stuff nightmares are made of.
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