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I've never done the winterizing thing for anything other than making sure stuff won't freeze.  I must be more driver than mechanic.
I've started my engines regularly instead, if a month or two is considered regular.
One thing that did happen, I put the 'old' battery on my 24-7 (when it's sunny) trickle charger and it went from 12.27 down to 12.25 in a couple of days.
So my old battery was too old.
Almost got out for a spin on President's Day, but almost doesn't count :'(
My C10 came with aftermarket slip ons, I love the sound except at about 2-3k rpm .  Like on a back road cruising at 55 in sixth gear, it has an insanely loud echo chamber effect behind the full faring.  Below 2k, people always look to see what sounds so huge, above 5 grand, she becomes a beast most Harley riders try to avoid confronting.  7 to 9.5 grand sounds like  a super modified funny car.  I don't have to use my horn, but I do to be polite. :motonoises:  If it were any louder, it would become painful to my ears for sure, already I'll shift gears to get out of the rumbling echo chamber, deafening range.  But Harley riders hear me coming, and I can rarely hear them.
C10 800 rpm stone cold Idle with slip on:
Oh no , grammar nazi's , Im doomed.  ok, never mind.   And the owners manual is gone, prev owner can't find it in his shop, since his surgery.  His shop was taken over by his help during recovery.  But I can pester others with my antics.  I always did hate forums, they don't show facial expressions and sarcastic humor very well.  But I have done too many valve jobs to look forward to it.  Thanx for all the feedback .  I am tired this too.  Sometimes the best way is to go it alone.

Take it with a grain of salt around here man .These are all good folks , ya just gotta take some crap once in If you want your Concours right , this is the place for sure . If you become a member you have access to the tech pages and Concourier articles . Those are way better that any service manual and beat asking and recieving a bunch of answers . I havent cracked the cover of my manual since I joined and I've had to do plenty of work to my 30 year old bike .

Yeah, sorry bout that, I am a hot head, and pride myself on being able to repair anything myself.  Maybe becoming full member will help me avoid the "obvious " staters?  Anyhow, the first responders were right, the auto tension just clicked and no more metallic noise what so ever, now to learn to use an I phone to post updates and actual running sounds instead of having my daughters Bfriend do it for me?  Naaa ;)
How does the 800 rpm idle sound to you COGGERS? be very honest with you it sounds like cr@p!!

Look Daytona, sorry for jumping on you, but the question was regarding metallic , left side clicking .   It got derailed by people making other "observations" that , frankly are very obvious.  You have a right to your opinion, and are not aware of the circumstances leading to what sounds I posted and why.  As a hint, I'll share that I had just given it a carb sync yesterday, and it was stone cold running with almost no choke.  Everyone knows what happens as they warm up.  I just got tired of explaining that.  I never turn the choke off so quickly , only did it to listen test the top end  and check carb sync (it can idol all the way down to 600 ish reliably).   I have learned you can learn a whole lot by listening to the upper end at extremely low idles.  Maybe I needed to explain that better.  But don't fret, this C10 is in very loving hands, and she knows she's loved.  Yes, I'm a hot head.  I enjoy putting my foot upon peoples faces in real life.  Sorry bout snapping at you.  Nothing worse than a hothead multi black belt C10 rider in a midlife "Crysis" (name of my bike), (aka, grammar nazi MOB bait)
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Light ping or tapping
« Last post by JPD on Today at 04:08:06 am »
Wow,  why did you ask for help if you knew it all already?

30 plus bikes that were ridden until used up? I have been riding 30 years with only six bikes and never used one up.
Southeast Events / Re: Spring Rally in the Valley - April 26-27, 2019
« Last post by Volcantour on Today at 03:24:45 am »
1) On trip to my first ever overnight rally (pre-COG) stopped in Dyersburg, TN to let the storm pass. Clear sailing the rest of the way.
2) On way home from work several years ago stopped on side of US 27 to let the twister pass before proceeding to drive home. "Let" may not be the best choice of words here...
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: TPS removal advice
« Last post by TimR on Today at 03:03:32 am »
OK so which way does it go? The rounded part or flat part going in the direction of the tire? 
Accessories C14 / Re: Top-mount Rack for Kawasaki (Givi V47) Rear Case
« Last post by gsun on Today at 03:01:25 am »
that link says there is only one left in stock.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Fuel Pump Filter
« Last post by Bikejunkie1013 on Today at 02:46:58 am »
Or post it here:

When I'd ride all day on the stock seat at the end of the day I felt like I was sitting on the end of a baseball bat.  Bought a Corbin last year and now at the end of the day my butt isn't any sorer than any other part of me.  YUGE improvement!

One man's opinion.

Ride Safe!

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