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Randy sent me pics of the situation.  I'll post them when I get back to my computer later today.  Stay tuned.
Eric, I noticed that you have a 92.
Most of the brake conversions in the discussions are about 94 or newer Concours.
Your 92 fork legs will not accept the same adapters.

So, If you opt to convert to 4 pot calipers, be sure to buy adapters for the 92.

Your best option would be to buy a set up from someone that removed them from their connie after doing a complete conversion.
  {As they would have all the parts you need ready to go}.

NOTE: fairly recently, folks discovered that adapters are available to install radial style calipers.
           Takes a bit of research, but the radial style are easier to install, easily adaptable to work with stock or oversized rotors,
             and may have more braking force.

Ride safe, Ted

mines been like that since i went through the carbs.  Over 50 degrees for me, it will bump and run/idle with no enrichener. i have my fuel screws about 1/2 turn richer from stock. been like this for over 2 years, zero issues. I always let it warm up for at least a few mins before gently taking off though. dead cold idle is like... 800, then bumps up to 1100 in less than a minute.

my 99 sv650 and a few of the old GS550s i had were like this as well. 
    greenie- You're in Bangor ME and the AM temperature is in the 70's?

   Tom Taylor COG#7173
I asked the previous owner for the broken left side highway peg, but he could not find it.
Fantastic - Thanks!
I don't think it's a problem.
Lots or riding etc has the engine primed and raring to go.

Only possible concern I can think of, would be that 1 of the floats is high or leaking slightly.
  {This might richen mixture e'nuff to help at start up, but engine running keeps the fuel  level low enough to operate normally}.

Just keep an eye on it, and sniff for gas overflow before starting.
Do your carbs have Steve's overflow in them?

Ride safe, Ted

I'm noticing the bike starts fine in the morning without using the enricher. Gas mileage seems to be OK, no fouled plugs - it's been starting without the enricher this whole trip - mornings are in the 70's here. This 2004 C-10 is my 3rd C-10 and it seems unusual for the bike to start so easy - cranks for maybe 1-2 seconds, fires up and can be driven right away.
It goes on the radiator cap prevent the rad cap being removed without first removing some plastic.   >:(
Not in your neck of the woods here in Indianapolis, IN. but your reasons are the same as mine.   I installed the AK20 and penske last weekend an have been riding it to work every day this week. Planning a trip to Texas in a few weeks and wanted my wife to be comfortable.  Taking a shake down cruise this weekend two up.  I've had the bike out of service for 4 months and been on my VFR800, but from what I remember of the C-14, this set up is noticeably better than stock.  The bike doesn't seem to hop around after a bump.  It just feels settled, is the best I can describe it. And I am happy to spend $2K if I can keep her from looking at a Goldwing for her comfort. :))
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