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Evo, as it happens, I was at that bleeder yesterday.  (I'm installing Helibar Horizon ST handlebars which requires installing extensions on the clutch and brake cables.)

I was, in fact, able to get to it without removing any fairings.  I had to take all of the screws and plastic rivets out of the bottom fairing, though.  Then I could get to it by pulling the rubber piece that goes between the engine and the lower fairing to the side.  The bleeder is right there.  It might be tough to replace the bleeder without pulling the fairing though.

I already have a speed bleeder on it.  I took a piece of clear tubing and a small cable clamp, and clamped the tubing onto the bleeder's hose barb and ran the hose down to the bottom of the motor with the other drain hoses that are there.  I made sure to position the clamp so I could still get an 8mm wrench on the bleeder.  Now I can just put a plastic yogurt container under the hose, push the rubber to the side a bit, put the wrench on the bleeder and bleed the clutch line with much less drama.   Just a thought for when you eventually do get in there.

Meanwhile, I'd relax and get ready for turkey day.


I did the exact same thing the other day - had to get a speed bleeder on and it was tricky.
Vinnie, that's a great idea.  I'm gonna steal it! Guess I'll head out to the  garage and see if I can duplicate what you did.  Much obliged, Eric
Replaced the air filter for the first time. Followed the  owner's manual instructions which were surprisingly good and completely removed the mid fairing on the left. That made it a piece of cake so I could pull it  straight out. Took my time and only wasted one push rivet (hate those things).
Hey Larry, do you make rear wheel "hugger" fenders for the C14? That would be cool. The ones I've seen on other sites are ridiculously expensive.

Sorry no, just the only ( and best  ;) ) rear fender extender   made for the C14
Had trouble finding new copper or aluminum crush washers just the right size for the engine oil drain plug.  Guy in an auto parts store sold me Nylon washers that fit perfectly and assured me that Nylon washers are fine to use.  Never came across them before,  just searched these forums and found no mention.  Any feedback or comments?

As was said, buy a bag of them from Murph. 
Everyone has their own preference... What works for one, doesn't for another.
I tried the wedges and riser, but didn't like the bar angle the wedges caused.

Recently I removed the wedges, and installed pullback risers.
  {In addition to raising the bars, they also move the bars back}
    Worked for my old back.

Ride safe, Ted
North Central Events / Re: NC 2018 planning thread
« Last post by ManWorkingHere on Today at 03:02:54 pm »
I have been looking for a regional alternative to the 2018 Nationals because of its distance.

I like the idea of circling Lake Michigan since I have never done it all.

Here is someone's else example of where they rode on a cycle:

Since I am already near Milwaukee, I would help with Day 1 planning of a route or eats.  I am not good at camping.

If you are not going to Texas for 2019 Nationals, can we get a counter started of interested people?
Murphs gives you a little more height without needing new control cables.  To me it was plenty. And almost too much.  I've been pretty happy with them as it's more subtle and does not make the C14 look like a harley with ape hangers.  Any higher than murphs and IMO you are riding the wrong bike to start with.
Lee, fyi; max pressure in a C-10 rear shock is 50 psi.
In all the years I had my C-10 I kept 40-50 psi in it.

Recently I installed C-14 shock on my C-10.
I was setting the sag, and it dawned on me that the proper way to decide air requirements {on a stock C-10 shock} would be to set the sag height.
  ie: (Similar to setting preload on a spring), adjust air pressure to get the right sag. (approx. 30 - 40 mm)

If I'm right, I think you can adjust the air pressure just like they adjust spring preload.
This video shows an easy way to do the measurement's.

Ride safe, Ted

If you can identify lunch stops on Friday or Saturday I might be able to head down for a day trip and connect with you. If you'd rather play that by ear don't worry about it.
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