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Paulc, I had those foam inserts, and used them for several years.  I thought a member here, sold me mine, but I might be wrong. You can still get them, on ebay.

In ways, they were an improvement.  The hot air no longer hit your lower legs, but it did make the fuel tank get HOT. If the tank was full, it helped, but there were times when I was concerned.

This year, I removed my pads.. These pads, adnd wraps we tried were just band-aids for the real problem. With Ivans flash, Ive had mine in 101 degree temps, and the heat has not bothered me. Its much improved. Sadly, I can no longer cook food, on my fuel tank.......I guess you cant have everything.

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Help... Connie blowing smoke
« Last post by Panda on Yesterday at 09:20:17 pm »
Man of Blues, i did do that. It was super rich but after a minute or so, has more of a burning oil smell.
Might want to get a few extra log rings than you need.  Even with clear access it's easy
to pinch those little buggers... 
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Front Brake Conversion
« Last post by Mcfly on Yesterday at 09:01:05 pm »
Doing the same! The pistons are all good, they have no scoring or pitting at all: hence me just rebuilding the calipers. I did buy a complete front brake assembly off ebay as it had braided steel hoses.
Just got a full set of seals off ebay, 4 seals and 4 dust seals for £8.95 delivered.
I'll replace the lot, and see how things go from there  ;D

Get some "red grease" for re-assembly of the calipers.  It is designed specifically for the pistons/seals, and makes
the re-assembly very easy, and will protect the seals over time.   :great:
Accessories C14 / Re: Ideas for mounting phone?
« Last post by Paulc on Yesterday at 08:50:05 pm »
Anyone have pictures?
So where and what time and day are we meeting for dinner ?
I hate when that happens... but a lot of people do the same thing, make sure they replace that drive hub, because it's now all chewed to heck, and will be an issue, and probably the grease seal too...
reciever hub p/n 41064-1006
grease seal p/n 92049-1057

when they are jambed up, it smooshes the ears on the hub, and also then the seal gets chewed up inside....
see the pictures...

Looks like I have foam in the engine next to the fairing please see picture. Is this the phone people are talking about? Seems to me that this is causing the heat to go upward around the tank.
really surprising that with all the expert commentary on "could be this..or that, or..."""' :-X :-[ ::) :-X

nobody even chimed in and said "did you stick your nose down there and smell the end of the exhaust pipe(s), or stick your finger in one, and sniff...."?

 :truce: :-X

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / C10 speedometer gear position
« Last post by bvfa65 on Yesterday at 07:54:33 pm »
I had tires on my '87 Concours replaced but not by a Kawasaki dealer. When they reinstalled the front wheel, they didnt get the speedometer gear in the right position. A few miles later the cable broke. They are going to replace the cable and reposition the gear. I have documentation on aligning it, but I can see a small chip on the gear housing, I'm thinking it might be the alignment tab? Would someone be able to please post a side view picture showing the angle that the gear housing should be in to properly attach the cable. Thank you.
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