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Other Motorcycles / Re: Anybody else want a Niken?
« Last post by MtnRider on Today at 01:47:40 am »
You guys are all a bunch of old fuddy duddies!    :nananana: :rotflmao:

It's new! It's different! Embrace the experimental!    :D :beerchug: :D

I should have titled this "Anybody else want to TEST RIDE a Niken?"

I'm certainly not trading the C14 for a Niken but I really do want to ride one to see what's about.   :motonoises: :motonoises:

And yeah, I do like the unusual a lot of the time. YMMV

Ride on!
Well, after calling Cheap Cycle Parts, it turns out the matching panel insert is actually an integral part of the top case - it effectively doesn't have a top without it.  So I went ahead and ordered one.  And since the dealer I bought my Connie from already ordered the base plate and top panel - like me, they thought it was the whole top case with the matching panel - I just have to call them tomorrow and tell them not to send them back.

Just hope I like it since it's the same quality as a Givi E470 but nearly double the cost because it says "Kawasaki" and will match my bike's color.  Oh well, you only live once.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: Item for Auction OTP 2019
« Last post by Harry Martin on Today at 01:04:06 am »
See if this helps....

The winning bidder can choose between and untouched, unaltered black and white original cartoon strip (as seen on TV and better motorcycle stores), or a colorized version (never seen by human or robotic eyes), using only the finest water color supplies that money can buy. Hand painted by the original artist to produce a truely one of a kind masterpiece to be treasured for generations to come. Who knows, it could end up in the Smithsonian, or even the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Now, how much are you willing to bid?

Bid often, bid wisely.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Finally got one!!!!!
« Last post by Charby on Today at 12:22:52 am »
After many years and endless searches I am a proud owner of a 2009 Connie.. Awesome machine!!!! All the write ups and reviews dont quite give this motorcycle enough credit.. until i rode it.. OOOO Boy!!! Time for a shoodaben flash and maybe a seat...HERE WE GO!!!!   :))

P>S> do we have COG members in AZ??>>.. :))

Yes we do have COG members in Arizona! Dan here your Arizona AAD. I live in Tucson. Where are you? We do have rallies and Meet & Greets throughout the Southwest. This past fall we had one in Springerville and about 25 riders from Cali, Az, Co, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico showed up. So Cal is planning a rally in the next few months and we'll have another one in Northern AZ this Spring.
just gonna toss this out once again;
if all you are doing is adjusting/cleaning/greasing/removing slop form the existing bearings... you don't need a "torquing tool", as the key nuts are already "loose"... all you need is a "C" spanner, exactly the same as used in the FSM.....
You are only "snugging" the nut up, a single hand, using a couple fingers worth of "tension"...

Just by a "C" spanner, and be done with it....

this is the size.... cheap, same day shipping, and it will be in your mailbox within 2 days (usually), or even sooner...

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: battery
« Last post by mr t on Today at 12:12:07 am »
Thru the years I've had my share of premature battery failure like most of us- I do realize these particular examples are rare. No secrets- just lucky.

  Tom Taylor COG#7173
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: Item for Auction OTP 2019
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Yesterday at 11:49:22 pm »
When does the bidding end for this item may I ask?
When the biding slows or stops. Currently at 90 looking to break the 3 digit ceiling 100 100. I think that is 10,000 shiny pennies.  :)) :beerchug:
Northeast Events / Re: 5th Annual Big Chill [PA-MD]
« Last post by Jack Frederick on Yesterday at 11:44:57 pm »
You are on the RSVP list, Fish.  Only 3 more openings before we reach capacity.....should be another great gathering.  See you Sunday.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: Over the Pond XVII 2019 is On !!!
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 11:28:42 pm »
If anyone is wondering what the "OtP" Team has accomplished by doing "OtP" thru COG/GCE??
Below is the best explanation..
It starts with.
   This year will be the 17th time that an "OtP" Traveler will go "Over the Pond" for the Ride of a Lifetime!

"OtP" I (2002);   Guy attended the first GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" II (2003);   Daan / Hans attended the COG National in North Carolina.

"OtP" III (2004);  Rick / Linda attended a GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" IV (2005);   Marc attended the COG National in Washington.

"OtP" V (2006);     Paully attended a GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" VI (2007);    Patrick attended the COG National in West Virginia.

"OtP" VII (2008);   Dave attended a GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" VIII (2009);  Wolfram attended the COG National in North Carolina.

"OtP" IX (2010);     Russell a GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" X (2011);      Bernd / Gie attended the COG National in Vermont.

"OtP" XI (2012);     Darrell / Brian a GCE Rally in Europe.

         There was not an "OtP" in 2013

"OtP" XII (2014);    Richard / Walter the 25 Anniversary COG National in Tennessee.

"OtP" XIII (2015);   Al / Charlie a GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" XIV (2016);   Annette attended the COG National in Georgia.

"OtP" XV (2017);    Mark / Dan a GCE Rally in Europe.

"OtP" XVI (2018);   Ralf / Andre attended the COG National Texas.

I don't have the exact figures but my guess is;
        approx. $1500-$2000 was collected for each of the {15} people that were sent Over the Pond...
        each year the Traveler/Travelers rode approx. 2000-3000 miles while on their adventure.

Those of you that have been involved; be very proud of yourselves!
                        "YOU" Made it possible!!

"OtP" XVII (2019);  ?????  That person will attend a GCE Rally in Europe.
                            One of you could be that person!!

Please get involved and help us send another Traveler Over the Pond for a Ride of a Lifetime in 2019 !!!

Ride safe, Ted

PS: No other Motorcycle Clubs in the World have made this possible for their members...
I'm like the others, it isn't related to the muffler.
G-Max has a good point. Check the battery leads.
   As in; take them loose, clean them and securely reinstall.
Probably gas or gas system, but 1 other thought.
   That gas you just added may be full of water...
    Check for water in the gas..

Ride safe, Ted

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