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Other Motorcycles / R1200RS
« Last post by TJ on Today at 12:30:37 am »
I have a 2017R, that I enjoy as a light second bike. Very versatile, great features, fun to ride.

The RS is on paper is much the same bike as my R. However, I test rode a 2017 used RS today, and I am completely blown away by how different they are.

The handling of the RS felt much sharper compared to my R. Perhaps because of the ergonomics and more weight on the front end. The RS also had the rider pro package, which gives you corner abs, and the hotter dynamic engine mode. Noticeable difference compared to my R.

Also, I noticed immediately the small fairing of the RS allowed me to travel at highway speeds with a great deal more comfort and stability.

I may decide to go to an RS as my second bike. Only 12lbs heavier than my R and a bunch more fun!   
Other Motorcycles / Re: ktm 1290 gt
« Last post by TJ on Today at 12:21:15 am »
I like the 1290 GT. I have ridden SA 1290, but not the SD1290. I liked the SA...very comfy, good range, roomy bags, nice power. That I could see as a long distance bike. The 1290SD GT seems like a fun day bike.     
Riding Gear / Re: Klim Torrent
« Last post by Grant on Today at 12:10:17 am »
After riding in these pants for a couple weeks I like them just took a little getting used to. The non bulky over pant design is nice and I am no longer worried about venting. For long rides where mountain passes with cold, wet and hot weather all come into play I think I will get some riding jeans with armor remove the armor from the Torrent pants and use them over the jeans. Without armor the Torrent pants take up very little space and be easy to take off when it gets hot. With the armor in they work well over my everyday jeans for my daily commute but I am experimentings with mid layers for those colder rides. I have used some bib ski pants over my jeans and under the Torrents just want something a little easier to get in and out of.
Well anyway I like them enough that I have ordered the Apex jacket to go with them :)
I agree.
The hydrolock test MUST be done to determine if a rod may have been bent..

Ride safe, Ted
Other Motorcycles / Re: No more KLR650?
« Last post by Charliedog on Yesterday at 11:49:52 pm »
The sentence: Model year 2018 will be the final year for this iconic motorcycle-sounds definite to me. 

Never owned one, but did ride one once.  Sorry to see it go.  All good things come to an end...
Southeast Events / Re: Reviving the Bullfrog
« Last post by Mcfly on Yesterday at 11:46:23 pm »
Quote from: Shawn link=topic=75342.msg651051#msg651051
Has McFly been on the forum lately...hoping to get his blessing and ideas?     

McFly has been busy with work, but lurks the Forum when he can.  I look for
Personal Messages just about every day (but never get any :().

You go Shawn!  Any thing you need from me just let me know!
It is easily viewable at the top right hand side w/o any disassembly.

Curious, why do you need the number? Something happen?

right above the clutch side cover....
Riding Gear / Re: gel pad
« Last post by Road Runner on Yesterday at 11:28:09 pm »
AirHawk. Will blow this out of the water.
+1  :great: I tried a gel pad that I purchased from Cycle Gear > year ago. Personally, it did not work well for me, but everyone is different, stating the obvious.
Welcome to the forum! I tipped my bike over on a long trip, however I had the canyon cages installed and the only thing damaged was my pride which was repaired as soon as I hit some winding roads. I use the SHAD 50L top box and it works great. I replaced the top rack with a metal one as the top box bounces and flexes a lot on the stock top rack.

I too have the SHAD topcase; believe the 48L one and canyon cages. Both very useful/practical accessories IMO.
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