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Accessories C14 / Re: Aux light attachment to front struts.
« Last post by P07r0457 on Today at 04:06:43 am »
Looks good.  Did you make those brackets?  If not, where did you buy them?  I'd be interested in a pair, myself.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: 2 Up on a C10
« Last post by cbx4evr on Today at 03:53:56 am »
I have also add home made floor boards for the passenger. I got the plan from a vulcan 750 forum and adapted them to the concours. They are made out of plastic cutting board in what ever color you can find and like. They mount to the standard foot pegs with the rubber removed.

Interesting. I would say that’s almost KLResque and that’s not a bad thing.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Old Battery
« Last post by Dirtwiz on Today at 03:25:26 am »
Last summer I took a 320 mile ride and was 2 miles from home when I shut it off to fuel. Hit the starter and it "crapped the bed". It was a 4 year old battery and I will never run one that long again. I have it on a tender at all times when its parked but when they get old they are not a good bet when you are 150 miles from home. Even 2 miles from home was a major hassle at 106 degrees at the end of that full day ride. Just not worth it to me to squeeze an extra year out of my battery. If it had died on me when I stopped for lunch that day at 150 miles from home I would have been screwed. Lesson learned.
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Bun Cooler
« Last post by gsun on Today at 03:02:49 am »
That one worked. Yep, won't be doing LoLo this year!
I just ordered the genuine OEM pads from Partzilla.  $53.74 for the rears, and $45.10 per pair for the front.
Murph's Kits / Re: Murph's Ball Bearing Shifter
« Last post by Tjnoma99 on Today at 02:48:13 am »
Does anyone know if murph changed the kit contents? I ordered the bearing kit and it shipped with my rear wheel hugger! All i got was a small tube of bearings! I dont want to install them just in case it wasnt changed. I emailed a few days ago but havent heard anything. Im not worried because i know they’ll make good on it but just wanted to check.
Accessories C14 / Aux light attachment to front struts.
« Last post by n3nman on Today at 01:46:27 am »
I am a big fan of having my cheap Ebay lights mounted on the front struts (Low). Cam up with this idea after cracking a front fairing by using the mounting hole. These work really well Very solid with lots of fine adjustments.
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by ron203 on Today at 01:30:21 am »
Don't forget the "late" registrants.... :-X
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by Volcantour on Today at 01:26:26 am »
Unless New Math has really done a number, 10 southern registrants is a bigger number that 2 northern registrants...just saying... :nananana:
Introductions / Re: New Concour Owner from Eastern Arizona
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Today at 01:17:58 am »
hold on tight to the grips when you twist them!   ;D

welcome.  hit up Old Man On A Connie.  he's the AD out your way and a great guy (but don't tell him I admit that!)   :))
Too late. Seen it! Welcome in Sir! Mark Hartman your ever grateful Area Director out of Henderson NV. Dan (Charby) is your AZ Assistant Area Director. A very Good Dude in a Very loose mood. And don't you believe him. He may not be an instigator but is a willing participant  :)) :)) We are looking at several things for the SW this year including a So Cal Event and the 666. On the Calendar now is the NW Bun Cooler which is a great event and well worth the ride up (plus for you you can jam the Prescott area). We also have the National coming up in Kerrville TX in June. For all that is Connie it is the place to be. You are positioned well for in and out routes there. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to let myself or Dan know. It is why we are so highly compensated  :) :beerchug:
Mark Hartman
OMC Old Man on a Connie
2017 OtP traveler
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