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Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: small oil reservoir/
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 10:39:16 pm »
OMG!! Your following the instructions??   :-\
  You should be ashamed!!!

PS: You probably already know this, but I'm clueless on this one.   :sign0137:

Ride safe, Ted
Looks good to me............

Ride safe, Ted
Accessories C14 / Re: Rear fender NOW GROUP BUY!!!
« Last post by JDSCO on Yesterday at 10:30:28 pm »
Wasn't having much luck finding a Vendor in USA that could/would work with us.
Asked a friend in Eu to contact the Supplier to see if they can/will work with us, and to see if they have a representative in the USA.

More later.
 Ride safe, Ted

Appreciate the effort! Thanks.
Industry Member COG Offerings / Re: Buck Sport Touring Holiday Sale
« Last post by Mettler1 on Yesterday at 10:28:44 pm »
 :) :) :)   Larry has GOOD stuff. My C10 has most of it!!!
bags reduced to 150.00 for the pair.
Accessories C14 / Re: Anyone Have Handguards Installed?
« Last post by KevinRLI on Yesterday at 10:03:22 pm »
Accessories C14 / Re: Anyone Have Handguards Installed?
« Last post by Steiny on Yesterday at 09:45:22 pm »
Basically done. Few oops along the way, they're danged sure not perfect, but think they'll work out fine. Overkill? But of course, but I had fun making a mess.

That mill is just "too" clean.
I don't see old metal shaving scattered everywhere!

Ride safe, Ted

Ted, you have no idea how much stuff gets scattered around. I try to get it off the floor so I don't track it into the house. The t-nut grooves are absolutely filled with chips. Really need to vacuum them out. Blew them out one time and that was a BIG mistake.  :-[
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / small oil reservoir/
« Last post by ron203 on Yesterday at 09:27:21 pm »
There are directions in the owner's manual to inspect and drain the small bottle reservoir on the left side under the fairing after the directions for changing the air filter. Why is it there and where would it drain from? No clue in the book. Is it for blowby? overfill? Or?? Just curious if anyone might known.
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