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Since I am not working or riding anymore due to health issues, I no longer have a use for a couple of gift certs. I have two, $100 dollar certs that I will only sell together. They are for Aero branded goods only, and they never expire. I will sell them to the highest bidder, so post up an offer on this thread. I will select the highest bid as soon as postings start to get slow. Paypal only for payment.
Brian Snowberg

if I had income I'd bid, but can't... sorry,
just wanted to say I'm hoping and praying your situation improves brother, we all love you, and miss you're smiling face.

Ditto.  Same thing here too Brian.  I will always remember you saving/hiding a beer for me  and as soon as you saw me I had that beer in my hand and it would always be a good beer. None of that cheap cr@p.
Cheers to you my good  friend. Please get better.  We are all rooting for you!!
Riding Gear / Re: What to wear under Motoport Mesh Pants??
« Last post by Daytona_Mike on Today at 01:01:45 pm »
I used to have mesh gear.Now I know better and will never ever wear mesh again.
 LD Confort  shorts under my Aerostich pants.  Nothing touching my skin as the knee pads keep the material off my legs. Slight venting from the bottom gives me a nice breeze all the way up and out the slightly unzippered sides. Even the privates get a nice cool breeze. Plus I am always wearing rain gear all the time- and summer gear  and winter gear  and fall gear--- I think you get it.  One good shell is all you need for all seasons and all weather.
Mesh is just way too hot and dehydrates you quickly. Might as well sit in front of a bast furnace if you like  hot air on your skin. Proper venting is the key. Call LD Comfort and they will explain it very  well. Much better than reading my post.  I called them and the advice is free.  They saved my @ss  when I rode cross country in 120 degree heat. 
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: New Member, New Bike
« Last post by Syxxphive on Today at 12:56:54 pm »
Any DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 will do. Sealed container
dot 5.1 is overkill for the street, not to mention fairly expensive and difficult to find.. dot 4 will work fine and is pretty cheap.. imho... :)

5.1 is definitely overkill. But it’ll still work. 🍻
Riding Gear / Re: What to wear under Motoport Mesh Pants??
« Last post by ghostrider990 on Today at 12:33:11 pm »
To answer Freebird's question:  I simply don't like the feeling of the inner liner on my motorports sticking to me in hot weather, particularly when i can feel the sweat dripping down my legs.  There are certain positions I move my legs into, that I can feel that kevlar poking through the mesh liner, and it's not pleasant.

To answer the question about the Convertible pants: too thick, for me, anyway.  But I see the practicality of the prospect.  just not for me.  I don't like layering, especially in summer.
To be very honest, I hate the heat, and I won't ride above 90deg if I can help it.

Why you guys keep scheduling the nationals in the DEAD of summer, is a complete Mystery to me, but I'm just one guy, who is admittedly not a fan of the hotter temps.
I prefer to ride in the winter, or at least when it's colder.  My policy is that i can ALWAYS add more clothes underneath, but i can only take OFF so many.  :truce:

WITH THAT ALL SAID:  CycleGar HeatOuts

Thumbs UP!  Cheap, comfortable, and definitely shed more heat than they keep in.
To be fair - i only got as high as 90 degf on my ride last weekend, but I never got any hotter than I would have been without the pants on.  They seem to have a nice ability to provide an auxillary evaporative effect on the lower body, and for me -- without the skin to skin contact with the liner of my Motoport Kevlar pants.

I even hit temps as low as 60 at elevation (5500 feet) with rain, and these liners didn't make me colder, when they got wet.

Good Recommend Ron!  :great:

That rear brake is a useless P.O.S. on it's BEST day.  ::)

The linked setup on my '12 is so abrupt, finicky, and unpredictable, that I have stopped using it for anything but sheer panic episodes.

Really my lone GLARING gripe about the whole bike.  Others are simply minor by comparison -- the rear brake is borderline dangerous, imho.

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: brake pads
« Last post by alex9078 on Today at 12:09:35 pm »
Thanks for the info
Northeast Events / Re: Williamsport, Pa July 6 & 7
« Last post by Stasch on Today at 12:04:54 pm »
Off topic but that dog pic gave me a wonderful flashback of our pooch we had for 18 years.

Looks just like her.

got a timing gun to check for spark being on the required timing marks?

Motorcycle Safety / Re: Motorcycle death statistics, Minnesota
« Last post by Grant on Today at 11:05:08 am »
Definitely makes me think as I fit perfectly in the worst category. The C-14 absolutely the most powerful bike I have ever owned, may not be the biggest and heaviest but without a doubt the most powerful. This is the first I have been properly licensed and I now ride ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME,  no exceptions . I will definitely be doing some advanced riding classes and track days, not about to let pride make me a statistic I am not afraid to admit I love the power but this thing scares me...
RodneyW, thank you so much for the offer! I'm currently in Ohio doing the work (wouldn't catch me dead doing any work in the az summer heat) but if I need to borrow them when I get home I'll keep you in mind.
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