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Northeast Events / Re: Creekside Grill 'n Ride (MD-PA)
« Last post by 4Bikes on Yesterday at 11:46:15 pm »
No doubt Jack!  Once again Jack and Deb outdid themselves and provided all of the wonderful accommodations for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next day. The weather was perfect for July. This should be a ride report, but after everyone rode in and got settled and relaxed in the shade with the breeze blowing, no one wanted to get up and go for a ride.  ;)
We had 16 for the Saturday afternoon/evening event, 5 overnight campers and two rode in for the Sunday breakfast. It was a great time and sorry if you missed it. Jack and Deb deserve a big thank you for hosting the first class event.  These guys are experts at throwing a party!  :beerchug: :great: :103: :character0029: :49:
Southeast Events / Re: SE Region Beat The Summer Heat Rally 2018
« Last post by MotoCommuter on Yesterday at 11:13:18 pm »
We will be heading up on Friday when ever Kaygets home from school, it's preplanning so hopefully she can sneak out early.
North Central Events / Spider Ride routes
« Last post by Jeff Kerkow on Yesterday at 10:59:40 pm »
Attached are some of the typical Spider Ride routes.
Please verify before you ride.
Northeast Events / Re: Creekside Grill 'n Ride (MD-PA)
« Last post by Jack Frederick on Yesterday at 10:37:37 pm »
It was great to meet with fellow Coggers this weekend.  The weather cooperated, and the fire pit lit up the evening as stories were shared.  I hope everyone got home safely and enjoyed this event as much as Deb and I did.  Looking forward to getting together at future COG events.
Southeast Events / Re: SE Region Beat The Summer Heat Rally 2018
« Last post by Chronic on Yesterday at 08:39:43 pm »
I will be headed that way on Thursday morning early from Pensacola FL if anyone wants to meet up along the way.
Northwest Events / Re: Three Pass Blast [WA] 7-21-2018
« Last post by Charlie_Gary_AAD on Yesterday at 08:24:27 pm »
Ya know, there looks to be time for a grill session at Charlie's house when this ride is over. There are 3 grocery stores and a Costco within four miles of my house, so folks are more than welcome to do a little shopping after the ride and help create a pot luck dinner at my house.

NOTE: My wife runs a no-shoes-in-the-house establishment.  If you want to come for dinner, don't wear socks you don't want other people to see.
Southeast Events / Re: SE Region Beat The Summer Heat Rally 2018
« Last post by Clay49 on Yesterday at 08:17:34 pm »
Bunkhouse #1, bunkhouse #2 was full. See y’all soon .
North Central Events / Re: Roger is turning 60 ...RTE
« Last post by Roger Dodger on Yesterday at 07:53:46 pm »
Thanks Steve.  You're always welcome in MN too!  :beerchug:
came on the forum and saw this. We missed the Wellsboro this spring. So I definitely signed us up for the fall rally. I normally would take a September trip up to Vermont/New Hampshire. The Kanc is normally nice that time of year. So we're in. I just called Woodward's at approximately 4:15 (half hour ago) and a nice lady named Montana picked up and made my reservations. Just waiting on the email conformation. Although I went with a king size bed in the next building. See y'all there.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: U-joint catastrophic failure
« Last post by SteveJ. on Yesterday at 07:52:01 pm »
When my shaft went bad I had no clue until I went to put it in gear. It happened one block from my house. I was returning from a two week trip and stopped at the neighborhood beer tree for a couple of cold ones. I hopped on the bike to go the last block home and heard the u joint clank when I put it in gear.

A couple of hours earlier I had hooked up with a rabbit on I 75 and was running just under a ton for over an hour. Timing is everything.

BTW, mine went at about 165k miles.

I'll be in Colorado for a month yet iffn you wanna swing by.   :motonoises:

Current stock is Denver Graham Cracker Porter, Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale, and Shiner Bock.  :beerchug: :beerchug:

Have fun.

On TDY near Montrose Co for the start of monsoon season.
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