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After all the years we've known one another, I had to pick on you a little.   :)

Ride safe, Ted
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Valve adjust on 2013 C14
« Last post by Rock on Yesterday at 09:14:56 pm »

Just had my valves done by my mechanic up in Atlanta. Bike had 24,750 when I gave it to him. I did not have them checked at 15K. Only 4 out of spec; he adjusted all to the mid range. Said my cams, valves, and internals all looked really good and wanted to know what oil I use. Told him Rotella T6 synthetic. I think he was a bit surprised. Used that oil since 2003 in my old C10s and since I've had the C14.

I don't ride hard but enjoy the power when I want it. He changed out all fluids, filters, new brake shoes,(rear were fine, fnt needed changing, I ride with ABS all the time) adjusted throttle, and tweaked the steering head; just went through the bike and cleaned everything.
Rode back to Columbus, GA (130 mi) and the bike felt like a new bike, really smooth. Got to experience 90 mph on a back country road. Stopped at 90, too many potential deer in central GA!.

Now I'm trying to convince myself to get Steve's flash. My mechanic said, "get it"

I paid 11 Benjamin's and change for all the work!  Well worth it to me.

If you want his name/contact info, let me know.

Kee-rection; EDIT: I can see it when looking at the bike, but the pix make it more obvious that I need to get some silver paint and touch up the caps on the carb plugs to make them more "presentable." I could have soda blasted them, but decided against it.  
   Clean up the faded old engine... Dhoo!  <evil grin>

PS: You obviously have plenty of time. Why don't you cleanup my faded old engine while your not doing anything?

Ride safe, Ted


That poor bike saw a lot of mileage commuting daily in all sorts of weather, so it's apparent wear is well deserved. No way in Hades was I going to try to wash/clean it up after every rain shower I encountered going to and fro over the years.

While it's still nekked, I might just spritz it down with WD40 or Armor All to darken it up, then blast it down with the power washer. Gonna have to wait until it warms up a bit tho'. Was in the mid 30's out there today.
I ONLY buy from Realtime Industries.. Alex is freakin top notch, and I'm not sure why you dont think they will ship internationally.

From his website;
Overseas Shipping

All overseas shipping is sent via United States Postal Service First Class International or Priority International mail. Due to the extra paperwork involved due to customs requirements in each country, we mail overseas shipments every other business day. As some countries will hold up customs packages longer than others, you should receive your shipment within three weeks. If you have not received the order in that time, please contact us and we will do what it takes in order to get you your product.

Thanks Ted.  Edit done.
C-10 Emporium / Re: Resistors for Fuel Guage Improvement,Not For Sale,FREE...
« Last post by Taffy on Yesterday at 07:33:38 pm »

Would appreciate a couple of your resistors if still available.

I have sent a PM with my address. Thanks
Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: MICHELIN Road 5
« Last post by ZXtasy on Yesterday at 06:48:52 pm »
It is killing me looking at my set of pre-release Road 5's for testing glaring at me from the rims of the 1250 Bandit. I hope to get my last parts today that will allow me to finish the build and make it road worthy....and today winter decided to visit. Freezing rain. Maybe up to 43 on Wednesday though!!! Woot Woot. Report will be pending over the next few months. For the record, I have never ridden on any of the Road models, but plenty of the Pilot/Power versions.
Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: MICHELIN Road 5
« Last post by oldnslo_MO on Yesterday at 06:22:49 pm »
the road 4 and the road 4 gt. both have the same load rating and speed rating.. i prefer the standard road 4 for , to me , the ride is better... :)
Congrats on the 500 Steve.
    I'm impressed.
      That's a great milestone!
           WE appreciate all your efforts...  :great:
                Here's a celebratory extravaganza to salute you.
                           {Watch to the end}

   :13::1rij: :1rij::1rij::13: :1rij::1rij: :13:            Ok, celebrations over, 500 down / 500 to go,,,,,    Quit celebrating and get back to work!! <evil grin>  >:D

Ride safe, Ted
K_C_M go back and add "in Europe" to your title.
The other Eu guys will see it and offer suggestions.

Ride safe, Ted
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