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So, eventually, you will be able to ride your USDM C14 in Germany without restrictions?  Have you modified it?  Are the mods allowed? 
I was surprised to find the individual (and complete kit) Hot Cam shims are offered on Ebay.
If you need them, and can wait for them to arrive in 2-3 days, that might be an option.

Ride safe, Ted
The good news. My C14 (and household goods) will finally be delivered tomorrow. :)  I shipped everything the first week of December.

Now the rest of the story. I personally delivered the bike to the shipping company in Santa Clara, near San Francisco. I also helped build the enclosed crate the bike was in and was there when it was closed up. The ship left CA the second week of December and was due in Bremen, Germany on 1 Feb 2018. So far so good. The ship arrived on time and everything went into Customs. Now it hits the fan. The shipping company neglected to add the motorcycle to the Bill of Lading. What that means is it can only be recognized by the German authorities as a box of spare parts and NEVER ridden on the road or registered. Got that snafu fixed. The original Title was left in CA and not forwarded by the shipping company. Got that snafu fixed with the certified true copy I had made before surrendering the original. All of this means that my bike and other stuff sat in Bremen from 3 Feb until 6 March accruing Port Fees. When the local delivery company contacted me today to confirm delivery I was informed there was an additional $555.22 charge for the Port Fees. My contract states that all port fees are included. Six emails and a 27 minute Trans Atlantic phone call later I will not be paying any additional fees. They tried, really tried to convince me that a PDF was sent to me that superseded the original and stated Port Fees were not included. I held my ground and they caved.
  The point of all this is keep good records, save all emails, texts and make notes of phone calls with date and time notations. Even though I contracted with a reputable international company sometimes sh*t happens. I do not recommend this company.

Inter Movers, LLC
Licensed & Bonded International Carrier
FMC Lic # 022245NF
Tel: 1-646-753-8323
Toll free within US 877-287-8874
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Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Bad clutch??
« Last post by Derick on Today at 04:23:15 pm »
The early C-10's were known to have a weak star spring that would break and cause problems.
Mine broke and was replaced by me. EZ to do.

^^^^^^^ This is the right answer. Had the exact issue on the 86 I owned. When you pop off the clutch cover, just make sure to find ALL the broken arms before you replace the spring. Dont want something bouncing around in there that shouldn't be.
Northwest Events / Re: 2018 Bun Cooler
« Last post by Red Fox on Today at 04:20:16 pm »
Just booked a one bedroom chalet with loft at the Hearthstone Elegant Lodge by the river.

This local business also runs the Bakery on Kamiah, which is my favorite breakfast spot anywhere. 
In my book, this lodge is very likely a totally top drawer place. 

See you at the BC!
Northwest Events / Re: Fossil/Shaniko Ride - Spring Break
« Last post by Red Fox on Today at 04:13:57 pm »
Nice idea, but I'm taking my son back to college then.  Have fun.
Other Motorcycles / Re: Advice on dual motorcycle hitch carriers
« Last post by JDSCO on Today at 04:10:10 pm »
I really use my Thor for all things motorcycle
South Central Events / Re: Horseshoe Mountain Rendezvous #5
« Last post by SteveJ. on Today at 04:06:40 pm »
In like Flynn.  Joane and I will be coming from Moab, Utah with the RV.  We will be there by Thursday maybe a little earlier....

Could be a good place to build an RV park. I'll be there in the Roadtrek again though this time I won't need to be tethered to a 110 volt line. The gas quit on my old fridge last year.
North Central Events / Re: VBR4 (Very Boring Rally 4)
« Last post by SteveJ. on Today at 03:57:46 pm »
This does simplify summer travel plans. Not in a good way.  :'(

I'm glad I was able to attend VBR3. I had a really great time at a well run rally and got to hang around some pretty cool folks.

And I was even protected by the "police presence". Think tape.
bumping this as a reminder.  if you are planning to attend, please register so that I have a head count for food.
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